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Daniela Hlucha

I hope that somebody out there
Will truly love you one day
Maybe more or less as I do
Maybe your angels can guide you
Maybe you think of us in your dreams
Maybe your soul looks for love, it seems
Maybe your days are too busy now
Keeping yourself going somehow
And I hope you find a peace in your mind
Which will put your anxious thoughts aside
Hope you reach a light for your soul
Which will brighten your life in all
Hope you find happiness
Hope you have joy
Now that you’re far away
Hope you are loved
And maybe somebody there will see your smile
Sure, they adore it all the time
The precious moments that should never end
When your smile is honest and so it’s meant.
And maybe somebody will know your dreams
Hope they can tell you what they mean
And maybe they can dream them with you
Through the dreams you let them know you
And maybe somebody will feel your love
Maybe you open your heart and let it grow
And maybe you already did, I don’t know
I haven’t felt it recently in that land of snow.
Hope you find happiness
Hope you have joy
Now that you’re far away
Hope you are loved
Maybe there is somebody who loves your jokes
Maybe you enjoy together that funny talks
Maybe they watch mysteries with you
Lying there on the sofa holding you
Maybe there is somebody who hugs you each day
Coz they know you love to cuddle anytime a day
Maybe there is somebody massaging your neck
And maybe that smooth touch will always make you get back
And maybe there is somebody who holds you at night
Somebody who will always be on your side
Maybe there is somebody who would brighten your way
Wake up with you each morning and stay
Hope you find happiness
Hope you have joy
Now that you’re far away
Hope you are loved

Written by: Daniela Hlucha

Submitted by: D@niela on February 19, 2021

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