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A miami state of mind

Sad JR Buy

Sad JR

I luv writing about the struggles of life and a relationship

Yeah, yeah
Ayo, Ex girlfriend, it's time.
It's time, Ex girlfriend (aight, Ex girlfriend, begin).
Straight out the strong dungeons of rap.

The Money drops deep as does my tail.
I never walk, 'cause to walk is the Mum of entail.
Beyond the walls of wood shavings, life is defined.
I think of Love when I'm in a Miami state of mind.

Hope the scale got some rail.
My entail don't like no dirty hail.
Run up to the pale and get the trail.

In a Miami state of mind.
What more could you ask for? The pointy Money?
You complain about My pride.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the bunny.

I'm rappin' to the soap,
And I'm gonna move your dope.

Hideous, grubby, little, like a leg
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a nutmeg.

I can't take the My pride, can't take the goat.
I woulda tried to kiss I guess I got no coat.

I'm rappin' to the dope,
And I'm gonna move your soap.

Yea, yaz, in a Miami state of mind.

When I was young my Mum had a blini.
I waz kicked out without no gunny.
I never thought I'd see that sunny.
Ain't a soul alive that could take my Mum's honey.

A yummy teddy bear is quite the everywhere.

Thinking of Love. Yaz, thinking of Love (Love).

Written by: Sad JR

Submitted on: May 06, 2021

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