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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne ( /ˌlɪl ˈweɪn/), is an American rapper. In 1991, at the age of nine, Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo, The B.G.'z, with B.G.. In 1996, Lil Wayne joined the group Hot Boys, which also included rappers Juvenile, B.G., and Young Turk. Hot Boys debuted with Get It How U Live! that year. Lil Wayne gained most of his success with the group's major selling album Guerrilla Warfare, released in 1999. Also in 1999, Lil Wayne released his Platinum debut album Tha Block Is Hot, selling over one million copies in the U.S. more »

Hey shorty, you know what I'm sayin'
Some niggas palms be sweatin'
Some niggas palms be itchy
It don't matter, a nigga just gotta get it
You know what I'm sayin', nigga
We built this shit from the ground up
Nigga, The Carter, nigga
You what I'm sayin'
We been around the world gettin' money nigga
We been to every ghetto, every neighborhood
Every project, nigga
We worldwide hustlers, nigga (Belie' that bitch)
You what I'm sayin'
Lets get them niggas, lets ride shorty

Indictments, got us conspiracy for murders
Five young niggas uptown servants
Word, they bird curvin' for servin'
Look, the worstest of the worst is shootin' out like they jaws curvin'
Bitch, and we was raised in these war times
Jail also made men in these hard times
And don't cry I'ma get mines so pray for me
I'm on the block on the grind, mama pray for me
So nigga respect my G, respect my grind
Nigga respect how I eat, respect my mind
Nigga respect this heat
When these niggas out of line, nigga we dress up and creep
Whoa, shorty I'ma blow they whole block
Fuckin' with a soldier, mastermind is on plot
Third ward survivor, uptown madness
Killin' is a hobby, jackin' is a habit, bitch

We don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby
C'mon, we don't give a fizzuck my nigga we young and bizzuck
We'll fuck a nigga's shit up if nigga is fuckin' with us
And then pump 'em make 'em lift up, hit 'em up and be out
And we out for cash motherfuckin' money baby, c'mon

[Lil Wayne]
The murder man, picture me lurkin'
Right up behind ya curtains nine's squirtin'
And you could hear it when it's hurtin'
But if I hear him hurtin' I'll walk over and merk him for certain
I took over the circus
Cause I'ma act a clown if you put your feet down on my surface
I walk around, for pound and surface
To spin ya ass around in circles, you Urkle
Blood run up out ya earth now you purple
Your homeboy get it first, but you worst so
Now you headed to the skies above
And I'm go and get high with ya bitch in the club
Yeah, life's a bitch and death's a husband
And you gonna have to meet up if you keep on fuckin' up
And you gonna have to meet us if you keep on fuckin' up
But you don't want see them CMB blood knuckle up


[Lil Wayne]
Shoot him in his head so he remember
Because of that mama I'll be gone till November
I be back next winter in a hummer on spinners
Them niggas on the block say them boys gon' get 'em
But them niggas on the block don't know the toys who with 'em
Tell ya boy come and get me if I go he goin' with me
I'm hoping y'all feel me, I told y'all what the dealy
Ya open up ya face I'ma open up the semi
I open up ya kidneys now ya floatin' up the Missi-
Ssippi, river nigga play with deep water now ya swimmin'
Silly, you play with me, Carter, now ya missin'
Really, I shoot ya in ya head and make you feel it
And even though I be the man with the milli's
When the shit go down I be the man with the milli's
Beef cranberry on the ceilin'
This is the Carter, bitch welcome to my buildin' c'mon


[Lil Wayne]
Wish a nigga would say something, gotta
Standin' right yea guns up boy
Weezy F, Birdman
Holla back


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