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Beenie Man

Anthony Moses Davis (August 22, 1973), better known by his stage name Beenie Man, is a Grammy award winning Jamaican reggae artist. He is the self-proclaimed "King of the Dancehall". more »


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Bwoy! There's a whole heap a tings, we haffi talk bout boss
A nuff a nuff ting it happen boss so we nah go tek boss
We caan deal wid it boss, a Shorty Mac...bwoy...
Mi...Mi can tell di I somethin boss....Yo!

Mi nah tek dat boss mi caan deal wid dat boss
Di balla, drive and crash and dead boss now boss
JFF fi fly dung di balla dem boss and bid di balla more betta and hey...
Mek, mek mi tell yuh somethin boss

Verse 1:
Shorty Malcolm a play football fi Jamaica fi bout twenty year now boss
Him a play dung a Mo'Bay before mekin national team boss
Whole heap a run him mek boss and whole heap a assets
Him nah score a big goal fi it but we still respect him boss
Di odda day we deh a stadium and watch man a play football fi di last
Boss, di man mek three wicked pass boss
A saw a hand deh loop bruk pon and go over di bar boss
Mi see di man now halftime boss mi seh weh yuh ago fi more boss?
Him seh Mo'Bay boss, mi seh a fly a fly him go dung boss
Di man seh no boss a drive him a drive go dung boss
Cau bredda dem come fi him boss
Mark two round do corner car write off boss balla crash and dead boss
How yuh ago live wid dat boss now boss

Mi caan tek dat boss mi caan live wid dat boss
A mad yuh waan mad mi a fast mi caan tek dat boss
JFF fi know seh di balla dun fly gone Mo'Bay boss
Cool a..alright, next issue boss alright

Verse 2:
December mi come off a tour boss bout four tour mi dun do boss
Reach pon Sting and tear dung di whole place boss
Something wrong wid Grigo inna di first half boss
But mi call him up back a last half and him mash up di whole place boss
Call up Kitty Paw and Kitty Paw use him paw crab up di whole place boss
So mi come off and then di clash start boss
Merciless mash up Ninja Man boss
Bounty Killer come get two kick inna him heart boss
So Merciless pull mi inna him clash boss
Then mi seh mi nuh war boss chat two lyrics boss
Come off a stage boss big up Merciless boss
Next mornin mi hear pon radio seh Merciless kill I boss
Mi nuh inna dat boss, mi, mi can tell yuh somethin

Mi caan tek dat boss mi caan live wid dat boss
Nah work wid dat boss mi caan balance dat boss
How mi fi digest dat boss yuh mad boss?
Chief kill off a badman camp and mi show yuh somethin now

Verse 3:
Mi a toppa top gallis boss mi nuh deal wid ass boss
So one day a bredda call mi like him waan buy race horse
So mi buy two donkey boss and di donkey dem run last boss
So bredda call up at night him tell mi mek fi gi him half
So mi see this bredda waan hurt mi heart
So mi just now mek him now wise and mi tell him seh
Meet mi next week saturday night park
Said him come, I shall tek a pipe and ummm...bruk part!!!
Becau mi tell him somethin.....

Mi caan tek dat boss mi caan live wid dat boss
Lose my hundred dollar then yuh waan tek mi fi fool boss
A whappen to yuh boss, mi caan tek dat boss
How yuh fi live wid dat boss?!
Alright next issue boss, mek, mek mi tell yuh somethin alright

Verse 4:
Come from studio gone bathroom dau water run yah
Put on mi clothes and gone studio cau mi a real toppa top
Yo! Mi reach inna di club now and
Mi and mi bredda and Gringo stand up and...
Yuh know a whole a vibes and everyting hotta hot
Some bredda come stand up in front a we like a dem name stoppa stop
And mek di wrong stand up like dem waan bend and touch back
So mi ease off dat di bredda tun round and mek a splat
Run pon mi suit boss a knock mi knockout dat cau

Mi nah tek dat boss mi caan deal wid dat boss
Mi nuh know bout di I dem boss but mi caan tek dat boss
Mi a talk from mi heart boss mi caan live wid dat boss
Hey, hey mi...let mi tell yuh wah hurt mi boss

Verse 5:
One day man seh dem a toppa top
Mi bredrin Gary seh him a fatta fat
Then mi see Poppa Biggie him seh a round a round
whaddat boss? mi caan deal wid dat boss a mad yuh mad mi
Alright, mi, mek mi gather next argument now
One day we tell yuh some guy seh we have sixteen million companies
Some bwoy a tek sixty million contracts yuh waan dat boss?
A kill a kill yourself boss alright we tell dem seh
Man a wear platinum some bwoy gone wear rotinum boss
We tell dem seh we a di greatest of all time
A bwoy tell mi him a di latest of all time boss
Mi caan give yuh dat boss, go find somethin do wid yuh life boss
Alright mi...mi...mi can tell yuh somethin...sing!!!

Mi nah tek dat boss mi caan deal wid dat boss
A mad yuh waan mad mi a fast mi caan tek dat boss
Yuh nah go kill we off boss and we just siddung so but alright
Mek mek...mek mi gather next ting boss

Verse 6:
How much song man sing fi go number one boss
A none a dem though we touch di chart boss
Some people fight 'gainst man career boss
Not because man a big superstar man name Beenie Man boss
Mi caan deal wid dat ting boss
Alright, one day some people see mi and seh alright
Beenie Man gone superstar yuh caan do certain tings boss
Dat mean if a girl stick pon mi mi fi walk boss
And if a bredda boxin pon di next side
Or draw mi fi tun round di next side mek him box mi boss
Yuh eediat boss!!! Mi nah tek dat boss

 The easy, fast & fun way to learn how to sing:



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