Niggaz in Trouble

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Terius Gray (born March 25, 1975), better known by his stage name Juvenile, is an American rapper, He is also a former member of hip-hop group the Hot Boys. At the age of 19, he began recording raps, releasing his debut album Being Myself in 1995. He became popular when his 1999 single "Back That Thang Up" was released. In 2003, he returned to Cash Money to record Juve the Great, spawning the number-one hit "Slow Motion". Following this album he again left Cash Money, and in 2006 he was signed to Atlantic Records. He released Reality Check under that label. He released his eighth studio album, titled Cocky & Confident, on December 1, 2009. He released his ninth studio album, titled Beast Mode, on July 6, 2010. more »

Its Lil' Wayne (Lil' Wayne) on the wall brain spilla 
 Grave filla 
Who me untamed gorilla 
I be thugged out 
Dead bodies drugged out 
 Throw the slugs out 
Love don't live here anymore 
I artillery dog 
Came wit many foes 
 Spend ya benz is twenty slow 
Get to tha house kick in tha door 
You done pissed off my crew 
What y'all gone do 
Look nigga you better put a zip on yo trap 
Or you will get trapped 
When I creep through tha black in tha black on black 
 Niggas be stumblin' 
And crumblin' 
When we come 
They get curled up 
Tear they world up 
When we come 
Now Slim and B with me 
Juve and B.G. with me 
Turk and Manny with me 
The C-M-B with me 
They lettin' loose 
 Nigga be bout cha issue get lost in gun smoke 
Now I'm hangin' out the window screamin' there I go 
Me and my niggas in the 98 black Volvo 
And the diamonds bezeled ready I yes this me 
Ride with us come see 
Live with us H-B 
What what (echo) 

[Chorus: x3]
(B.G.) Niggas in trouble cause the Hotboys behind the trigger 
(Juvenile) You don't want this out cha you know weez a gorilla 
(B.G.) Niggas in trouble cause the Hotboys is comin' through 
(Juvenile) Betta move or prepare to do what cha gotta do 

I can't believe this these boys is playin' with me 
I'm bout ta freeze this I keep that K with me 
A nigga done played it raw thinkin' I'm a hit that doe 
Gave the boy my lil' change and I ain't seen his face no mo' 
What do you call that there playin' a nigga ha dawg 
The nigga thank its gravy but I'm bout ta break his block off 
When you see them boys you know I'm bustin' out ta druggin' out 
Don't be askin' who that is boy you better get the fuck 
 Muthafucka could be located nigga could be touched 
I'll stab ya ass up 
And its up by the cut 
I keep my rees(reeboks) strapped on tight 
My mac ring all night 
 People call the police cause the say they can't sleep right 
Them lil' muthafuckas be makin' that noise 
Them lil' muthafuckas be slangin' it boy 
Them lil' muthafuckas be in them hallways 
Them lil' muthafuckas be bustin' all day 
My first word was God bless me and my crew 
My last word was bitch let a nigga through 
I observe, the shit that muthafuckas do 
You got nerve, what if this shit happen to you 
Like the proverb, and it ain't nothin' but that boom 
Now you got tha urge, to go and kill a nigga too 
But remember this 
You started this 
So finish this 
When you grab yo shit 
You betta make sure that he hit 

[Chorus: x3]

 Everybody grab yo shit and slide it back 
 Uptown is goin' down tonight cha bout that 
If not go yo bitch ass inside lock the door 
To be safe bullets come through if so get on the floor 
Me and my niggas got our black on ready ta ride 
We head huntin' so somebody's gonna die 
 Homicide on tha scene three niggas pronounced smoked 
The HotBoys did that that clique there ain't no joke 
We don't carry choppers for decoration nigga 
We carryin' ta send niggas on vacations nigga 
Takin' me ta play wit that aint a good solution 
I'm dust out cause I done have a grab mike he tootin' 
Shootin' at niggas head tryin' ta knock it off 
Its a dirty game so I gotta play it raw 
In this warfield nigga you gotta be a killa 
 Cause on tha reala 
Nothin' out here but some gorillas 
My mind made up ta ride 
I'm a ride 
What I'm after nigga ta bust his ass he gone die 
Don't cry nor poppa plead now its too late 
Actin' like a bitch how is you gone get duct tape 
Tear 'em up Juve don't kill'em now we gone wait 
 Throw acid on his feet skeet gas all in his face 
Show 'em how it feel ta disrespect a H-B 
Show 'em how we torture in tha U-T-P 
We got no love if ya outside tha clique nigga 
You get fucked over like a bitch nigga 
We gone play it real nigga do it like tha mob 
Cut his tongue out and stamp it mail it to his mom 

[Chorus: x2]

 Niggas in trouble 
(Niggas in trouble)


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