Watch Me As I Fall

by Pennywise

Pennywise is an American punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California, formed in 1988. The name is derived from the monster, It, from the Stephen King novel of the same title.

Year: 1999

I am a puppet on a string  
I am the worst thing worst thing you've ever seen  
I am impossible to believe  
I'm pulled by gravity shocked by my depravity  
I'm irrational I'm illogical hypocritical a bleeding heart liberal  
I'm an alien dressed like Gideon I'm a malcontent  
A thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall  
I am humble I am vain  
What motivates me something I can't explain  
I am outrageous and insane  
I'm fueled by gasoline, alcohol and nicotine  
I'm an honest hypocrite imploding modern idiot  
I am a slave to my abuse convicted caught with no excuse
I'm pathetic apathetic disillusioned disconnected  
I am lost I am free I'm impossible to believe  
A walking chemical statistically impossible  
A thorough modern idiot watch me as I fall

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