by Hawkeye

Year: 1999

A wha dat mi see a gwaan ova deh so, 
A bag a man a grounds, "pull up dat" wait 
When a done wid dah song yah, see it, 
We aggo get more space fi dance wid now! yuh bwoy 

Move from 'gainst man and go look some gyal 
Every weh man deh, yu deh like mi pants material 
Move! Yu nuh see mi an a gyal a embrace 
'fore you steer yu come alook up inna man face 
Move! From 'gainst man an go look gyal fi rub 
You a bored man mek you gwaan like a pure man you love 
It's all bout di gyal dem not you 

Mi nuh waan fi hear how yu comment go 
Bwoy, mek yu love a bag a man argument so 
Yu jus a itch up pon man like cement, chuh! 
An' a pressure man like a government so 
Look how di gyal dem a advertise cho-cho! 
'fore yu go down deh go print out yu logo 
Look how long mi tell yu gwaan, an yu won't go 
You stand-up impotent so, like you nuh have no strength 


A wonder if yu know seh di gyal dem waan dance 
You 'tan up one side an' won't give them a chance 
Bungle up like ants you and yu man fren a prance 
A only pray sey a no nutten funny unnu a try launch 
You and yu man fren bungle up toe-toe to knee cup 
All a ramp an' mek some careless hug-up 
Like a man yu fren up 'bore you fi try yu luck

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