Watercolour Grey

by Thought Industry

Thought Industry (formerly named "Desecrater") is an American progressive metal band It was founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1989 by vocalist/bassist Brent Oberlin, drummer Dustin Donaldson (who formed I Am Spoonbender in 1997), guitarist Christopher Lee Simmonds (aka Christopher Lee), and guitariā€¦

Year: 1996

Half man. Lathe Secada died, thus causation be concomitance. 
I'll empathize, like grangers melting chocolate drip smeared on Dublin ties 
Because your laughing on with a memory. 
Laughing while I berate myself. I wasn't there for the landside that's coming to terrorize you. 

Up she yawns time to shake. Waking up for her new day. 
Combing out her grease paint hair with a smoke and a coffee. 
If your God is fake. Scarred like you on your new day. 
I will come and paint your face watercolor grey. 

Madulin. Thespian conspired. Our county fair revisions lay red and atomized. 
Some pompous phrases on wine. My combine splits the sky. 
I'll be with you again.

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