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Wanda Lavonne Jackson (born October 20, 1937) is an American singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist who had success in the mid-1950s and 1960s as one of the first popular female rockabilly singers and a pioneering rock and roll artist. She is known to many as the Queen (or First Lady) of Rockabilly.

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You Make My Heart Sing [2016]

You Make My Heart Sing

I Just Love Truckin' [2015]

I Just Love Truckin'
Funnel Of Love2:06

Toga Party [2015]

Toga Party
Let's Have a Party2:16

Rockabilly Jukebox [2014]

Rockabilly Jukebox
Tweedle Dee2:42

Whole Lotta Rockabilly [2014]

Whole Lotta Rockabilly
Cool Love 

Before The Music Died: The Complete Recordings 1954-1962 [2013]

Before The Music Died: The Complete Recordings 1954-1962
Day Dreaming3:09
I Wanna Waltz2:03
Heartbreak Ahead2:47
Makin' Believe2:18
Here We Are Again2:49
Long Tall Sally1:56
Just Call Me Lonesome3:07
Let Me Go Lover2:10
Money Honey2:15
I Can't Make My Dreams Understand2:23
Happy Happy Birthday Baby2:38
Let's Have a Party2:10
Rock Your Baby1:45
Fujiyama Mama2:13
You're the One For Me2:00
Did You Miss Me2:18
Cool Love2:17
Honey Bop2:13
Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad2:40
Baby Loves Him2:00
Mean Mean Man2:12
You've Turned To a Stranger2:41
Don'a Wan'a2:13
I Gotta Know2:30
There's a Party Goin' On2:04
Lonely Weekends2:21
Kansas City2:46
Tongue Tied2:21
It Doesn't Matter Anymore2:51
Sparkling Brown Eyes2:37
Tweedle Dee2:42
Lost Weekend2:17
Man We Had a Party1:59
Right or Wrong2:37
Why I'm Walkin'2:32
So Soon2:21
The Last Letter3:00
I May Never Get To Heaven2:35
The Window Up Above2:49
Sticks and Stones2:10
Stupid Cupid2:15
Brown Eyed Handsome Man2:15
Who Shot Sam2:22
My Baby Left Me2:12
In the Middle of a Heartache2:35
Seven Lonely Days2:09
If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me2:33
Don't Ask Me Why2:35
Let Me Love Walk In2:17
A Little Bitty Tear2:17
I Need You Now2:19
We Could3:04
I'd Be Ashamed2:40
Lovin' Country Style2:28
You Can't Have My Love2:31
The Right To Love2:33
If You Knew What I Know2:35
You'd Be the First One To Know2:25
Tears At the Grand Ole Opry2:23
Nobody's Darlin But Mine2:50
I Cried Again2:33
The Heart You Could Have Had2:21
You Won't Forget (About Me)2:24
Half As Good a Girl3:11
Silver Threads and Golden Needles2:37
Savin' My Love2:08
A Date With Jerry2:14
I'd Rather Have You2:32
Please Call Today2:17
Riot In Cell Block #92:29
Funnel of Love2:06
I Misunderstood2:41
You Bug Me Bad2:10
Between the Window and the Phone2:19
The Greatest Actor2:57
One Teardrop At a Time2:23

Country Classics [K-Tel 2013] [2013]

Country Classics [K-Tel 2013]

Evergreens Motel [2013]

Evergreens Motel
Let's Have a Party2:05

Golden Love Ballads [2013]

Golden Love Ballads

I Fall to Pieces [2013]

I Fall to Pieces

Remembering the 60's: Country [2013]

Remembering the 60's: Country

Rock Music [2013]

Rock Music
Let S Have a Party2:05

Popcorn Oldies [2012]

Popcorn Oldies
Cool Love2:17
Kansas City2:46

Tanzmusik [2012]

Cool Love2:16

100 Hits: Classic 60s [2011]

100 Hits: Classic 60s
Mean Mean Man2:11

Before the Fall [2011]

Before the Fall
Funnel of Love2:06

Nowhere Boy [2010]

Nowhere Boy
Hard Headed Woman 

50s Jukebox Hits [2009]

50s Jukebox Hits
Kansas City2:45

Backline, Vol. 58 [2009]

Backline, Vol. 58
I Gotta Know 

Country Junction [2009]

Country Junction
I Gotta Know2:29

Wesele Marzen [2009]

Wesele Marzen
Let's Have a Party2:08

75 Pumpin' Piano Greats [2008]

75 Pumpin' Piano Greats
Cool Love2:16

Rock N Rolla [2008]

Rock N Rolla
Funnel of Love2:07

The Hollywood Hep Cats [2008]

The Hollywood Hep Cats
Cool Love2:17

Pure: 60s [EMI] [2007]

Pure: 60s [EMI]
Let's Have a Party2:10

The Best of Anthology [2007]

The Best of Anthology
Crazy [*]2:42

Complete Sixties [2005]

Complete Sixties
Let's Have a Party2:09

Country Tearjerkers [CD1] [2004]

Country Tearjerkers [CD1]

Close to You [K-Tel] [2003]

Close to You [K-Tel]

Country Ladies [K-Tel] [2003]

Country Ladies [K-Tel]

Country Love [K-Tel] [2003]

Country Love [K-Tel]

Elite Divas [2003]

Elite Divas
Let's Have a Party2:06

Eternity [K-Tel UK] [2003]

Eternity [K-Tel UK]

Looks Like Rain [2003]

Looks Like Rain
Raining in My Heart2:54

Triple Value: Country [2003]

Triple Value: Country

Triple Value: Love [2003]

Triple Value: Love

Country Ballads [EMI] [2002]

Country Ballads [EMI]
Reuben James2:57

Country Love Songs [K-Tel] [2002]

Country Love Songs [K-Tel]

Elite: Country [2002]

Elite: Country
Sweet Nothin's 

Party! Party! [2002]

Party! Party!
Let's Have a Party2:09

Rhythm Riot! [2002]

Rhythm Riot!
Baby Loves Him2:01

American Bandstand [2001]

American Bandstand
Honey Bop2:13

American Bandstand: CD 1 [2001]

American Bandstand: CD 1
Honey Bop2:13

Dark Blossom [2001]

Dark Blossom
Funnel of Love3:02

Teenage Idols [CD #2] [2001]

Teenage Idols [CD #2]
Mean Mean Man2:11

Teenage Idols [CD #4] [2001]

Teenage Idols [CD #4]
Cool Love2:15

100 Country Greats [2000]

100 Country Greats
I Fall to Pieces2:56

Country Music Classics [2000]

Country Music Classics

Hot Rod Box Set [1999]

Hot Rod Box Set
Let's Have a Party2:11

Mega Country, Vol. 1 [1998]

Mega Country, Vol. 1

Country Gems [1997]

Country Gems
Stand by Your Man2:39

Golden Country Hits [Box Set] [1997]

Golden Country Hits [Box Set]

Golden Country Hits, Vol. 1 [1997]

Golden Country Hits, Vol. 1

Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine [1997]

Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine
Slippin' [#124]2:46
Making Believe [#128]2:35
Please Help Me, I'm Falling [#130]2:26
Candy Man [#132]2:39
Yakety Yak [#133]2:14
Searchin' [#134]2:53
Honey Don't [#136]2:16
The Keeper of the Key [#137]3:28
Rip It Up [#139]2:17
I'm Waiting Just for You [#140]2:17
Lonely Street [#141]2:36
Singing the Blues [#142]2:41
Midnight [#143]2:24
Blues Stay Away from Me [#144]3:00
Weary Blues from Waitin' [#145]3:19
Night Life [#147]2:18
Leave My Baby Alone [#150]1:51
Blues in My Heart [#151] 
My Baby's Gone [#152] 
Worried Mind [#153] 
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [#154] 
My First Day Without You [#155]3:14
Send Me No Roses [#156]2:56
Have I Grown Used to Missing You [#157]2:47
Take Me Home [#158]2:04
Look Out Heart [#159]2:24
The Box It Came In [#160]2:03
Because It's You [#161]2:31
Long as I Have You [#162]2:18
I Wonder If She Knows [#164]2:16
My Heart Gets All the Breaks [#166]2:36
Reckless Love Affair [#167]2:09
Famous Last Words [#168]2:42
Both Sides of the Line [#169]2:19
Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine [#170]2:21
You'll Always Have My Love [#172]2:07
What Have We Done [#174]2:33
It'll Take Awhile [#175]2:26
This Time's the Next Time [#176]2:26
This Gun Don't Care [#177]2:38
You Can't Make a Heel Toe the Mark [#178]2:07
Try Me One More Time2:38
Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello2:35
Jambalaya (On the Bayou)2:18
Jealous Heart2:34
There's a New Moon over My Shoulder2:18
You Win Again2:43
Wabash Cannonball2:37
Great Speckled Bird2:54
Fireball Mail2:03
Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues2:01
My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights2:35
I'd Like to Help You Out2:16
Memory Maker2:27
Who Do You Go To2:42
My Baby Walked Right Out on Me2:23
The Half That's Mine2:06
A Girl Don't Have to Drink to Have Fun2:39
I'd Do It All over Again2:30
No Place to Go But Home2:26
You Created Me2:14
I Wish I Was Your Friend2:32
Your Tender Love2:11
Wishing Well2:10
The Dirt Behind My Years2:38
Little Boy Soldier2:39
Poor Ole Me2:35
As the Day Wears On2:31
Together Again2:29
Swinging Doors2:46
The Hurtin's All Over2:42
I Betcha My Heart I Love You2:20
There Stands the Glass2:43
Don't Touch Me2:42
The Pain of It All2:45
Today I Started Loving You Again2:20
I'm a Believer2:44
Walk on Out of My Mind2:29
Walk Right In2:30
If I Had a Hammer3:42
Big Daddy2:01
Love's Gonna Live Here2:03
You're the Reason I'm Living2:20
We'll Sing in the Sunshine2:57
Yours Love2:21
This Land Is Your Land3:09
Less of Me2:07
Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine2:45
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands2:07
The Hunter2:29
My Big Iron Skillet2:14
Just Between You and Me2:21
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad2:09
Try a Little Kindness2:19
Those Were the Days3:04
A Woman Lives for Love2:47
Stop the World2:25
Walk Through This World With Me2:26
Stand by Your Man2:40
It's Such a Pretty World Today2:16
One Minute Past Eternity2:32
I'd Fight the World2:22
You're the Only World I Know3:07
Break My Mind2:26
Love of the Common People3:23
Hello Darlin'2:26
Wonder Could I Live There Anymore2:39
I've Gotta Sing2:39
Fancy Satin Pillows2:25
Bridge over Troubled Water3:50
Everything Is Beautiful3:30
Oh Happy Day4:07
One Hundred Children2:56
People Gotta Be Loving2:02
Battle Hymn of the Republic3:08
He Gives Us All His Love2:35
Didn't He Shine3:13
Happy Tracks2:32
Song of the Wind2:38
Missing You2:25
The More You See Me Less2:47
Back Then3:20
I Already Know (What I'm Getting for My Birthday)2:07
I Still Belong to You3:13
The King Is Coming3:29
I Wouldn't Want You Any Other Way2:52
Tennessee Women's Prison3:06
Roll with the Tide2:50
I Don't Know How to Tell Him2:52
I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today2:44
Reuben James2:58
A Wound Time Can't Erase3:04
Your Memory Comes and Gets Me2:45
Let's Have a Party2:50
Right or Wrong3:00
Release Me3:08
Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine2:25
A Little Bitty Tear1:55
I've Got a Tiger by the Tail2:22
Silver Threads and Golden Needles3:27
Hold Me Tight2:21
Games People Play3:16
In the Middle of a Heartache1:50
Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man3:20
Warm Red Wine2:39
Cowboy Yodel2:11

Right or Wrong [Box] [1993]

Right or Wrong [Box]
If You Knew What I Know2:38
Lovin' Country Style2:30
The Heart You Could Have Had2:22
The Right to Love2:33
You Can't Have My Love [With Billy Gray]2:31
You'd Be the First One to Know2:28
Tears at the Grand Ole Opry2:23
Nobody's Darling But Mine2:50
I Cried Again2:40
I'd Rather Have a Broken Heart2:16
You Won't Forget (About Me)2:25
Half as Good a Girl3:12
I Gotta Know2:30
Baby Loves Him2:01
Honey Bop2:16
Silver Threads and Golden Needles2:37
Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad2:41
Did You Miss Me?2:18
Cool Love2:18
Don'a Wan'a2:16
Fujiyama Mama2:15
Making Believe2:21
Just Call Me Lonesome3:09
Let Me Go, Lover2:10
(Let's Have A) Party2:11
Day Dreaming3:09
Heartbreak Ahead2:48
Here We Are Again2:49
I Wanna Waltz2:04
I Can't Make My Dreams Understand2:24
Long Tall Sally2:01
Mean Mean Man2:13
Rock Your Baby1:46
A Date with Jerry2:15
You've Turned to a Stranger2:43
I'd Rather Have You2:33
Savin' My Love2:10
You're the One for Me2:03
In the Middle of a Heartache2:35
Please Call Today2:19
The Wrong Kind of Girl2:38
Kansas City2:47
Sparkling Brown Eyes2:36
Hard Headed Woman1:59
It Doesn't Matter Anymore2:49
Lonely Weekends2:24
Tweedle Dee2:42
Riot in Cell Block #92:30
Right or Wrong2:39
Funnel of Love2:08
Tongue Tied2:22
There's a Party Goin' On2:03
Lost Weekend2:18
Man We Had a Party1:59
Why I'm Walking2:33
I May Never Get to Heaven2:37
Stupid Cupid2:15
Brown Eyed Handsome Man2:16
The Last Letter3:02
Who Shot Sam2:21
My Baby Left Me2:12
So Soon2:22
The Window Up Above2:50
Sticks and Stones2:11
A Little Bitty Tear2:18
I'd Be Ashamed2:41
Seven Lonely Days2:08
Don't Ask Me Why2:36
I Need You Now2:19
We Could3:01
Before I Lose My Mind2:35
Let Me Talk to You2:09
(Let's Stop) Kickin' Our Hearts Around2:20
Between the Window and the Phone2:19
If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me2:34
I Misunderstood2:41
Let My Love Walk In2:17
The Greatest Actor2:55
You Bug Me Bad2:10
One Teardrop at a Time2:23
Funny How Time Slips Away2:50
But I Was Lying2:36
The Things I Might Have Been2:32
Little Things Mean a Lot3:23
Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)2:09
Please Love Me Forever2:31
Since I Met You Baby2:41
May You Never Be Alone2:45
Pledging My Love2:36
What Am I Living For?2:40

Let's Go Let's Go [1992]

Let's Go Let's Go
Right or Wrong2:40

Honky Tonk Angels [1991]

Honky Tonk Angels

Greatest Hits [1988]

Greatest Hits

Wild-Child [1965]

Who Shot Sam 

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