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The Who are an English rock band formed in 1964 by Roger Daltrey (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Pete Townshend (vocals, guitar, keyboards), John Entwistle (vocals, bass) and Keith Moon, (drums, vocals). They became known for energetic live performances which often included instrument destruction. The Who have sold about 100 million records, and have charted 27 top forty singles in the United Kingdom and United States, as well as 17 top ten albums, with 18 Gold, 12 Platinum and 5 Multi-Platinum album awards in the United States alone.

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Albums by The WhoSort:By AlbumA - Z

Live 8 [2019]

Who Are You6:34

Graduation Mix 2018 [2018]

My Generation3:17

101 Classic Hits [2017]

Who Are You 

Halloween Music [2017]

Boris the Spider2:29

Rock Icons [2017]

Baba O'Riley5:00

Eminence Front [2013]

Eminence Front5:36

The Studio Albums [2012]

Out In The Street2:31
I Don't Mind2:36
The Good's Gone4:02
Much Too Much2:47
My Generation3:17
The Kids Are Alright3:04
Please Please Please2:45
It's Not True2:31
I'm A Man3:11
A Legal Matter2:47
The Ox3:49
Run Run Run2:31
Boris The Spider2:28
I Need You2:24
Whiskey Man2:56
Heat Wave1:55
Don't Look Away2:51
See My Way1:52
So Sad About Us3:02
A Quick One, While He's Away9:09
Armenia City In The Sky3:48
Heinz Baked Beans1:00
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand2:28
Our Love Was3:23
I Can See For Miles4:44
I Can't Reach You3:03
Silas Stingy3:04
Rael 15:44
It's A Boy2:07
Amazing Journey4:25
Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)2:15
Cousin Kevin4:03
The Acid Queen3:31
Do You Think It's Alright0:24
Fiddle About1:26
Pinball Wizard3:05
There's A Doctor0:25
Go To The Mirror!3:50
Tommy Can You Hear Me1:35
Smash The Mirror1:34
Miracle Cure0:10
Sally Simpson4:10
I'm Free2:39
Tommy's Holiday Camp0:57
We're Not Gonna Take It7:02
Baba O'Riley4:57
Love Ain't For Keeping2:11
My Wife3:35
The Song Is Over6:16
Getting In Tune4:49
Going Mobile3:40
Behind Blue Eyes3:40
Won't Get Fooled Again8:32
I Am The Sea2:08
The Real Me3:20
Cut My Hair3:46
The Punk And The Godfather5:10
I'm One2:37
The Dirty Jobs4:30
Helpless Dancer2:33
I've Had Enough6:14
Sea And Sand5:01
Bell Boy4:54
Doctor Jimmy8:36
Love Reign O'er Me5:48
Slip Kid4:31
However Much I Booze5:02
Squeeze Box2:42
Dreaming From The Waist4:07
Imagine A Man4:04
Success Story3:22
They Are All In Love3:02
Blue Red And Grey2:49
How Many Friends4:06
In A Hand Or A Face3:25
New Song4:15
Had Enough4:30
Sister Disco4:22
Music Must Change4:37
Trick Of The Light4:47
Guitar And Pen5:48
Love Is Coming Down4:00
Who Are You6:24
You Better You Bet5:36
Don't Let Go The Coat3:48
Cache Cache3:56
The Quiet One3:09
Did You Steal My Money4:15
How Can You Do It Alone5:26
Daily Records3:25
Another Tricky Day4:56
It's Your Turn3:38
Cooks County3:46
It's Hard3:44
Eminence Front5:38
I've Known No War5:53
One Life's Enough2:18
One At A Time3:18
Why Did I Fall For That3:56
A Man Is A Man3:52
Cry If You Want5:23
A Man In A Purple Dress4:14
Mike Post Theme4:28
In The Ether3:35
Black Widow's Eyes3:07
Two Thousand Years2:50
God Speaks, of Marty Robbins3:26
It's Not Enough4:02
You Stand By Me1:36
Sound Round1:21
Pick Up the Peace1:28
Unholy Trinity2:07
Trilby's Piano2:04
Endless Wire3:03
Fragments Of Fragments2:23
We Got A Hit3:03
They Make My Dream Come True1:13
Mirror Door4:14
Tea & Theatre3:24

Best of British [2011]

My Generation3:17

Mod Mania [2010]

My Generation3:19

Top Gear: Full Throttle [2010]

Magic Bus3:21

My Generation [Box Set] [2008]

Out In the Street2:34
Out in the Street [Mono Version] 
I Don't Mind2:37
I Don't Mind [Mono Version] 
The Good's Gone4:02
The Good's Gone [Mono Version] 
La-La-La Lies2:18
Much Too Much2:47
Much Too Much [Mono Version] 
My Generation3:22
My Generation [Mono Version] 
The Kids Are Alright3:10
The Kids Are Alright [Mono Version] 
Please, Please, Please2:46
Please, Please, Please [Mono Version] 
It's Not True2:34
It's Not True [Mono Version] 
I'm a Man3:23
A Legal Matter2:54
A Legal Matter [Mono Version] 
The Ox3:58
The Ox [Mono Version] 
I Can't Explain [*]2:07
I Can't Explain [Mono Version] 
Bald Headed Woman [*]2:32
Bald Headed Woman [Mono Version] 
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere [*]2:43
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere [Mono Version] 
Daddy Rolling Stone [*]2:56
Daddy Rolling Stone 
Anytime You Want Me [*]2:38
Anytime You Want Me [Mono Version] 
Shout and Shimmy [*]3:20
Shout and Shimmy [Mono Version] 
Circles [*]3:14
Circles [Mono Version] 
Leaving Here [*]2:48
Leaving Here 
Lubie (Come Back Home) [*]3:40
Lubie (Come Back Home) 
(Love is Like a) Heat Wave [*]2:41
(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave 
Motoring [*]2:50
Circles [Mono] 
Out in the Street [Stereo] 
I Don't Mind [Stereo] 
The Good's Gone [Stereo] 
La-La-La Lies [Stereo] 
Much Too Much [Stereo] 
The Kids Are Alright [Stereo] 
Please, Please, Please [Stereo] 
It's Not True [Stereo] 
I'm a Man [Stereo] 
A Legal Matter [Stereo] 
The Ox [Stereo] 
I Can't Explain [Stereo] 
Bald Headed Woman [Stereo] 
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere [Stereo] 
Daddy Rolling Stone [Stereo] 
Anytime You Want Me [Stereo] 
Shout and Shimmy [Stereo] 
Circles [Stereo] 
Leaving Here [Stereo] 
Lubie (Come Back Home) [Stereo] 
(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave [Stereo] 
Motoring [Stereo] 

In Da Club [2007]

Club Mix #11:21

Gold: British Invasion [2006]

Happy Jack2:13

It's Not Enough [2006]

It's Not Enough4:05

Tea & Theatre [2006]

Tea & Theatre3:26

Let It Grow [2005]

Baba O'Riley4:59

Freaks and Geeks [2004]

I'm One2:39

Live in Boston [DVD] [2004]

Relay [DVD]6:56

Drivin' [2003]

See Me, Feel Me 

School of Rock [2003]


Shanghai Knights [2003]

My Generation3:18

Air Guitar [2002]

My Generation 

Live Phish, Vol. 14 [2002]

Doctor Jimmy8:35

Scoop 3 [Box Set] [2001]

Eminence Front6:35

Swinging in the 60's [2001]


Amplified [2000]

I Can't Explain2:05

Left of the Moon [2000]


American Beauty [1999]

The Seeker3:20

Bringing Out the Dead [1999]

Bell Boy4:55

The Summer of Sam [1999]

Baba O'Riley5:09

Prefontaine [1997]

Baba O'Riley5:09

Trackspotting [1997]


Jerry Maguire [1996]

Magic Bus 
Getting in Tune4:46

Jerry Maguire [1996]

Magic Bus [Live]7:34

Rock Therapy '96 [1996]

Baba O'Riley 

Apollo 13 [1995]

I Can See for Miles4:09

Thirty Years of Maximum R&B [1994]

I'm the Face2:27
Here 'Tis2:08
Here 'T is2:08
Zoot Suit1:59
Leaving Here2:47
I Can't Explain2:04
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere3:05
Daddy Rolling Stone2:50
Daddy Rollin' Stone2:49
My Generation3:18
The Kids Are Alright3:05
The Ox3:49
A Legal Matter2:46
I'm a Boy2:38
Happy Jack Jingle0:31
Happy Jack2:12
Boris the Spider2:28
So Sad About Us3:00
A Quick One, While He's Away9:41
Pictures of Lily2:43
Early Morning Cold Taxi3:04
(This Could Be) the Last Time3:02
Last Time2:59
I Can't Reach You3:04
Girl's Eyes3:07
Call Me Lightning2:20
I Can See For Miles4:14
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand2:09
Armenia City In the Sky3:17
Our Love Was3:07
Rael 15:42
Rael 20:52
Fortune Teller2:19
Magic Bus3:16
Little Billy2:17
The Acid Queen3:33
Underture [Live]3:53
Pinball Wizard3:00
I'm Free2:38
See Me, Feel Me3:32
Heaven and Hell3:33
Young Man Blues4:45
Young Man Blues [Live]4:38
Summertime Blues3:34
Summertime Blues [Live]3:22
Shakin' All Over4:11
Shakin' All Over [Live]4:11
Baba O'Riley4:57
Pure and Easy5:10
The Song Is Over6:09
Behind Blue Eyes3:39
Won't Get Fooled Again8:31
The Seeker3:22
Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything)3:57
Join Together4:22
The Relay4:00
The Real Me3:35
5:15 [Single Mix]4:18
Bell Boy4:54
Love Reign O'Er Me4:51
Long Live Rock3:54
Naked Eye5:04
Slip Kid4:09
Poetry Cornered0:39
Dreaming From the Waist4:16
Dreaming from the Waist [Live]4:08
Blue Red and Grey2:43
Blue, Red and Grey2:45
Squeeze Box2:39
My Wife4:33
Who Are You5:00
Music Must Change4:36
Sister Disco4:19
Guitar and Pen5:49
You Better You Bet5:33
Eminence Front5:26
Twist and Shout3:10
I'm a Man6:34
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)4:32

The Iron Man: A Musical [1989]


Formula Thirty 2 [1986]

Who Are You 

The Kids Are Alright [1979]

My Generation [Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Version]4:29
My Generation4:32
I Can't Explain [Shindig Version]2:01
I Can't Explain2:01
Happy Jack [Soundtrack Version]2:12
Happy Jack2:13
Baba O'Riley5:29
Shout And Shimmy 
I Can See For Miles [Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Remixed Version]4:15
I Can See For Miles4:19
Young Man Blues5:46
Magic Bus [Edit Mono Version]3:22
Magic Bus3:23
Long Live Rock [Single Mix]3:57
Long Live Rock3:58
Tommy Can You Hear Me 
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere2:49
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere [Ready Steady Go! Version]2:50
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere2:49
Pinball Wizard2:48
Young Man Blues [London Coliseum Live Version]5:44
Pictures Of Lily 
My Wife [Gaumont State Theatre Live Version]5:59
We're Not Gonna Take It 
See Me, Feel Me5:27
My Wife6:07
Baba O'Riley [Shepperton Live Version]5:25
Baba O'Riley [Live at Shepperton Film Studios]5:25
A Quick One While He's Away [Live Rock and Roll Circus Version]7:24
Success Story 
A Quick One, While He's Away7:32
Tommy Can You Hear Me? [Extended Version]1:45
Tommy, Can You Hear Me? [Standard Version]1:45
Tommy Can You Hear Me?1:46
Sparks [Edit Woodstock Live Version]3:00
Sparks [Live at Woodstock]3:00
Sparks [Instrumental]3:01
Pinball Wizard [Woodstock Live Version]2:48
Won't Get Fooled Again9:58
See Me, Feel Me [Woodstock Live Version]5:19
See Me Feel Me 
(I'm A) Road Runner 
See Me, Feel Me [Live at Woodstock]5:19
Join Together 
Barbara Ann 
Won't Get Fooled Again [Shepperton Live Version]9:20
Who Are You 

Quadrophenia [1973]

We Close Tonight2:40

Live at Leeds [1970]

Young Man Blues5:56
Heaven and Hell5:12
I Can't Explain2:59
Summertime Blues3:35
Fortune Teller3:13
Shakin' All Over4:35
My Generation4:56
Magic Bus8:21
Happy Jack2:15
I'm a Boy4:42
A Quick One, While He's Away8:41
Amazing Journey/Sparks7:55
It's a Boy0:35
Amazing Journey3:18
Sparks [40th Anniversary Version - Live at Leeds]4:22
Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker) [40th Anniversary Version - Live at1:59
Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)1:58
The Acid Queen3:34
Pinball Wizard2:52
Do You Think It's Alright?0:22
Fiddle About1:13
Tommy Can You Hear Me?0:55
There's a Doctor0:23
Go to the Mirror!3:25
Smash the Mirror1:19
Miracle Cure0:13
Sally Simpson4:01
I'm Free2:39
Tommy's Holiday Camp1:00
We're Not Gonna Take It8:49
Heaven and Hell [Live at Hull Version]4:04
Young Man Blues [Live at Hull Version]5:42
Substitute [Live at Hull Version]2:08
I'm a Boy [Live at Hull Version]2:48
A Quick One, While He's Away [Live at Hull Version]9:51
Summertime Blues [Live at Hull Version]3:43
Shakin' All Over [Live at Hull Version]5:09
Overture [Live at Hull Version]5:30
It's a Boy [Live at Hull Version]0:43
1921 [Live at Hull Version]2:28
Amazing Journey [Live at Hull Version]3:19
Sparks [Live at Hull Version]4:14
Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker) [Live at Hull Version]1:56
The Acid Queen [Live at Hull Version]3:33
Pinball Wizard [Live at Hull Version]2:48
Do You Think It's Alright? [Live at Hull Version]0:23
Fiddle About [Live at Hull Version]1:14
Tommy Can You Hear Me? [Live at Hull Version]0:57
There's a Doctor [Live at Hull Version]0:23
Go to the Mirror! [Live at Hull Version]3:32
Smash the Mirror [Live at Hull Version]1:22
Miracle Cure [Live at Hull Version]0:13
Sally Simpson [Live at Hull Version]4:08
I'm Free [Live at Hull Version]2:24
Tommy's Holiday Camp [Live at Hull Version]1:00
We're Not Gonna Take It [Live at Hull Version]8:19

Easy Rider [1969]

I Can See For Miles4:06

Who Sell Out [2 CD Deluxe Edition] [1967]

Armenia City In the Sky [Incl. Two Radio London Jingles]3:51
Heinz Baked Beans [Incl. More Music Jingle]1:00
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand [Acoustic/Incl. Premier Drums Commercial/2:34
Odorono [Incl. Radio London 'Smooth Sailing' Jingle]2:35
Tattoo [Incl. Church of Your Choice Jingle]2:54
Our Love Was [Incl. Pussycat/Speakeasy/Rotosound Jingles,Commercials]3:25
I Can See For Miles4:05
I Can't Reach You [Incl. Charles Atlas Commercial]3:31
Silas Stingy3:04
Real [1 & 2]5:39
Someone's Coming [Incl. Radio London Weather Word Jingle]2:36
Early Morning Cold Taxi [Incl. Radio London News Bulletin Jingle]2:59
Jaguar [Incl. Extra Wonderful Radio London Jingle]2:58
Glittering Girl3:00
Summertime Blues [Previously Unreleased]2:35
Girl's Eyes [Incl. Bag O' Nails Jingle]2:52
Odorono [Final Chorus]0:24
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand [Mirasound Version]3:22
Rael [1 & 2] [Remake Version - Incl. Track Records Jingle]6:37
Armenia City In the Sky3:47
Heinz Baked Beans0:58
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand [Mono Version]2:34
Our Love Was3:23
I Can't Reach You3:27
Medac [A.K.A. Spotted Henry] [Mono]0:56
Relax [Mono]2:36
Silas Stingy [Mono]2:58
Sunrise [Mono]3:00
Rael [1 & 2] [Incl. Track Records Run-Off Groove]5:48
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand [Alternative or Second Version]3:16
Someone's Coming2:31
Relax [Early Rehearsal]3:21
Jaguar [Original Mono Mix]2:51
Glittering Girl [Previously Unreleased Version]3:17
Tattoo [Early Mono Mix]2:46
Our Love Was [Take 12 Rejected Mono Mix]3:16
I Can See For Miles [Early Mono Mix]4:00
Rael [Early Mono Mix]10:49

70s Mixtape

Who Are You6:24

Unknown Album

Smash the Mirror 
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) 
I Can't Explain [Live At Leeds 25th Anniversary Edition Version]2:22
Eminence Front5:40
Pinball Wizard3:04
Cut My Hair3:44
I Don't Wanna Get Wise3:58
All This Music Must Fade3:20
Ball And Chain4:29
Love Reign O'er Me5:51
Is It in My Head? 
Eyesight To the Blind (the Hawker)2:14
Call Me Lightning2:25
Go To the Mirror!3:47
Night Train 
Miracle Cure 
Won't Get Fooled Again8:32
See Me, Feel Me [The Kids Are Alright [1990]]5:27
Tommy, Can You Hear Me?1:35
A Quick One, While He's Away9:13
Baba O'Riley5:00
Young Man Blues 
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere2:42
Long Live Rock3:58
Magic Bus3:15
I Can See for Miles4:19
Happy Jack2:12
See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You7:51
Old Red Wine3:43
Real Good Looking Boy5:42
You Better You Bet5:37
Who Are You [Single Edit Version]5:03
Squeeze Box2:42
Behind Blue Eyes3:42
Summertime Blues [Live]3:22
I'm a Boy2:38
The Kids Are Alright3:05
My Generation3:17
We're Not Gonna Take It7:06
Shakin' All Over8:34
A Quick One While He's Away9:05
Mike Post Theme4:28
Sound Round1:21
The Seeker3:25
Mirror Door4:14
We Got a Hit1:18
Endless Wire1:52
Pick Up the Peace1:29
Punk and the Godfather [DVD] 
Four Faces 
Get Out and Stay Out 
Doctor Jimmy 
Helpless Dancer [DVD] 
I've Had Enough6:14
Bell Boy 
I'm One 
The Real Me3:21
I Am the Sea 
I'm Free2:39
Sally Simpson 
There's a Doctor0:23
Do You Think It's Alright?0:24
Cousin Kevin4:06
It's a Boy0:38
Amazing Journey 
I Don't Even Know Myself4:56
Heaven and Hell 
The Dirty Jobs4:29
(I'm A) Road Runner [Previously Unreleased Track]3:14
Join Together4:24
Pictures of Lily2:44
It's Not Enough4:04
It's Hard3:43
Don't Let Go the Coat [DVD; Bonus Track] 
Slip Kid4:31
Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything)4:02
Last Time 
Boris the Spider2:29
Twist and Shout 
Love Ain't for Keeping4:06
See Me, Feel Me3:32
I've Known No War5:58
Anytime You Want Me [Bonus Track]2:37
The Acid Queen3:34
We Close Tonight [Demo]2:41
Summertime Blues [Previously Unreleased Track; Bonus Track]2:35
Summertime Blues3:14
Guitar and Pen [Olympic '78 Mix; Previously Unreleased Track]6:02
Shout and Shimmy3:20
Girl's Eyes3:51
Sister Disco4:22
Glittering Girl3:00
Here 'Tis2:08
Is It in My Head? [DVD] 
Fortune Teller2:15
Cut My Hair [DVD] 
Love Reign O'er Me [DVD] 
5: 15 [DVD] 
Dreaming From the Waist [Live; Bonus Track]4:57
Dreaming From the Waist4:06
The Punk and the Godfather5:11
Early Morning Cold Taxi3:25
Pinball Wizard [DVD] 
Another Tricky Day [DVD; Bonus Track] 
I Can't Explain2:45
Drowned [DVD] 
Who Are You5:11
A Little Is Enough5:12
Real [1 & 2]5:39
I'm a Man3:23
Goin' Mobile 
Love Reign O'er Me [Demo]5:12
Getting in Tune 
Gettin' in Tune 
The Good's Gone4:02
Cousin Kevin [DVD] 
Baba O'Riley [Confidentialmx Remix]2:45
Eyesight to the Blind 
Zoot Suit2:00
Trick of the Light4:47
How Can You Do It Alone5:26
The Quiet One3:09
Daddy Rolling Stone [Bonus Track]2:49
I Don't Mind2:37
Amazing Journey [DVD] 
Go to the Mirror 
Love Is Coming Down [Lost Verse Mix]4:06
Rough Boys 
I Am the Sea [DVD] 
Pure and Easy4:22
My Wife3:41
It's Not True2:33
Another Tricky Day4:30
Naked Eye5:31
La la la Lies 
So Sad About Us2:57
Music Must Change4:38
A Man in a Purple Dress4:15
5:15 [Single Mix]4:18
One at a Time3:02
It's Your Turn3:39
Leaving Here2:50
Sea and Sand5:01
A Legal Matter2:50
C'mon Everybody [Live]1:55
God Speaks to Marty Robbins 
I Can't Explain [Bonus Track] 
Baby Don't You Do It5:15
Behind Blue Eyes [New York Record Plant Session 2003 Remix]3:28
Too Much of Anything 
Tommy's Holiday Camp0:57
Mother and Son 
Fiddle About [DVD] 

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