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Pinkfong (Korean: 핑크퐁) is the children's educational brand of SmartStudy, a South Korean educational entertainment company. Pinkfong consists of mainly children's songs, of which the most famous is "Baby Shark", with more than two billion views on YouTube. Their educational channel has more than 13 million subscribers, with a brightly-colored programming of stories, sing-along songs and dances represented by a pink fox named "Pinkfong". The global product development company has more than 2,200 children's videos, songs, games and apps.

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Pinkfong Animal Songs [2017]

Baby Shark1:37

Unknown Album

Baby Shark1:36
Baby Shark Dance [Remix]1:26
Coraling Medley0:45
Can You Smell It in the Air? It's Fishmas!1:16
Song of the Whales1:40
Sharks Picnic0:59
How Are You Today?2:02
Police Car Song1:15
Police Sharks1:16
Voiture de Police1:15
I Want to Be a Superhero!2:06
Did You See Cheetah's Pattern?1:12
La Canción de la Taza1:18
Animal Kings1:29
World Street Foods1:11
Hot Clam Buns0:56
Baby Shark vs Waste Monster2:09
Cheeky Monkey1:35
Can You Help Me?2:02
I Love You2:10
Let's Count to Three1:50
Italy Tour Bus1:13
Welcome to My House!1:36
World Festival with Baby Shark1:30
Hai Visto la mia Coda?1:25
Macaquinho Bananas1:33
China Tourbus1:09
The Shark Band1:49
Christmas Shark Family Elves3:09
Paris Tour Bus1:14
No Lava-Rápido1:19
Animais Bebês1:15
Jazzy Baby Shark3:12
The Penguin Dance1:50
Easter Egg Hunting1:19
Knock, Knock! Whose Eggs?1:26
Jungle Boogie 
Bimbo Squalo da 1 a 51:03
Día de Madres Día de Padres0:59
Chumbala Cachumbala Dance2:42
Take Turns One by One2:04
Chumbala Cachumbala Skeleton Pirates2:51
Who Took the Acorns?1:38
Manta Ray1:14
Baby T-Rex1:38
Don't Hold It in!1:40
Bus Turístico en París1:14
Sea Horse1:22
Where Are You?2:08
May I Have a Sandwich, Please2:06
Bump Pow Bump Pow1:02
A Healthy Meal1:09
A Limpiar el Mar1:19
La Granja de Pinkfong2:45
I Feel Shy1:07
Let's Bake a Giant Cake!2:28
Tiranosauiro Rex1:27
Baby Shark on the Bus1:11
Cooking is Fun1:05
World Dance with Baby Shark1:33
¡Hola, Pinkfong!1:27
Good Morning Song1:37
Bimbo Squalo1:23
Hochzeit im Meer1:25
Mr. Greenhouse Gas2:33
Let's Tidy Up1:01
Recycling Game2:57
Savanna Night Tour1:29
Halloween Mermaid Wedding1:36
Tour de Ônibus Na Itália1:12
Brush and Floss Your Teeth0:53
Colorful Matryoshka Doll1:10
Mi Mascota, Mi Amigo1:33
Sharky Shuffle1:10
Spanien Tourbus1:06
World Festival with Baby Shark Ⅱ1:32
Día de Campo0:58
A Cavar1:20
Jambo Animals!1:37
Triangoli in Fondo al Mare1:09
Halloween Cars1:19
Bath Time Song1:03
Zorro Feneco1:06
Pirate Baby Shark1:32
Hide 'n Seek in the Sea1:15
Fly Higher and Higher1:05
Don't Call Me Santa Call Me Dave1:07
We Are Wonderstar1:07
Hoi Poi Pinkfong (Opening Song)1:10
Lying in a Hammock1:08
Run Jeni1:07
Fix It Up1:06
Cooking Competition0:59
Great Detective1:06
Sorry Sorry1:06
Rainbow Flower1:16
We'll Help You1:02
Dear My Friend Quacki1:02
Build It Up1:02
Sing for Myself1:02
My Precious Cheese1:13
Keep the Word1:05
Party Party0:58
I Can Dance1:07
Sing a Song1:05
Everything Shines1:00
Fantastic Animals1:21
Bridges Around the World1:19
Friends Forever Ending1:05
Public Space Rangers2:13
Villancicos en la Jungla1:43
Baby Shark's Jungle Adventure3:09
Anytime Anywhere1:00
Armonía en la Granja1:37
The Lion 
Baby Shark in Winter Time3:08
Grandpa Shark's Ice Cream Truck2:48
Sizzling Earth2:52
Tiburón Abuela Durmiente1:38
Swimming Lessons2:50
Hush-a-Bye, Baby Shark1:35
Awesome Slide1:01
Baby Shark's 12 Days of Christmas3:52
Baby Shark's Pink World3:12
Jungle Bells1:44
Baby Shark is Lost in the Forest1:10
Move Like Sea Animals1:33
My Friend Marionette0:52
Shark Orchestra Concert1:41
Magic Snail's Color Mixing Studio3:05
Special Christmas Presents with Baby Shark3:25
Knock, Knock, Baby Shark's Christmas2:14
Hide and Seek Christmas Presents and Baby Shark3:14
Wash My Hair1:17
ทักทาย ฉลามน้อย1:14
A Pintar1:43
Hey, Ladybug1:20
Put the Toys Away2:14
Hola, Tiburón Bebé1:14
Piedra, Papel, Tijeras1:15
I Hate Cucumbers1:46
Precious Friends0:58
Canzone dell'Orologio1:08
Se i Dinosauri Fossero Ancora Vivi1:26
Under the Sea1:23
Farben im Meer1:29
Thailand Tourbus0:58
Valentine's Day with Baby Shark2:10
Monkey Banana1:33
Il Ritmo degli Animali1:21
It's Bedtime1:07
Ação Animal1:19
Have You Seen Hogi Santa's Beard?3:02
Spain Tour Bus1:07
Shark House0:50
Alguém Viu o Meu Rabinho?1:23
I'm a Fat Cat2:16
Rock, Paper, Scissors1:11
Les Amis Formes1:25
Il mio Animaletto, il mio Amichetto1:33
My Princess World1:42
Frutas Coloridas1:28
Scary Face Contest2:52
Christmas Sharks1:23
Night Animals 
Colors in the Sea1:29
Five Little Monsters Sliding Down3:07
Tooth Fairy Traditions1:17
Ocean ABC1:54
Say Good Morning1:05
Espinosaurio vs Tiranosaurio0:53
De Quem São Essas Caudas?1:07
My Emotions2:19
Bus de Londres1:01
Electro Baby Shark3:19
Eu Sou a Escavadeira0:52
Lion Lessons1:11
Good Morning1:20
Super Caminhões1:04
Aquí Está1:25
Color Adventure!2:51
Will You Marry Me?1:15
Wer bin ich?1:11
En el Autolavado1:20
See You Again, Pinkfong1:06
Le Petit Fantôme0:49
If Sharks Are Happy1:04
Danse Comme les Dinosaures0:58
Monster Shuffle1:09
The Volcano is Erupting0:58
Won't Be Tricked Again2:07
¡Bum, Bum! Mundo Dino1:16
I Cuccioli1:15
Puedo Vestirme Solo1:46
The Potty Song1:19
Naughty Ocean Friends1:34
Trio of the Ocean1:02
Sono il Migliore1:18
Deditos Tiburón1:31
Frog Transformation Dance1:30
L’Heure de Brosser Tes Dents1:06
Abc do Oceano1:54
The World Food Cook-Off1:31
La Parade des Dinosaures1:09
Las Ruedas del Bus1:17
Muoviti come Bimbo Squalo1:05
Cinque Pesciolini Saltano sull'Alga1:43
Getting Dressed by Myself1:48
Go Away, Monster!3:06
Hammerhead Shark1:13
La Famille Vroum-Vroum1:01
Dinosaurier von A bis Z1:43
Jungle Music Festival1:46
Fiesta de Halloween1:08
In der Waschstraße1:20
Dinosaures de A à Z1:43
My Lunch Box2:19
Special Member of My Family2:31
Muoviti con gli Animali1:21
See You Later, Alligator2:35
Watermelon Song1:38
Vienen los Bomberos1:17
La Danse des Requins1:18
Hoy Es Halloween1:16
Yes, Yes, Potty Party!2:51
Dibi Dibi Dip3:16
Ghosts on the Coast1:20
Academia do Bebê Tubarão1:16
Canção de Bom Dia1:00
What is Your Favorite Food?2:11
Bajo el Mar1:25
Happy Happy Christmas2:19
Eilig fährt die Feuerwehr1:17
Ich bin der Bagger1:10
Bébé Requin, Encore Plus1:27
Der Zug1:07
Edificio del Mar1:08
Животные Малыши1:15
Fun Bubble Bath!1:06
Giving Gifts0:42
Fire Truck2:57
Open up, Giant Clam!3:05
Baby Shark's First Beauty Salon2:54
Lava Tus Manos1:15
My Cheese Hat Cheese Ten2:37
I'm Sorry2:07
Sea Otter1:14
Color Rhyme Song3:00
Baby Shark Faster1:05
Tiburón Poqui1:12
Soluço do Bebê Tubarão1:13
Sos Sea Animals2:55
I Spy Song3:07
Les Formes Sont Partout2:50
Who Lives on the Moon?1:55
Brosse Tes Dents1:23
Buenos Días Amigos0:59
Guess Who I Am2:59
Towers of the World with Baby Shark1:16
La Famille Requin1:02
Halloween Costume Party2:59
Eentsy Weentsy Spider1:17
Hello, Pinkfong1:28
Qui Suis-Je ?1:11
Hogi's 12 Days of Christmas3:49
Ocean Adventure1:07
Halloween Shark1:36
Sorry Song1:31
Pedir Perdón1:30
Spooky Sea Monster2:55
Bus Turístico en China1:10
China Tour Bus1:11
Boom, Boom! Dino World1:15
I Want to Play with You2:04
We Wish You a T-Rexmas1:08
Cucù Zoo1:32
Popó, Cucú1:09
Tooth Brushing is Fun1:13
Magic Word Song2:17
Shake It2:38
Let's Go Swimming1:12
Ich bin der Beste1:18
Je Suis le Meilleur1:18
I Am the Best1:19
Brush Your Teeth1:23
Agentes Tiburón1:14
Friends on the Ocean Floor2:51
Uno a Uno1:23
Agora, Mais Rápido1:01
Have You Ever Seen Shark's Tail1:25
Detective Baby Shark2:59
Hora Deliciosa1:28
Five Little Fish Jumping on the Kelp1:43
Time to Brush1:08
Bus Turístico en España1:06
Festa de Dia das Bruxas1:06
Rápido Rápido Dirija um Carro de Bombeiros1:17
A Great Inventor Poki1:00
Das dunkle Haus1:31
Where Did My Color Go?3:08
Baby Shark's Be Yourself Day3:07
Clean the Sea1:20
Parade Océan1:09
Tiranossauro Rex1:27
My House0:46
Dinossauros de a Até Z1:44
Mono Banana1:32
Tiburón Martillo1:13
So Fare un Cerchio1:18
How Many Wheels?1:27
Wenn Haie froh sind1:03
Car Wash Time1:12
Bom Dia1:36
Vroom Vroom Family 
The Boo-Boo Song1:06
Les Couleurs de la Mer1:29
One by One1:23
Vampire Wedding2:37
Buonanotte, Bimbo Squalo1:08
Six Little Ducks2:20
Halloween ABC1:43
Shapes in the Sea1:06
Guess the Foods Around the World1:14
Triangles Sous l’Océan1:09
Wake up Song1:00
Baby Shark Halloween Bus1:32
Welcome to the Coral Reef2:53
Sleeping Beauty1:38
Garbage Truck2:44
Do a Doodle1:40
Ricas Almejas0:56
Bebé T-Rex1:37
Tiburones, Do-Re-Mi1:07
Ehi, Mamma Squalo1:20
Tanzende Formen1:20
Birthday Parties Around the World1:11
Formen sind überall2:54
La Festa della Mamma e del Papà1:00
Christmas Every Day1:08
The Shark Dance1:20
Go Away Sleepiness2:59
Minha Rotina, Tic-Tac1:30
Twelve Month0:43
Oso Polar1:08
Mis Mascotas Especiales1:09
Baby Shark Robot1:52
Christmas Day1:31
Shapes Song2:58
Rock-a-Bye Baby1:26
Catch the Gingerbread Man2:43
Baby Shark Jobs1:02
Whose Tails?1:10
Dive On In1:31
8-bit Bébé Requin1:33
Oceans Apart1:40
Parata dei Dinosauri1:09
The Chicken Wing Dance2:06
If I Were a Vehicle1:47
Tiburón Bebé Truco o Trato1:21
Shark's Color Bus2:38
Precious Food2:09
Nice to Meet You!2:16
It's My Ocean x Baby Shark (Finale) Mashup3:48
Penguin Beats1:33
It's My Ocean2:00
Ninimo the Cucumber Patrol2:17
Potty Training Song2:17
A Cazar Huevo de Pascua1:20
Hush, Little Baby1:01
It's Stariana!0:43
Baby Shark Monster Truck2:08
Colorful Foods3:02
Nothin's Gonna Beat Our Fin-ship2:37
Halloween Zombie Sharks1:54
Baby Shark Trick-or-Treat1:24
Baby Shark's Haunted House2:58
Ocean Parade1:10
Jurassic Halloween1:28
Ollie the Baby Shark0:57
Boo-Boo Song 23:06

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