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Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades from the 1960s until the present. As of 2001, Diamond had sold over 115 million records worldwide including 48 million in the United States alone. He is considered to be the third most successful adult contemporary artist ever on the Billboard chart behind Barbra Streisand and Elton John. His songs have been covered internationally by many performers from various musical genres.

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50th Anniversary Collector's Edition [2018]

Solitary Man2:32
Cherry Cherry2:47
Cherry, Cherry2:41
I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)2:08
I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No)2:08
Do It1:55
The Boat That I Row2:39
You Got to Me2:52
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon3:01
I'm a Believer2:44
Thank the Lord for the Night Time3:03
Kentucky Woman2:26
Red, Red Wine2:41
Brooklyn Roads3:39
Glory Road3:20
Holly Holy4:40
And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind3:32
Sunday Sun2:47
Dig In2:41
Sweet Caroline3:22
Cracklin' Rosie3:02
Crunchy Granola Suite2:55
I Am...I Said3:32
I Am... I Said3:32
Done Too Soon2:40
Play Me3:51
Walk on Water3:04
Lonely Looking Sky3:19
I've Been This Way Before3:46
The Last Picasso4:27
Rosemary's Wine2:42
Song Sung Blue3:15
Longfellow Serenade3:53
The Gift of Song2:24
Beautiful Noise3:25
Street Life3:00
Surviving the Life3:42
If You Know What I Mean3:42
Once in a While3:41
Hello Again4:05
Love on the Rocks3:38
Amazed and Confused2:31
Songs of Life3:31
Yesterday's Songs2:50
I'm Alive3:48
On the Way to the Sky3:47
Headed for the Future4:06
You Don't Bring Me Flowers3:18
Forever in Blue Jeans3:39
September Morn3:54
The Story of My Life3:45
It's a Trip (Go for the Moon)2:49
Hooked on the Memory of You3:54
Hard Times for Lovers4:26
All I Really Need Is You4:22
If There Were No Dreams3:16
Someone Who Believes in You4:14
The Way4:52
One Good Love4:19
Blue Highway3:57
Open Wide These Prison Doors4:32
No Limit3:08
I Haven't Played This Song in Years4:25
You Are theBest Part of Me3:59
You Are the Best Part of Me3:59
Delirious Love3:12
I Believe in Happy Endings4:29
Man of God4:21
I'm on to You4:27
What's It Gonna Be4:04
Save Me a Saturday Night3:32
Captain of a Shipwreck3:55
Another Day (That Time Forgot)6:12
Don't Go There6:04
Home Before Dark6:00
Pretty Amazing Grace4:54
Melody Road3:12
Nothing But a Heartache4:33
Something Blue4:03
In Better Days3:30
Seongah and Jimmy5:44
Sunny Disposition3:14
The Art of Love4:07
Hell Yeah4:26

America [2018]


Cherry, Cherry [2018]

Cherry, Cherry7:35

Cracklin' Rosie [2018]

Cracklin' Rosie2:52

Patriotic [2018]


Romantically Yours [2013]


Funny People [2009]

We [Early Take]4:12

Funny People [2009]


Gold [2006]


Stages: Performances 1970-2002 [2003]

A Mission of Love3:25
Hello Again5:48
Kentucky Woman2:15
The Boat That I Row3:07
Cherry, Cherry3:40
Red, Red Wine4:23
I'm a Believer3:22
Play Me5:43
Love on the Rocks3:28
If You Know What I Mean3:36
Beautiful Noise3:21
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon3:36
I Haven't Played This Song in Years4:28
You Are the Best Part of Me4:02
Forever in Blue Jeans3:42
Captain Sunshine4:42
Holly Holy5:05
Sweet Caroline2:55
Sweet Caroline (Reprise) 
You Don't Bring Me Flowers5:31
He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother4:02
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother 
I Am...I Said6:32
Cracklin' Rosie2:59
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show4:44
America (Walk Off) 
Brooklyn Roads4:52
Home Is a Wounded Heart2:40
The Last Picasso4:31
The Last Thing on My Mind4:21
You Got to Me3:59
God Only Knows4:09
Glory Road3:34
Rocket Man6:08
Say Maybe4:18
Once in a While2:50
Rainy Day Song3:52
Guitar Heaven3:54
Songs of Life3:32
Fire on the Tracks2:51
Brooklyn on a Saturday Night3:41
The Story of My Life4:12
This Time4:24
The American Popular Song1:44
Teach Me Tonight2:08
Dedicated to the One I Love1:55
Spanish Harlem2:01
Sweet L.A. Days3:56
Fortune of the Night4:04
Mountains of Love4:04
If There Were No Dreams3:25
All I Really Need Is You4:39
Yesterday's Songs2:54
Can Anybody Hear Me3:51
Talking Optimist Blues2:54
Talking Optimist Blues (Good Day Today) 
Marry Me4:20
In My Lifetime5:08
I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No)2:14
Longfellow Serenade4:39
I Believe in Happy Endings4:37
O Holy Night3:34
Silent Night 
White Christmas4:14
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer2:47
O Come, O Come Emmanuel1:13
The Little Drummer Boy 
Morning Has Broken2:46
You Make It Feel Like Christmas2:46
The Christmas Song3:25
Winter Wonderland3:03
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town3:44
We Wish You a Merry Christmas3:15

Stages: Performances 1970-2002 [Bonus DVD] [2003]

America [#]4:04
A Mission of Love [#]3:24
Hello Again [#]5:48
Cherry, Cherry [#]3:39
Red, Red Wine [#]4:22
I'm a Believer [#]3:22
Play Me [#]5:43
Love on the Rocks [#]3:27
Soolaimon [#]5:04
If You Know What I Mean [#]3:35
Beautiful Noise [#]3:21
You Are the Best Part of Me [#]4:02
Forever in Blue Jeans [#]3:42
Starflight [#]5:07
Captain Sunshine [#]4:42
Holly Holy [#]5:04
Sweet Caroline [#]4:22
You Don't Bring Me Flowers [#]5:30
Shilo [#]3:52
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother [#]4:01
I Am...I Said [#]6:32
Cracklin' Rosie [#]2:59
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show [#]4:43
America (Walk Off) [#]3:15
Lordy [#]4:56
Brooklyn Roads [#]4:52
Home Is a Wounded Heart [#]2:40
The Last Picasso [#]4:30
You Got to Me [#]3:58
God Only Knows [#]4:08
Glory Road [#]3:34
Rocket Man [#]6:07
Say Maybe [#]4:18
Once in a While [#]2:49
Rainy Day Song [#]3:51
Guitar Heaven [#]3:54
Songs of Life [#]3:32
Fire on the Tracks [#]2:50
Brooklyn on a Saturday Night [#]3:41
Primitive [#]4:29
The Story of My Life [#]4:12
This Time [#]4:23
The American Popular Song [#]1:43
Teach Me Tonight [#]2:07
Dedicated to the One I Love [#]1:54
Spanish Harlem [#]2:00
Sweet L.A. Days [#]3:55
Fortune of the Night [#]4:04
Mountains of Love [#]4:04
All I Really Need Is You [#]4:39
Yesterday's Songs [#]2:53
Can Anybody Hear Me [#]3:50
Talking Optimist Blues [#]2:54
Everybody [#]3:54
Marry Me [#]4:20
O Holy Night [#]3:34
White Christmas [#]4:14
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [#]2:47
O Come, O Come Emmanuel [#]1:12
The Little Drummer Boy [#]3:50
Morning Has Broken [#]2:46
You Make It Feel Like Christmas [#]2:46
The Christmas Song [#]3:25
Winter Wonderland [#]3:04
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [#]3:43
We Wish You a Merry Christmas [#]3:15

Duets [2002]

You Don't Bring Me Flowers3:25

Kansas City Powerhouse [2002]

I Never Knew2:17

Play Me: The Complete Uni Studio Recordings...Plus! [2002]

Two-Bit Manchild [Single Version]3:05
Two-Bit Manchild3:05
A Modern Day Version of Love2:48
Honey-Drippin' Times2:06
The Pot Smoker's Song3:59
Brooklyn Roads3:39
Sunday Sun2:47
Holiday Inn Blues3:16
Practically Newborn3:31
Broad Old Woman (6 A.M. Insanity)4:32
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show3:27
Dig In2:41
River Runs, New Grown Plums1:58
Long Gone3:18
And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind3:32
Glory Road3:19
Deep in the Morning3:04
If I Never Knew Your Name3:16
Memphis Streets2:40
You're So Sweet Horseflies Keep Hangin' 'Round Your Face3:14
You're So Sweet, Horseflies Keep Hangin' Round Your Face3:13
Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy2:31
Sweet Caroline3:19
Sweet Caroline [Single Version]3:18
Everybody's Talkin'2:46
Mr. Bojangles4:53
Smokey Lady2:40
Holly Holy4:40
Holly Holy [Single Version]4:40
Both Sides Now3:31
And the Singer Sings His Song3:38
Ain't No Way2:42
New York Boy2:38
Until It's Time for You to Go3:30
Cracklin' Rosie3:02
Free Life3:11
Coldwater Morning3:21
Done Too Soon2:42
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother4:10
He Ain't Heavy ... He's My Brother4:10
I Am the Lion2:08
Soolaimon [Single Version]4:25
African Suite4:28
African Trilogy4:28
Childsong (Reprise)2:04
I Am...I Said3:34
I Am...I Said [Single Version]3:35
The Last Thing on My Mind3:33
Husbands and Wives3:53
Chelsea Morning2:37
Crunchy Granola Suite2:53
Crunchy Granola Suite [Single Version]2:54
Stones [Single Version]3:02
If You Go Away3:49
I Think It's Going to Rain Today2:36
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today2:33
I Am...I Said (Reprise)2:37
Song Sung Blue [Single Version]3:14
Song Sung Blue3:15
Porcupine Pie2:04
High Rolling Man2:35
Canta Libre4:46
Captain Sunshine3:23
Play Me3:51
Gitchy Goomy3:51
Walk on Water3:04
Prelude in E Major0:40
Lordy [Live][*]4:56
Kentucky Woman2:41
Kentucky Woman [Live][*]2:40
Thank the Lord for the Night Time3:35
Thank the Lord for the Night Time [Live][*]3:11
Solitary Man [Live][*]3:15
Solitary Man3:16
Cherry, Cherry3:49
Cherry, Cherry [Single Version][Live][*]3:49
Red, Red Wine [Live][*]3:45
Red Red Wine3:57
Red, Red Wine3:45
Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon2:49
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon [Live][*]2:49
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon2:50

Christmas Traxx [2001]

Jingle Bell Rock1:50

Holy Smoke [1999]

Holly Holy4:30

Sing America [Warner] [1999]


Sampler Claus, Vol. 3 [1998]

Silver Bells3:06

Mixed Emotions [1997]

Love on the Rocks3:39

Beautiful Girls [1996]

Sweet Caroline3:24

Disco Fox, Vol. 3 [1996]

Beautiful Noise3:23

In My Lifetime [1996]

In My Lifetime [Opening Album Version]5:28
In My Lifetime5:28
Hear Them Bells2:44
Blue Destiny2:20
Blue Destiny [Original Demo]2:18
A Million Miles Away2:48
A Million Miles Away [Original Demo]2:47
A Good Kind of Lonely2:11
A Good Kind of Lonely [Original Demo]2:11
What Will I Do?2:00
At Night2:11
Clown Town2:28
Flame [Original Demo]1:36
Straw In the Wind [Original Demo]1:35
Straw in the Wind1:36
Solitary Man2:32
Cherry Cherry2:42
Cherry, Cherry2:56
Cherry Cherry [Alternate Version]2:55
I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No)2:14
I'm a Believer2:44
Kentucky Woman2:25
The Boat That I Row2:39
Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon2:55
You Got to Me2:48
Thank the Lord for the Night Time3:02
Red, Red Wine2:41
Red Red Wine2:40
Brooklyn Roads3:39
And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind3:32
Sweet Caroline3:22
Holly Holy [Single Version]4:30
Holly Holy4:40
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show3:34
Cracklin' Rosie3:02
Cracklin' Rosie [Single Version]2:59
Done Too Soon2:42
Soolaimon [Single Version]4:12
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother4:10
He Ain't Heavy ... He's My Brother4:10
Crunchy Granola Suite [Single Version]2:53
Crunchy Granola Suite2:54
Play Me3:50
I Am...I Said3:34
I Am...I Said [Single Version]3:33
Song Sung Blue [Single Version]3:13
Song Sung Blue3:15
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Suite: Prologue2:03
Lonely Looking Sky1:33
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Suite: Lonely Looking Sky1:33
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Suite: Skybird2:16
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Suite: Dear Father1:25
Dear Father1:25
Dear Father (Rebuked)1:25
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Suite: Be3:15
I've Been This Way Before3:47
Longfellow Serenade3:50
Beautiful Noise [Home Demo]1:39
Beautiful Noise3:13
Beautiful Noise [Album Master]3:14
If You Know What I Mean3:40
Dry Your Eyes3:48
Dry Your Eyes [Live At Winterland Ballroom / 1976]3:48
September Morn3:52
September Morn'3:52
Forever in Blue Jeans3:39
You Don't Bring Me Flowers3:15
Love on the Rocks3:39
Scotch on the Rocks2:27
Hello Again3:39
Yesterday's Songs2:51
I'm Alive3:48
Heaven Can Wait4:51
Just Need to Love You More3:53
You Make It Feel Like Christmas3:59
Dancing to the Party Next Door3:31
The Story of My Life3:45
I'm Sayin' I'm Sorry3:44
If There Were No Dreams3:16
Headed for the Future4:06
Hooked on the Memory of You3:54
Angel Above My Head3:52

Candle Light [1995]

September Morn 

Mellow Memories [1984]

Cherry, Cherry 

The Last Waltz [1978]

Dry Your Eyes4:16

Basie & Zoot [1975]

I Never Knew4:41

Unknown Album

Mr Bojangles 
Red Rubber Ball2:18
Don't Turn Around3:49
Pretty Amazing Grace4:53
Lonely Lady #173:58
Stones [Live]3:06
Memphis Flyer3:11
Midnight Dream4:57
Let Me Take You in My Arms Again2:59
If I Don't See You Again7:12
You Are the Best Part of Me4:02
White Christmas3:56
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer4:04
I Am...I Said (Reprise)2:37
Rosemary's Wine2:41
Hanky Panky2:44
Do You Know the Way to San Jose?3:03
Do Wah Diddy Diddy 
Soolaimon [Previously Unreleased Track]5:04
Marry Me Now3:35
Solitary Man2:43
Crunchy Granola Suite3:14
Remember Me5:03
Seongah and Jimmy5:44
Front Page Story2:35
Stagger Lee4:11
I Dreamed a Dream 
Reminisce for a While4:27
I'm Guilty4:29
Common Ground4:50
Stones [Live]3:06
Love Potion No. 93:05
Sweet Caroline 
Smokey Lady2:40
High Rolling Man2:35
If You Go Away 
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today2:36
I Am... I Said3:34
Song Sung Blue 
Porcupine Pie2:04
Canta Libre4:47
Chelsea Morning 
Captain Sunshine [Previously Unreleased Track]4:42
Play Me 
Gitchy Goomy3:53
Walk on Water3:04
Morningside [DVD; Bonus Track] 
The House I Live In4:14
Husbands and Wives3:54
Crunchy Granola Suite 
The Last Thing On My Mind3:33
Home Before Dark6:00
Cherry Cherry4:43
Street Life 
Stones [Live]3:06
Done Too Soon 
Captain Sunshine [Previously Unreleased Track]4:42
He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother4:11
Stones [Live]3:06
River Deep, Mountain High3:58
I Am... I Said3:34
Everybody's Talkin'2:46
Holly Holy 
Both Sides Now3:30
And the Singer Sings His Song3:37
Ain't No Way2:41
New York Boy2:38
Until It's Time for You to Go 

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