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Martin David Robinson (September 26, 1925 – December 8, 1982), known professionally as Marty Robbins, was an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. One of the most popular and successful country and Western singers of his era, for most of his nearly four-decade career, Robbins was rarely far from the country music charts, and several of his songs also became pop hits.

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60s U.S. Playlist [2017]

Devil Woman2:52

The Complete Recordings: 1952-1960 [2017]

Love Me or Leave Me Alone2:36
Tomorrow You'll Be Gone2:45
I'll Go on Alone2:41
You're Breaking My Heart2:52
Don't Make Me Ashamed2:47
It's a Long, Long Ride2:01
Sing Me Something Sentimental2:55
At the End of a Long Lonely Day2:33
Call Me Up2:07
Time Goes By2:23
My Isle of Golden Dreams2:48
Pretty Words2:35
Your Heart's Turn to Break2:48
I Couldn't Keep From Crying2:47
Pray for Me Mother of Mine2:50
Daddy Loves You2:40
This Broken Heart of Mine2:21
It Looks Like I'm Just in Your Way2:37
The Same Two Lips3:02
Knee Deep in the Blues2:11
You Don't Owe Me a Thing2:46
Singing the Blues2:29
The Story of My Life2:31
Long Tall Sally2:05
Tennessee toddy3:14
Respectfully Miss Brooks2:58
Long Gone Lonesome Blues2:29
Lovesick Blues2:30
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:45
Rose of Ol' Pawnee3:15
I Never Let You Cross My Mind2:56
I Hang My Head and Cry2:14
Moanin' the Blues1:57
I'll Step Aside2:13
All the World Is Lonely Now2:12
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?3:06
Song of the Islands2:54
Don't Sing Aloha When I Go1:46
Beyond the Reef2:27
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz1:56
Now Is the Hour2:25
Sweet Leilani1:46
Aloha Oe2:24
A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation)2:30
Grown-Up Tears2:19
The Last Time I Saw My Heart2:38
Sittin' in a Tree House2:19
Stairway of Love2:14
Just Married2:07
Baby I Need You2:31
Shackles and Chains2:21
Waltz of the Wind2:16
Paper Face2:19
Wedding Bells2:15
A House With Everything But Love3:04
The Hands You're Holding Now3:03
Big Iron3:58
Cool Water3:11
Billy the Kid2:21
They're Hanging Me Tonight3:06
The Strawberry Roan3:25
El Paso4:21
In the Valley1:51
The Masters Call3:07
Running Gun2:12
Ain't I the Lucky One2:15
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More)2:26
The Hanging Tree2:53
Last Night About This Time2:45
Is There Any Chance2:09
I Told My Heart2:04
Ballad of the Alamo3:45
Saddle Tramp2:06
San Angelo5:44
Prairie Fire2:20
Streets of Laredo2:50
Song of the Bandit2:34
Five Brothers2:17
Ride, Cowboy Ride3:18
This Peaceful Sod1:58
She Was Young and She Was Pretty3:01
My Love1:47

Country Legends [2015]

El Paso4:23

Greatest Country Hits [2014]

El Paso4:21

100 Hits: 60s Originals [2013]

Devil Woman2:54

101 Pioneers of Country [2013]

Big Iron3:55

50 Rockin' Hits, Vol. 110 [2013]

Big Iron3:54

50 Rockin' Hits, Vol. 52 [2013]

El Paso4:37

American Heartbeat 1959 [2013]

El Paso4:40

Big Box of Rock 'n' Roll [2013]

El Paso4:42

Country Legends [Sony 2013] [2013]

El Paso4:23

Country Weepers [2013]

Don't Worry3:20
Ruby Ann2:03

Countrypolitan Classics: Marty Robbins [2013]

Time Goes By2:21
I Hang My Head and Cry2:17
This Peaceful Sod2:00
El Paso4:24
It's a Long Long Ride2:20
At the End of a Long Lonely Day2:17
She Was Young and She Was Pretty3:04
Ballad of the Alamo3:50
I Couldn't Keep from Crying2:47
Just Married2:09
The Hanging Tree2:53
I'll Step Aside2:17
The Streets of Laredo2:52
A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation)2:33
Don't Make Me Ashamed2:31
The Story of My Life2:33
You're Breaking My Heart2:46
It's Your World2:46
Bouquet of Roses2:19
Aloha Oe2:42
Running Gun2:19
Ruby Ann2:02
They're Hanging Me Tonight3:13
Shackles and Chains2:20
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You3:10
It's a Pity What Money Can Do2:27
Tomorrow You'll Be Gone1:49
A Castle in the Sky2:36
Streets of Laredo2:47
Baby I Need You2:30
She Was Only Seventeen2:22
Is There Any Chance2:12
The Master's Call3:15
Halfway Chance with You2:33
Long Gone Lonesome Blues2:30
In the Valley1:55
Ride, Cowboy Ride3:20
Waltz of the Wind2:16
My Isle of Golden Dreams2:52
My Love1:48
Singing the Blues2:27
Love Me Tender3:08
Song of the Bandit2:36
Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling on You)2:08
Love Me or Leave Me Alone2:47
The Strawberry Roan3:32
The Little Green Valley2:34
I Never Let You Cross My Mind3:00
A Little Sentimental2:58
Knee Deep in the Blues2:11
Pretty Words2:42
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:47
Kaw Liga2:29
Sing Me Something Sentimental2:41
Your Heart's Turn to Break2:52
Unchained Melody2:22
That's All Right2:36
Five Brothers2:19
I'll Go on Alone2:42
San Angelo5:46
Don't Worry3:19
All the World Is Lonely Now2:16

It's Country [Play 27-7] [2013]

El Paso4:21

Le Meilleur du Country [2013]

El Paso4:47

Remembering the 60's: Country [2013]


Rock Music [2013]

Long Tall Sally2:07

Rock Selection [2013]

Stairway of Love2:10

Rockabilly Motel [2013]

Long Tall Sally2:07

Soda Shop Rock, Vol. 3 [2013]

Big Iron3:55

Country Faithfuls [2012]

Big Iron3:59
El Paso4:21

Fifty Country Greats [2012]

El Paso 

Grateful Dead's Jukebox [2012]

El Paso4:38

Oldies Hits A to Z, Vol. 1 [2012]

Big Iron3:54

Oldies Hits A to Z, Vol. 3 [2012]

El Paso4:19

Pure... 50s [2012]

El Paso4:23

The Long Walk [Remastered] [2012]

Big Iron4:00

Pure... Crooners [2011]

Devil Woman2:53

The Cruisin' Story 1959 [2011]

El Paso4:40

No. 1 Country Album [2010]

El Paso4:21

Pure...Country [2010]

El Paso4:23

Still Alive and Rockin' [2010]

El Paso 

Troubled Troubadours [2010]

The Chair4:15

100 Hits: Halloween [2009]

Devil Woman2:52

There & Then: 1960 [2009]

El Paso4:39

There & Then: 1962 [2009]

Devil Woman2:52

There & Then: 1963 [2009]

Ruby Ann1:59

Country Ballads [Sony BMG] [2008]

El Paso4:21

Purely Country [2008]

El Paso 

100 Hits: Country [2007]

El Paso4:40

Number 1's: Country [2007]

El Paso4:40

The Pop Parade: Hits [2007]

El Paso4:22

All American Country [BMG] [2006]

El Paso4:40

True Country [2006]

Love Me4:18

Come on Back [2005]

Don't Worry 'Bout Me3:16

Country 40 No. 1 Songs [2005]

El Paso 

Honky Tonk Hits [2004]

Singing the Blues2:28

Live at Billy Bob's [2004]

Big Iron4:38

Our Country [2004]

Private Wilson White3:18

Country Legends [Disc 2] [2001]

El Paso4:25

The King's Country [2001]

Love Me Tender3:04

Classic Country: 1960-1964 [1999]

El Paso4:41

Classic Country: Early '60s [1999]

El Paso4:41

Like Desperados [1998]

El Paso4:20

Rockfile, Vol. 3 [1997]

El Paso4:21

Rockfile, Vol. 5 [1997]

Devil Woman2:50

Super Hits of the '60s [1997]

Devil Woman2:52

Country (1960-1966) [1996]

Devil Woman2:56
It's Your World2:48
Lonely Too Long2:39
Over High Mountain2:26
Fly Butterfly Fly2:59
Because It's Wrong3:18
Like All the Other Times2:29
Little Robin2:14
It Kinda Reminds Me of Me [Take 1]2:25
Address Unknown2:55
Yesterday's Roses2:48
Each Night at Nine2:25
People's Valley1:51
No One Will Ever Know2:17
I'm Not Ready Yet2:53
I Feel Another Heartbreak Coming On2:22
Ribbon of Darkness2:34
The Roving Gambler2:12
Just Before the Battle, Mother4:04
Long, Long Ago3:12
Melba from Melbourne2:14
Change That Dial2:21
Only a Picture Stops Time1:55
Southern Dixie Flyer3:33
Everybody's Darlin' Plus Mine2:20
She Means Nothing to Me Now2:28
Making Excuses2:13
Rainbow at Midnight2:17
I Lived a Lifetime in a Day2:37
You Won't Have Her Long2:36
The Things That I Don't Know2:19
Urgently Needed2:36
I'll Have to Make Some Changes2:13
Nine-Tenths of the Law2:37
Sorting Memories2:45
Hello Heartache4:04
Would You Take Me Back Again2:42
Do Me a Favor2:40
Sixteen Weeks2:58
Seconds to Remember2:54
Last Night About This Time2:45
This Song3:01
Don't Worry3:18
A Time and a Place for Everything1:54
Sixty-Two's Most Promising Fool3:00
Too Far Gone3:12
I've Got a Woman's Love2:15
Little Rich Girl3:05
Never Look Back2:53
Progressive Love2:05
The Hands You're Holding Now3:07
Ain't Life a Crying Shame2:32
Kinda Halfway Feel2:47
Will the Circle Be Unbroken3:14
A Little Spot in Heaven3:28
With His Hand on My Shoulder3:24
When the Roll Is Called up Yonder2:06
Almost Persuaded2:41
What God Has Done2:53
You Gotta Climb2:13
Great Speckled Bird3:18
Who at My Door Is Standing3:02
Cigarettes and Coffee Blues2:46
The Wine Flowed Freely2:16
The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight2:07
Not So Long Ago2:09
Count Me Out2:34
Begging to You2:32
In the Ashes of an Old Love Affair2:06
Time Can't Make Me Forget2:40
Pieces of Your Heart3:06
Over High Mountain [Take 1]2:28
It Kinda Reminds Me of Me [Take 2]2:34
My Own Native Land2:57
Private Wilson White3:18
Ain't I Right3:22
You Gave Me a Mountain3:27
To Be in Love With Her3:33
It Finally Happened2:51
They'll Never Take Her Love from Me2:45

Rockabilly [1996]

That's All Right2:33

Sentimental Journey [Dino] [1996]

El Paso4:24

Texas Super Hits [1996]

El Paso4:21

Under Western Skies [1996]

El Paso [Long Version - Mono]4:44
Cool Water3:13
In The Valley1:53
Running Gun2:15
Big Iron3:58
The Master's Call3:11
The Little Green Valley2:31
A Hundred And Sixty Acres1:45
Billy The Kid2:24
The Strawberry Roan3:28
They're Hanging Me Tonight3:09
Utah Carol3:17
Saddle Tramp2:08
She Was Young And She Was Pretty3:01
The Streets Of Laredo2:49
Billy Venero3:52
This Peaceful Sod1:58
Five Brothers2:15
San Angelo5:44
Ballad of the Alamo3:43
The Hanging Tree2:51
Jimmy Martinez3:30
Ghost Train3:11
Song of the Bandit2:34
Prairie Fire2:20
My Love1:47
Ride Cowboy Ride3:18
Red River Valley2:27
When the Work's All Done This Fall2:44
Abilene Rose3:05
Dusty Winds1:56
Old Red3:13
Doggone Cowboy2:14
The Red Hill of Utah2:10
Tall Handsome Stranger2:06
The Fastest Gun Around1:49
Man Walks Among Us3:11
Johnny Fedavo3:08
El Paso [Short Version - Stereo]4:21
The Cowboy in the Continental Suit2:58
I'm Gonna Be a Cowboy1:55
Cry Stampede2:18
Oh Virginia3:45
Meet Me Tonight in Laredo3:27
Take Me Back to the Prairie2:20
Feleena (From El Paso)8:21
Never Tie Me Down1:33
Lonely Old Bunkhouse2:19
Night Time on the Desert2:22
Cottonwood Tree4:00
Mr. Shorty5:02
Tonight Carmen2:48
Waiting in Reno2:28
The Mission in Guadalajara2:38
Love's Gone Away2:16
Bound for Old Mexico3:01
Chapel Bells Chime2:54
Don't Go Away Senor2:41
In the Valley of the Rio Grande2:26
Spanish Lullaby3:22
That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine3:29
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky3:35
South of the Border2:15
Queen of the Big Rodeo2:59
Ava Maria Morales4:26
The Outlaws2:53
El Paso City4:16
Trail Dreamin'1:45
She's Just a Drifter2:50
Way Out There2:20
Tumbling Tumbleweeds2:54
Pride and the Badge5:53
All Around Cowboy3:07
Restless Cattle2:39
The Dreamer4:01
Ava Maria Morales [Undubbed]4:34
Shotgun Rider2:52

Big Time Country [1995]

El Paso4:25

Country Chartbusters [Sony] [1995]

El Paso4:22

Gunfighter Ballads [1995]

El Paso4:38

Only Country 1955-1959 [1995]

El Paso4:21

Only Country 1960-1964 [1995]

Don't Worry3:14

The Best of Tragedy [1995]

El Paso4:40

Southwestern Cookin' [1994]

Maria Elena2:48

Texas [1994]

El Paso4:22
Ballad of the Alamo3:38

A Perfect World [1993]

Don't Worry3:10

Cowboy Songs III [1993]

Big Iron4:09

AM Gold: The Early '60s [1992]

El Paso4:39

The Cowboy Album [1992]

El Paso4:41

Country 1951-1958 [1991]

Tomorrow You'll Be Gone2:45
Love Me or Leave Me Alone2:35
I'll Go on Alone2:40
Pretty Words2:35
You're Breaking My Heart2:52
I Couldn't Keep from Crying2:46
A Castle in the Sky3:00
Your Heart's Turn to Break2:46
A Half-Way Chance With You2:33
Sing Me Something Sentimental2:55
At the End of a Long, Lonely Day2:33
Don't Make Me Ashamed2:47
It's a Long, Long Ride2:01
It Looks Like I'm Just in Your Way2:44
I'm Happy 'Cause You're Hurtin'2:22
My Isle of Golden Dreams2:53
God Understands3:02
Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee)2:27
What Made You Change Your Mind2:46
The Way of a Hopeless Love2:56
Pain and Misery2:21
I'm Too Big to Cry2:56
Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling on You)2:09
It's a Pity What Money Can Do2:21
Time Goes By2:23
This Broken Heart of Mine2:22
Pray for Me Mother of Mine2:50
Daddy Loves You2:40
That's All Right2:37
Long Gone Lonesome Blues2:32
Singing the Blues2:28
Tennessee Toddy3:18
Baby, I Need You (Like I Need You)2:10
Long Tall Sally2:09
Mister Teardrop2:49
Respectfully Miss Brooks3:03
You Don't Owe Me a Thing2:48
I'll Know You're Gone1:51
How Long Will It Be2:22
Most of the Time2:54
The Same Two Lips3:02
Knee Deep in the Blues2:14
The Convict and the Rose2:51
The Wreck of the Number Nine2:39
The Sad Lover2:10
My Mother Was a Lady3:09
It's Too Late Now (To Worry Anymore)2:20
I Never Let You Cross My Mind3:02
I'll Step Aside2:18
Bouquet of Roses2:20
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2:47
Lovesick Blues2:34
Moanin' the Blues2:01
Rose of Ol' Pawnee3:19
I Hang My Head and Cry2:19
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You3:11
All the World Is Lonely Now2:14
You Only Want Me When You're Lonely2:33
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz2:00
Now Is the Hour [Maori Farewell Song]2:30
Down Where the Tradewinds Blow2:29
Sweet Leilani1:50
Beyond the Reef2:31
Don't Sing Aloha When I Go1:51
Song of the Islands2:59
Island Echoes3:39
Jodie (Judy)2:28
A House With Everything But Love3:06
Nothing But Sweet Lies1:50
Baby I Need You (Like You Need Me)2:31
Many Tears Ago2:18
Address Unknown2:48
Waltz of the Wind2:16
The Hands You're Holding Now3:03
Shackles and Chains2:21
Footprints in the Snow2:14
Wedding Bells2:15
It's Driving Me Crazy2:13
The Story of My Life [Take2-False Start][Excerpt]1:01
The Story of My Life [Take 2, Complete]3:09
The Story of My Life [Take 3, Complete]2:34
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) [Rehearsal]2:22
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) [Take 1- False Start][Exc1:03
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) [Take 2 - Complete]2:19
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) [Take 3 - Complete]3:30
She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More) [Take 4 - Complete]2:29
Wedding Bells [Take 1, False Start][Excerpt]0:19
Wedding Bells [Take 2, Incomplete][Excerpt]1:32
Wedding Bells [Take 3, False Start][Excerpt]0:21
Wedding Bells [Take 4, Complete]3:32
Wedding Bells [Take 5, Complete]2:26
Shackles and Chains [Take 6, False Start][Excerpt]0:19
Shackles and Chains [Take 7, False Start][Excerpt]0:18
Shackles and Chains [Take 8, Complete]2:14
Shackles and Chains [Take 9, False Start][Excerpt]0:22
Shackles and Chains [Take 11, Complete][Excerpt]0:18
Shackles and Chains [Take 11, Complete]2:23
Footprints in the Snow [Take 1, False Start][Excerpt]0:25
Footprints in the Snow [Take 2, Incomplete][Excerpt]1:08
Footprints in the Snow [Take 3, Complete]2:15
Wedding Bells [Take 1, Complete]2:25
Wedding Bells [Take 2, False Start][Excerpt]0:19
It's Driving Me Crazy [Take 1, False Start][Excerpt]0:13
It's Driving Me Crazy [Take 2, Complete]2:14

Songbook [1991]

Moanin' the Blues 

Your Hit Parade: 1959 [1990]

El Paso 

Country U.S.A.: 1959 [1989]

El Paso 

Radio Classics of the 50s [1989]

El Paso4:23

Country U.S.A.: 1961 [1988]

Don't Worry 

Honkytonk Man [1982]

Honkytonk Man2:49

The Cowboys [1981]

All Around Cowboy 

100 Tubes Country

El Paso4:41

Greatest Hits

Love Me3:14