Motown Singles, Vol. 5

11Ask the Lonely2:59 
12Where Did You Go2:26 
13Do You Know What I'm Talkin' About3:01 
14You Say You Love Me2:28 
15Conscience I'm Guilty3:04 
16You Got Me Worried2:58 
18Hot Cha3:03 
19All For You2:57 
110Too Many Fish in the Sea2:19 
111Love Makes the World Go Round, But Money Greases the Wheel2:09 
112Come on Back (And Be My Love Again)2:22 
113I'm Still Loving You2:49 
114Go Ahead and Laugh [Alternate Mix]2:56 
115Nowhere to Run2:52 
117Stop! In the Name of Love [Single-Sided Promo Version]2:54 
118I'm in Love Again2:20 
119Stop! In the Name of Love [Commercial Version]2:53 
120When I'm Gone2:08 
121I've Been Good to You3:06 
122When I'm Gone [Second Version]2:11 
123I'll Be Doggone2:52 
124You've Been a Long Time Coming2:14 
125I'll Be Doggone [Second Version]2:51 
126OOO Baby Baby2:43 
127All That's Good2:54 
128It's Growing2:58 
129What Love Has Joined Together2:54 
230Never Say No to Your Baby2:31 
231Let's Dance2:07 
232Kiss Me Baby2:13 
233You Only Pass This Way One Time2:05 
234Rain Is a Lonesome Thing2:36 
235My Baby2:33 
236Beautiful Brown Eyes2:30 
237Back in My Arms Again [Promo Version]2:55 
238Whisper You Love Me Boy2:40 
239Back in My Arms Again [Commercial Version]2:57 
240A Thrill a Moment3:01 
241I'll Never See My Love Again2:54 
242I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)2:44 
243Sad Souvenirs2:40 
244I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) [Second Version]2:45 
245All the Good Times Are Gone3:01 
246The Great Titanic2:43 
247Lonely Lonely Girl Am I2:11 
248I'm the Exception to the Rule2:20 
249I'll Keep Holding On2:27 
250No Time to For Tears2:36 
251Do the Boomerang2:21 
252Tune Up3:04 
254I'll Be Available2:38 
255Down to Earth3:03 
256Had You Been Around2:45 
357Buttered Popcorn  
358Tell Me  
359He's an Oddball  
360By Some Chance  
361Why Do You Want to Let Me Go  
362I'm Not a Plaything  
363The Only Time I'm Happy  
365Since I Lost My Baby  
366You've Got to Earn It  
367I'll Always Love You  
368Tommorow May Never Come  
369This Time Last Summer  
370Please Don't Turn the Lights Out  
371Why Break My Heart (Just to Run Around)  
372They're Only Words  
373Pretty Little Baby  
374Now That You've Won Me  
375First I Look at the Purse  
376Searching For a Girl  
377The Tracks of My Tears  
378A Fork in the Road  
379Shake & Fingerpop  
380Cleo's Back  
381It's the Same Old Song  
382Your Love Is Amazing2:22 
383It's the Same Old Song [Second Version]2:43 
484Mother Dear2:41 
485Nothing But Heartaches2:42 
486He Holds His Own2:30 
487Nothing But Heartaches [Second Version]2:43 
488Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead2:23 
489Your Cheating Ways2:57 
490Your Cheating Ways [Second Version]2:53 
491You've Changed Me3:04 
492Who's Loving You2:44 
493You've Been in Love Too Long3:00 
494Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)2:55 
495High Heel Sneakers3:05 
496Funny (How Time Slips Away)3:49 
497Music Talk2:57 
498The Bigger Your Heart Is (The Harder You'll Fall)2:39 
499The Two of Us2:30 
4100I Don't Know What to Do2:00 
4101What Now My Love2:36 
4102Hang on Bill2:51 
4103Puppet on a String2:04 
4104You Can Cry on My Shoulder2:50 
4105How Many Times Did You Mean It3:00 
4106You Can Cry on My Shoulder [Second Version]2:54 
4107You Need Me2:49 
4108Moonlight on the Beach2:49 
4109Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)2:55 
4110Don't Compare Me With Her2:38 
4111Things Are Changing2:56 
5112Ain't That Peculiar2:50 
5113She's Got to Be Real2:52 
5114Ain't That Peculiar [Second Version]2:59 
5115My Girl Has Gone2:53 
5116Since You Won My Heart2:14 
5117My Girl Has Gone [Second Version]2:51 
5118My Baby3:00 
5119Don't Look Back2:51 
5120My Baby [Second Version]2:57 
5121Don't Look Back [Second Version]2:53 
5122I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)2:44 
5123How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)2:50 
5124I Hear a Symphony2:42 
5125Who Could Ever Doubt My Love2:36 
5126As Long as There Is L-O-V-E Love2:51 
5127How Can I Say I'm Sorry2:32 
5128We Call It Fun2:14 
5129Voodoo Plan2:26 
5130Something About You2:49 
5131Darling, I Hum Our Song2:23 
5132I've Been Cheated2:35 
5133Take My Hand2:47 
5134Something's Bothering You2:59 
5135Let's Go Somewhere2:52 
5136Say You2:33 
5137All For Someone2:18 
5138I Can't Believe You Love Me2:36 
5139Hold Me Oh My Darling2:36 
6140You're Gonna Love My Baby2:57 
6141The Touch of Time3:02 
6142Children's Christmas Song2:46 
6143Twinkle Twinkle Little Me3:03 
6144Uptight (Everything's Alright)2:53 
6145Purple Raindrops3:08 
6146A Bird in the Hand (Is Worth Two in the Bush)2:52 
6147Since You've Been Loving Me2:15 
6148Don't Mess With Bill2:49 
6149Anything You Wanna Do2:23 
6150The Flick [Part 2]2:53 
6151The Flick [Part 1]2:51 
6152Do Right Baby Do Right2:57 
6153Don't Be Too Long2:35 
6154Do Right Baby Do Right [Second Version]2:50 
6155Going to a Go-Go2:49 
6156Choosey Beggar2:32 
6157Ask Any Man2:40 
6158Spanish Rose2:48 
6159Cleo's Mood2:41 
6160Baby You Know You Ain't Right2:32 
6161My World Is Empty Without You2:35 
6162Everything Is Good About You3:12 
6163Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)2:33 
6164Sweeter as the Days Go By2:52 
6165Put Yourself in My Place2:28 
6166Darling Baby2:35 

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