Hardcore UFOs Box Set: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere

Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices
Guided by Voices (often abbreviated as GBV) is an American indie rock band originating from Dayton, Ohio. Beginning with the band's formation in 1983, it made frequent personnel changes but always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard. Guided by Voices initially disbanded i… more »
11Captain's Dead2:01 
12Drinker's Peace1:50 
13Exit Flagger2:18 
1414 Cheerleader Coldfront1:31 
15Shocker in Gloomtown1:25 
17Tractor Rape Chain3:04 
18Hot Freaks1:43 
19Echos Myron2:38 
110I Am a Scientist2:29 
111A Salty Salute1:29 
112Watch Me Jumpstart2:25 
113Game of Pricks1:34 
114Motor Away2:06 
116My Valuable Hunting Knife2:01 
117Cut-Out Witch3:05 
118The Official Ironmen Rally Song2:49 
119To Remake the Young Flyer1:43 
120I Am a Tree4:40 
121Bulldog Skin3:00 
122Learning to Hunt2:24 
123Teenage FBI1:38 
124Things I Will Keep2:25 
125Surgical Focus3:46 
126Chasing Heather Crazy2:53 
127Twilight Campfighter3:08 
128Glad Girls3:49 
129Back to the Lake2:34 
130Everywhere with Helicopter2:37 
131My Kind of Soldier2:36 
132The Best of Jill Hives2:38 
233Motor Away2:16 
234Color of My Blade2:24 
235My Valuable Hunting Knife2:26 
236Game of Pricks2:16 
237Mice Feel Nice (In My Room)2:18 
238Not Good for the Mechanism2:00 
239Kiss Only the Important Ones1:27 
240Dodging Invisible Rays2:37 
241Deaf Ears1:58 
242Why Did You Land?2:15 
243June Salutes You!1:53 
244Delayed Reaction Brats1:07 
245He's the Uncle1:38 
246The Key Losers2:14 
247Postal Blowfish2:14 
248Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy1:56 
249Some Drilling Implied1:26 
250Systems Crash1:19 
251Catfood on the Earwig2:27 
252The Who vs. Porky Pig2:00 
253A Life in Finer Clothing1:29 
254The Worryin' Song1:02 
255Subtle Gear Shifting3:44 
257The Finest Joke Is Upon Us3:10 
258The Singing Razorblade2:13 
259Now to War [Electric Version]2:28 
260Mannequin's Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown)3:21 
261Do They Teach You the Chase?1:12 
262(I'll Name You) The Flame That Cries3:18 
263The Ascended Master's Grogshop:53 
264My Thoughts Are a Gas3:05 
265Running Off With the Fun City Girls2:01 
266None of Them Any Good2:59 
267Choking Tara (Creamy)2:15 
369Back to Saturn X Radio Report4:52 
371You're the Special1:32 
372Perhaps We Were Swinging1:52 
373Mother & Son2:33 
3747 Strokes to Heaven's Edge [Outtake]1:54 
375Fire 'Em Up, Abner [Outtake]3:32 
376Harboring Exiles [Outtake]1:52 
377Still Worth Nothing [Outtake]2:36 
378Never [Outtake]2:53 
379Slave Your Beetle Brain1:59 
380It Is Divine3:47 
382I Invented the Moonwalk (And the Pencil Sharpener) [Demo Version]2:08 
383Fly into Ashes [Demo Outtake][Outtake]2:24 
384The Various Vaults of Convenience [Demo Version]2:16 
385Trashed Aircraft [Demo Version]2:15 
386Running Off With the Fun City Girls [Demo Version]2:14 
387Bulldog Skin [Demo Version]2:24 
388Portable Men's Society [Demo Version]4:04 
389Choking Tara [Demo Version]2:23 
390Man Called Aerodynamics2:10 
491Intro [Live]:32 
492Little Lines [Live]1:55 
493A Salty Salute [Live]1:45 
494I Am Produced [Live]2:11 
495Why Did You Land? [Live]2:10 
496Zap [Live]1:10 
49714 Cheerleader Coldfront [Live]1:31 
498Everywhere with Helicopter [Live]2:34 
499Quicksilver [Live]1:06 
4100James Riot [Live]2:51 
4101Pretty Bombs [Live]3:26 
4102Far Out Crops [Live]2:37 
4103My Impression Now [Live]2:08 
4104Look at Them [Live]2:21 
4105Melted Pat [Live]1:30 
4106How Loft Am I? [Live]1:06 
4107King and Caroline/Motor Away [Live]4:27 
4108Trap Soul Door [Live]1:14 
4109Cheyenne [Live]2:51 
4110Make Use [Live]3:07 
4111Burning Flag Birthday Suit [Live]2:28 
4112Weed King [Live]2:37 
4113Town of Mirrors [Live]2:45 
4114Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox [Live]5:08 
4115Dragon's Awake [Live]2:05 
4116Shrine to the Dynamic Years [Live]1:48 
4117Game of Pricks [Live]2:03 
4118Tractor Rape Chain [Live]2:43 
4119Key Losers [Live]2:00 
4120Now to War [Live]2:15 
4121Johnny Appleseed [Live]3:02 
4122Drinker's Peace [Live]1:42 
5123Land of Danger3:09 
5124Let's Ride3:26 
5125Like I Do2:42 
5126Sometimes I Cry3:03 
5127She Wants to Know3:15 
5128Fountain of Youth3:59 
5129The Other Place3:34 
6130Watch Me Jumpstart [DVD]  
6131Beautiful Plastic [DVD]  
6132Bonus Thirty Minutes of Live Performances [DVD]  
6133Pretty Much Every GBV Music Video to Date [DVD]  
6134Additional Live Material [DVD]  

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