Young Love: The Complete Recordings: 1952-62

Sonny James

Sonny James
James Hugh Loden (born May 1, 1929), known professionally as Sonny James, is an American country music singer and songwriter best known for his 1957 hit, "Young Love". Dubbed the Southern Gentleman, James had 72 country and pop chart hits from 1953 to 1983, including a five-year streak of 16 straig… more »
11It's So Nice to Make Up2:29 
12Believe Another's Lips2:21 
13I Wish I Knew2:34 
15That's Me Without You2:33 
16Cold, Cold, Colder2:32 
17Somebody Else's Heartache2:34 
18The One I Can't Forget2:47 
19I've Always Wanted You2:39 
110I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know2:51 
111Poor Boy, Rich Lovin'2:37 
112Won't Somebody Tell Me2:40 
113My Greatest Thrill2:37 
114The Table Next to Mine2:46 
115That's How I Need You2:21 
116This Kiss Must Last Forever2:58 
117She Done Give Her Heart to Me2:47 
118Oceans of Tears (I've Shed for You)2:19 
119'Till the Last Leaf Shall Fall2:32 
120You Don't Have to Walk Alone2:29 
121Christmas in My Hometown2:39 
122I Forgot to Remember Santa Claus2:06 
223Deceive Me Once Again3:01 
224Lovin' Season2:16 
225Here I Go (Falling for You Again)2:14 
226Ain't Gonna Take No Chance (On Losing You)2:08 
227Let's Go Bunny Huggin'2:20 
228Pigtails and Ribbons2:01 
229Too Much2:42 
230Careless With My Heart2:25 
231My Stolen Love2:39 
232My God and I3:01 
233May God Be With You2:23 
234For Rent (One Empty Heart)2:27 
235Twenty Feet of Muddy Water2:07 
236All Mixed Up2:05 
237I'll Always Wonder (But I'll Never Know)2:32 
238Hello Old Broken Heart2:16 
239Forgive Me2:27 
240I Can't Stop Loving You2:23 
241I Got the Feeling2:30 
242Just Ask Your Heart2:11 
243Can't Get Over Missing You2:06 
244The Cat Came Back2:32 
245Only One Heart to Give2:42 
246Cold, Cold Heart2:55 
248In My Heart2:14 
249Only a Shadow Between2:41 
250I Wish I Knew2:29 
351Young Love2:32 
352You're the Reason I'm in Love1:57 
353First Date, First Kiss, First Love2:28 
354Speak to Me2:47 
355Actions Speak Louder Than Words2:26 
356Baby You Melt My Heart2:10 
357Dear Love2:28 
358Lovesick Blues2:24 
360Secret Love2:53 
362How's the World Treating You2:36 
363Beg Your Pardon2:06 
364Because of You3:04 
365(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I2:44 
366Near You2:10 
367Ages and Ages Ago2:56 
368Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)2:30 
369I'll Never Get Over You2:47 
370I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know2:21 
371A Mighty Lovable Man2:01 
372(Love Came, Love Saw) Love Conquered2:22 
374Climb Up the Ladder of Love1:56 
375Why Can't They Remember2:24 
476Walk to the Dance2:19 
478Are You Mine2:10 
479Let's Play Love2:31 
480I Can See It in Your Eyes2:37 
481You Got That Touch2:00 
482I'm Making Time With You2:32 
483I Can't Stay Away from You2:19 
484Let Me Be the One to Love You1:57 
485Sweet Thing1:52 
486Let's Make Up2:04 
488Dream Big2:11 
489You Don't Hurt Me Any More2:00 
490Love Me Like I Am2:04 
491Sweet Thing [Remake]1:58 
492'Deed I Do2:17 
493You're a Sweetheart2:25 
495You, You, You2:19 
496Moments to Remember2:55 
498If I Had a Talking Picture of You2:30 
499Honest and Truly2:58 
4100That's How Much I Love You2:24 
4101Goodnight Sweetheart3:05 
4102Over Somebody Else's Shoulder2:19 
4103I Love You So Much It Hurts2:27 
5104Talk of the School2:10 
5105This Love of Mine2:22 
5106Pure Love1:50 
5107The Table2:20 
5108I'll Always Come Back to You2:19 
5109Who's Next in Line1:59 
5110Red Mud2:07 
5111Yes I Know1:43 
5112'Til Tomorrow2:27 
5113'Til the Last Leaf Shall Fall2:19 
5114I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know3:08 
5115Passing Through2:22 
5116Jenny Lou2:33 
5117Gold in the Morning Sun2:18 
5119I Wish This Night Would Never End2:54 
5121I'll Be There1:59 
5124Innocent Angel2:11 
5125Hey Little Ducky2:27 
5126Listen to My Heart2:05 
5127Young Love2:33 
5128Broken Wings2:06 
6129No Lana2:33 
6130The Day's Not Over Yet2:07 
6131Time's Running Backwards for Me1:59 
6132(The Legend of) The Brown Mountain Light3:23 
6133Dance Her by Me (One More Time)2:20 
6134A Mile and a Quarter2:31 
6135Just One More Lie2:23 
6136Young Love2:15 
6138Jenny Lou2:33 
6139Lady Be Kind2:48 
6140Gotta Travel On2:29 
6142Rollin' Stone3:03 
6143Sugar Cane Song1:59 
6144My Heart and the Pine2:21 
6145I Gave My Love a Cherry3:12 
6146On the Longest Day3:22 
6147The Only Cure2:39 

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