Great Vocalists [Castle]

Various Artists

About Great Vocalists [Castle]

This Great Vocalists [Castle] album was released in 2002 and featured titles like That Old Black Magic, The Coffee Song (They've Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil) and Nancy (With the Laughing Face) from Frank Sinatra and Great Vocalists.
11Frank Sinatra2:35 
12Great Vocalists, Frank Sinatra2:34 
13Frank Sinatra3:25 
14Frank Sinatra, Ken Lane Singers3:28 
15Frank Sinatra2:48 
16Frank Sinatra2:58 
17Frank Sinatra, Ken Lane Singers3:19 
18Great Vocalists, Frank Sinatra, Ken Lane Singers3:17 
19Frank Sinatra2:57 
110Frank Sinatra3:07 
111Great Vocalists, Frank Sinatra3:25 
112Frank Sinatra3:07 
113Frank Sinatra2:40 
114Frank Sinatra3:09 
115Great Vocalists, Frank Sinatra3:22 
116Frank Sinatra3:17 
117Great Vocalists, Frank Sinatra3:19 
118Frank Sinatra3:10 
119Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra3:21 
221Doris Day1:33 
223Doris Day2:12 
224Doris Day2:50 
225Doris Day1:45 
226Great Vocalists, Doris Day1:40 
227Great Vocalists1:55 
228Great Vocalists, Doris Day1:45 
229Great Vocalists, Doris Day2:40 
230Great Vocalists, Doris Day2:35 
231Doris Day1:56 
234Doris Day2:34 
235Doris Day2:50 
236Great Vocalists, Doris Day1:56 
237Doris Day1:43 
239Great Vocalists, Doris Day2:26 
Crying My Heart Out for You
Great Vocalists2:06 
242Great Vocalists, Doris Day1:51 
320Frank Sinatra3:26 
343Nat King Cole3:10 
344Nat King Cole2:27 
345Nat King Cole2:40 
346Great Vocalists3:00 
347Great Vocalists, Nat King Cole3:09 
348Nat King Cole2:59 
349Great Vocalists, Nat King Cole3:07 
350Nat King Cole2:54 
351Great Vocalists, Nat King Cole2:31 
352Nat King Cole3:05 
355Nat King Cole2:57 
356Nat King Cole2:35 
357Great Vocalists, Nat King Cole3:26 
358Great Vocalists3:15 
359Nat King Cole3:07 
360Great Vocalists, Nat King Cole2:58 
361Nat King Cole2:21 
438Doris Day3:11 
463Ella Fitzgerald2:39 
464Ella Fitzgerald2:50 
465Great Vocalists3:02 
467Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald3:17 
468Ella Fitzgerald2:49 
469Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald3:01 
470Great Vocalists2:53 
471Ella Fitzgerald3:15 
472Ella Fitzgerald3:03 
475Ella Fitzgerald3:09 
476Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
477Ella Fitzgerald2:42 
478Ella Fitzgerald3:04 
479Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald2:40 
480Ella Fitzgerald3:07 
482Ella Fitzgerald3:02 
484Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald2:46 
485Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald2:54 
487Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald2:30 
588Great Vocalists, Dean Martin2:52 
590Dean Martin2:54 
591Great Vocalists, Dean Martin2:32 
592The Rat Pack, Dean Martin2:54 
593Dean Martin2:38 
594Great Vocalists2:50 
595Dean Martin2:47 
596Great Vocalists, Dean Martin2:50 
597Great Vocalists, Dean Martin2:45 
599Great Vocalists, Dean Martin2:03 
5102Dean Martin1:57 
5106Great Vocalists, Dean Martin0:57 
5107Dean Martin2:26 
6108Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday2:58 
6109Billie Holiday3:01 
6110Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday3:04 
6111Billie Holiday3:04 
6112Billie Holiday2:58 
6113Billie Holiday3:10 
6114Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday2:55 
6115Billie Holiday3:02 
6116Billie Holiday3:07 
6117Great Vocalists2:53 
6118Great Vocalists2:57 
6119Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday3:04 
6120Billie Holiday2:53 
6121Billie Holiday2:40 
6122Billie Holiday2:40 
6123Billie Holiday2:52 
6124Billie Holiday3:13 
6125Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday3:19 
6126Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday2:43 
6127Billie Holiday2:11 
6128Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday2:45 
6129Great Vocalists, Billie Holiday3:08 
6130Billie Holiday2:18 
6131Billie Holiday3:19 
6132Billie Holiday3:10 
6133Billie Holiday2:31 
7134Great Vocalists, André Kostelanetz, André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra, Perry Como3:30 
7135Great Vocalists, Perry Como, Russ Case & His Orchestra3:11 
7137Great Vocalists, Perry Como3:10 
7138Great Vocalists3:32 
7139Great Vocalists3:08 
7142Perry Como, Ted Steele2:45 
7143Great Vocalists, Perry Como, Russ Case & His Orchestra2:42 
7144Perry Como, Russ Case & His Orchestra3:12 
7145Great Vocalists, Perry Como2:58 
7146Great Vocalists, Perry Como2:13 
7148Perry Como, Benny Goodman & His All Star Band, Benny Goodman3:17 
7149Great Vocalists, Perry Como2:54 
7152Great Vocalists, Ted Weems & His Orchestra, Perry Como2:48 
840Great Vocalists, Doris Day2:42 
8154Dinah Shore2:54 
8155Dinah Shore3:09 
8157Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore2:22 
8158Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore3:08 
8159Dinah Shore3:20 
8160Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore3:04 
8161Dinah Shore2:54 
8162Dinah Shore3:13 
8163Dinah Shore3:13 
8165Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore2:44 
8167Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore, Sonny Burke & Orchestra2:51 
8168Dinah Shore3:11 
8169Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore2:44 
8170Dinah Shore3:10 
8171Dinah Shore3:08 
8172Great Vocalists, Dinah Shore3:00 
8173Dinah Shore2:38 
981Great Vocalists, Ella Fitzgerald3:12 
983Ella Fitzgerald3:05 
9174Bing Crosby2:32 
9175Bing Crosby3:10 
9176Bing Crosby2:55 
9177Great Vocalists, Bing Crosby3:14 
9178Great Vocalists, Bing Crosby3:18 
9179Great Vocalists, Bing Crosby2:55 
9180Great Vocalists, Bing Crosby2:37 
9181Bing Crosby2:57 
9182Bing Crosby2:51 
9183Bing Crosby3:04 
9185Great Vocalists2:38 
9186Bing Crosby3:13 
9187Bing Crosby2:58 
9188Bing Crosby3:06 
9189Bing Crosby3:04 
9190Bing Crosby3:13 
9192Bing Crosby2:51 
9193Bing Crosby2:56 
9194Great Vocalists, Bing Crosby3:10 
9195Bing Crosby3:02 
10196Great Vocalists, Peggy Lee3:00 
10197Peggy Lee2:53 
10199Peggy Lee4:43 
10201Great Vocalists, Peggy Lee3:41 
10205Peggy Lee4:05 
10206Peggy Lee2:50 
10207Great Vocalists, Peggy Lee1:00 
10209Great Vocalists, Peggy Lee3:34 
10210Peggy Lee3:40 

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