Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 19 (1967)

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys are an American rock band, formed in 1961 in Hawthorne, California. The group was initially composed of brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine. Managed by the Wilsons' father Murry, the Beach Boys signed to Capitol Records in 1962. The b… more »
11Cool, Cool Water (Track)1:15 
12Cool, Cool Water (Instrumental Insert)1:17 
13Cool, Cool Water (1st Vocal Overdub)1:17 
14Cool, Cool Water (2nd Vocal Overdub)1:21 
15Cool, Cool Water (3rd Vocal Overdub)1:20 
16Cool, Cool Water (Track)1:17 
17Cool, Cool Water (1st Vocal Overdub)1:18 
18Cool, Cool Water (2nd Vocal Overdub)1:21 
19Cool, Cool Water (Rehearsal)2:38 
110Cool, Cool Water (Track)1:19 
111Cool, Cool Water (1st Vocal Overdub)1:18 
112Cool, Cool Water (2nd Vocal Overdub)1:21 
113Cool, Cool Water (3rd Vocal Overdub)1:20 
114Cool, Cool Water (1st Vocal Overdub)1:23 
115Cool, Cool Water (2nd Vocal Overdub)1:24 
116Cool, Cool Water (3rd Vocal Overdub)1:16 
117Cool, Cool Water (4th Vocal Overdub)1:18 
118Cool, Cool Water (1st Vocal Overdub)1:21 
119Cool, Cool Water (2nd Vocal Overdub)1:22 
120Cool, Cool Water (3rd Vocal Overdub)1:25 
121Cool, Cool Water (Stereo Mix)1:16 
122Can't Wait Too Long [Take 1]1:15 
123Can't Wait Too Long [Take 2]2:58 
124Can't Wait Too Long [Instrumental]2:58 
125Can't Wait Too Long [Vocal Overdub]2:57 
126Can't Wait Too Long [Vocal Overdub]3:58 
127Can't Wait Too Long [Vocal Overdub]3:55 
128Can't Wait Too Long [Rehearsal]1:47 
129Can't Wait Too Long [Rehearsal]4:29 
130I Was Made to Love Her (Backing Track)2:18 
131I Was Made to Love Her (Vocal Rehearsals)5:05 
132I Was Made to Love Her (Vocal Rehearsals)2:56 
133I Was Made to Love Her (Lead Vocal Rehearsal):17 
134I Was Made to Love Her (Vocal Overdub Attempt)2:11 
135I Was Made to Love Her (Vocal Overdub)2:07 
236Here Comes the Night (Section 1 - 1st Vocal Insert)1:11 
237Here Comes the Night (Section 1 - 2nd Vocal Insert)1:10 
238Here Comes the Night (Section 2 - 1st Vocal Insert)1:08 
239Here Comes the Night (Section 2 - 2nd Vocal Insert)1:08 
240Here Comes the Night (Section 3 - 1st Vocal Insert)1:18 
241Here Comes the Night (Section 3 - 2nd Vocal Insert)1:17 
242Here Comes the Night (Section 4 - 1st Vocal Insert)1:10 
243Here Comes the Night (Section 4 - 2nd Vocal Insert)1:10 
244Here Comes the Night (Section 5 - 1st Vocal Insert)1:12 
245Here Comes the Night (Section 5 - 2nd Vocal Insert)1:12 
246A Thing or Two (Various Inserts)4:55 
247The Letter (Take 1)1:45 
248The Letter (Take 2)1:30 
249The Letter (Track and Vocal)1:57 
250Darlin' (Track)2:19 
251Darlin' (Lead Vocal Overdub)2:19 
252Darlin' (Instrumental Insert)2:19 
253Darlin' (Instrumental Insert)2:15 
254Darlin' (Backing Vocals Overdub)2:19 
255Darlin' (Instrumental Insert Attempt)2:58 
256Wild Honey (Track)2:51 
257Wild Honey (Lead Vocal Overdub)2:51 
258Wild Honey (Instrumental Insert)2:48 
259Wild Honey (Backing Vocals Overdub)2:49 
260Wild Honey (Instrumental Insert)2:50 

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