The Magic of the Musicals: 211 Track Collection

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra
Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra, /sɨˈnɑːtrə/, (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998) was an American singer and film actor of Italian origin. more »
11Hello, Young Lovers [From "The King & I"]3:22 
12Getting to Know You [From "The King & I"]5:02 
13I Whistle a Happy Tune [From "The King & I"]2:41 
14The Song of the King [From "The King & I"]1:31 
15Shall We Dance [From "The King & I"]3:23 
16I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair [From "South Pacific"]2:56 
17Some Enchanted Evening [From "South Pacific"]3:30 
18A Wonderful Guy [From "South Pacific"]3:35 
19Bali Ha'l [From "South Pacific"]3:10 
110Younger Than Springtime [From "South Pacific"]3:30 
111There Is Nothin' Like a Dame [From "South Pacific"]3:40 
112Happy Talk [From "South Pacific"]2:29 
113Oklahoma Overture [From "Oklahoma"]3:21 
114The Surrey with the Fringe on Top [From "Oklahoma"]2:16 
115People Will Say We're in Love [From "Oklahoma"]3:09 
116Out of My Dreams [From "Oklahoma"]2:45 
117Oh What a Beautiful Morning [From "Oklahoma"]3:27 
118Oklahoma! [From "Oklahoma"]2:32 
219Bless Your Beautiful Hide [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]2:29 
220Spring, Spring, Spring [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]3:03 
221When You're in Love [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]3:44 
222Sobbin' Women [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]2:57 
223Wonderful, Wonderful Day [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]2:25 
224June Bride [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]3:00 
225Barn Dance [From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"]6:35 
226If I Loved You [From "Carousel"]6:18 
227You'll Never Walk Alone [From "Carousel"]1:49 
228Soliloquy [From "Carousel"]7:51 
229Mister Snow [From "Carousel"]3:51 
230You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan [From "Carousel"]1:23 
231What's the Use of Wond'rin' [From "Carousel"]3:31 
232When the Children Are Asleep [From "Carousel"]4:46 
233Blow High, Blow Low [From "Carousel"]1:25 
234June Is Bustin' out All Over [From "Carousel"]3:51 
235The Carousel Waltz [From "Carousel"]7:20 
336True Love [From "High Society"]2:52 
337Who Wants to Be a Millionaire [From "High Society"]2:08 
338Now You Has Jazz [From "High Society"]4:16 
339Well, Did You Evah? [From "High Society"]3:43 
340Little One [From "High Society"]2:14 
341You're Sensational [From "High Society"]3:08 
342Mind If I Make Love to You? [From "High Society"]4:10 
343High Society Calypso [From "High Society"]2:28 
344Ready, Willing and Able [From "Young at Heart"]2:25 
345Someone to Watch Over Me [From "Young at Heart"]3:22 
346'Til My Love Comes to Me [From "Young at Heart"]3:16 
347One for My Baby [From "Young at Heart"]3:06 
348Anyone Can Fall in Love [From "Young at Heart"]2:48 
349Make It Soon [From "Young at Heart"]2:20 
350You My Love [From "Young at Heart"]3:12 
351Hold Me in Your Arms [From "Young at Heart"]2:46 
352Just One of Those Things [From "Young at Heart"]2:24 
453Singing in the Rain [From "Singing in the Rain"]2:55 
454Good Morning [From "Singing in the Rain"]4:14 
455Fit as a Fiddle (And Ready for Love) (From "Singing in the Rain")1:41 
456All I Do Is Dream of You [From "Singing in the Rain"]1:26 
457You Were Meant for Me [From "Singing in the Rain"]3:32 
458You Are My Lucky Star [From "Singing in the Rain"]2:53 
459Make 'Em Laugh [From "Singing in the Rain"]3:16 
460Moses [From "Singing in the Rain"]3:08 
461Make Believe [From "Showboat"]3:58 
462Ole Man River [From "Showboat"]3:40 
463Why Do I Love You? [From "Showboat"]3:28 
464After the Ball [From "Showboat"]3:08 
465Where's the Mate for Me? [From "Showboat"]2:49 
466Bill [From "Showboat"]2:28 
467Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [From "Showboat"]3:17 
468I Might Fall Back on You [From "Showboat"]3:16 
469You Are Love [From "Showboat"]2:32 
470Life Upon the Wicked Stage [From "Showboat"]5:26 
571Hernando's Hideaway [From "The Pajama Game"]2:24 
572Steam Heat [From "The Pajama Game"]3:59 
573There Once Was a Man [From "The Pajama Game"]3:20 
574Hey There [From "The Pajama Game"]3:04 
575I Loves You Porgy [From "Porgy & Bess"]3:01 
576Summertime [From "Porgy & Bess"]3:19 
577It Ain't Necessarily So [From "Porgy & Bess"]2:21 
578Stranger in Paradise [From "Kismet"]3:05 
579From This Moment On [From "Kismet"]2:24 
580Almost Like Being in Love [From "Kismet"]1:54 
581Baubles Bangles and Beads [From "Kismet"]4:25 
582And This Is My Beloved [From "Kismet"]2:53 
583If Swing Goes, I Go Too [From "Ziegfeld Follies"]5:52 
584The Babbitt and the Bromide [From "Ziegfeld Follies"]5:34 
585Bring on Those Wonderful Men [From "Ziegfeld Follies"]2:32 
586'S Wonderful [From "An American in Paris"]3:02 
587Love Is Here to Stay [From "An American in Paris"]2:51 
588I Got Rhythm [From "An American in Paris"]2:58 
689Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' [From "Oklahoma"]2:56 
690The Surrey with the Fringe on Top [From "Oklahoma"]2:15 
691If I Loved You [From "Carousel"]3:04 
692Younger Than Springtime [From "South Pacific"] [Live]2:19 
693Some Enchanted Evening [From "South Pacific"]3:09 
694Hello, Young Lovers [From "The King & I"]3:36 
695A Fellow Needs a Girl [From "Allegro"]3:11 
696So Far [From "Allegro"]3:11 
697Bali Ha'i [From "South Pacific"]3:16 
698We Kiss in a Shadow [From "The King & I"]3:39 
699Ol' Man River [From "Showboat"]4:04 
6100Almost Like Being in Love [From "Brigadoon"]2:48 
6101Get Happy [From "The Man with a Horn"]2:28 
6102They Say It's Wonderful [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:10 
6103People Will Say We're in Love [From "Oklahoma"]3:20 
6104I Whistle a Happy Tune [From "The King & I"]2:29 
6105It Might as Well Be Spring [From "State Fair"]3:17 
6106You'll Never Walk Alone [From "Carousel"]3:28 
7107Anything You Can Do [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:09 
7108I've Got the Sun in the Morning [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]2:15 
7109Doin' What Comes Naturally [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]2:41 
7110You Can't Get a Man with a Gun [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:37 
7111The Girl That I Marry [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]1:19 
7112They Say It's Wonderful [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:28 
7113My Defences Are Down [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:26 
7114There's No Business Like Show Business [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]2:32 
7115Kiss Me Kate [From "Kiss Me Kate"]1:29 
7116So in Love [From "Kiss Me Kate"]2:19 
7117Too Darn Hot [From "Kiss Me Kate"]3:26 
7118Wunderbar [From "Kiss Me Kate"]4:00 
7119Why Can't You Behave? [From "Kiss Me Kate"]4:01 
7120Tom, Dick, Or Harry [From "Kiss Me Kate"]4:12 
7121I Hate Men [From "Kiss Me Kate"]3:53 
7122Always True to You in My Fashion [From "Kiss Me Kate"]2:44 
7123Brush Up Your Shakespeare [From "Kiss Me Kate"]3:31 
7124From This Moment [From "Kiss Me Kate"]3:54 
8125Just Blew in from the Windy City [From "Calamity Jane"]2:09 
8126Secret Love [From "Calamity Jane"]3:36 
8127The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away) (From "Calamity Jane")3:15 
8128The Black Hills of Dakota [From "Calamity Jane"]2:59 
8129Higher Than a Hawk [From "Calamity Jane"]2:12 
8130'Tis Harry I'm Plannin' to Marry [From "Calamity Jane"]2:06 
8131I Can Do Without You [From "Calamity Jane"]1:47 
8132A Woman's Touch [From "Calamity Jane"]2:32 
8133I Got Rhythm [From "Girl Crazy"]2:35 
8134But Not for Me [From "Girl Crazy"]3:30 
8135Could You Use Me? [From "Girl Crazy"]3:27 
8136Embraceable You [From "Girl Crazy"]3:23 
8137Sam and Delilah [From "Girl Crazy"]3:04 
8138Treat Me Rough [From "Girl Crazy"]3:31 
8139Look What Love Has Done for Me [From "Girl Crazy"]2:59 
8140Bidin' My Time [From "Girl Crazy"]3:55 
9141The Ugly Duckling [From "Hans Christian Anderson"]3:05 
9142Thumbelina [From "Hans Christian Anderson"]1:46 
9143The King's New Clothes [From "Hans Christian Anderson"]3:32 
9144Wonderful Copenhagen [From "Hans Christian Anderson"]2:08 
9145In the Mood [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:33 
9146A String of Pearls [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:12 
9147American Patrol [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:20 
9148Tuxedo Junction [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:24 
9149Moonlight Serenade [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:21 
9150Little Brown Jug [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]2:54 
9151Chattanooga Choo Choo [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:22 
9152I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo [From "The Glenn Miller Story"]3:17 
9153The Loveliest Night of the Year [From "The Great Caruso"]3:35 
9154La Donna E Mobile [From "The Great Caruso"]2:02 
9155Vesti La Guibba [From "The Great Caruso"]3:34 
9156E Lucevan le Stelle [From "The Great Caruso"]3:06 
10157Cheek to Cheek [From "Top Hat"]3:21 
10158Top Hat, White Tie and Tails [From "Top Hat"]2:34 
10159Let's Face the Music and Dance [From "Follow the Fleet"]2:29 
10160The Way You Look Tonight [From "Swing Time"]3:08 
10161A Fine Romance [From "Swing Time"]2:51 
10162Pick Yourself Up [From "Swing Time"]2:59 
10163Never Gonna Dance [From "Swing Time"]3:15 
10164Shall We Dance? [From "Shall We Dance?"]2:38 
10165Let's Call the Whole Thing Off [From "Shall We Dance?"]3:13 
10166They All Laughed [From "Shall We Dance?"]2:47 
10167Nice Work If You Can Get It [From "A Damsel in Distress"]2:44 
10168Things Are Looking Up [From "A Damsel in Distress"]3:12 
10169A Foggy Day [From "A Damsel in Distress"]2:51 
10170Change Partners [From "Carefree"]3:09 
10171I Used to Be Colour Blind [From "Carefree"]3:01 
10172The Yam [From "Carefree"]2:42 
10173I'm Old Fashioned [From "You Were Never Lovelier"]2:26 
10174Dearly Beloved [From "You Were Never Lovelier"]2:44 
11175There's a Coach Comin' In [From "Paint Your Wagon"]2:00 
11176Wand'rin' Star [From "Paint Your Wagon"]2:33 
11177I Talk to the Trees [From "Paint Your Wagon"]3:32 
11178They Call the Wind Maria [From "Paint Your Wagon"]3:20 
11179How Can I Wait? [From "Paint Your Wagon"]4:15 
11180In Between [From "Paint Your Wagon"]2:45 
11181The Boy Friend [From "The Boyfriend"]2:44 
11182Won't You Charleston with Me? [From "The Boyfriend"]3:19 
11183I Could Be Happy with You [From "The Boyfriend"]3:18 
11184A Room in Bloomsbury [From "The Boyfriend"]2:44 
11185It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love [From "The Boyfriend"]3:02 
11186The Riviera [From "The Boyfriend"]2:54 
11187You're the Top [From "Anything Goes"]3:23 
11188I Get a Kick out of You [From "Anything Goes"]3:16 
11189Anything Goes [From "Anything Goes"]3:08 
11190The Trolley Song [From "Meet Me in St Louis"]2:47 
11191Meet Me in St. Louis [From "Meet Me in St Louis"]2:15 
11192I'll Never Stop Loving You [From "Love Me or Leave Me"]2:01 
11193Love Me or Leave Me [From "Love Me or Leave Me"]3:03 
12194There's No Business Like Show Business [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:23 
12195Easter Parade [From "As Thousands Cheer"]2:43 
12196A Fella with an Umbrella [From "Easter Parade"]2:52 
12197The Lady Is a Tramp [From "Words & Music"]2:59 
12198They Can't Take That Away from Me [From "The Barkleys of Broadway"]4:36 
12199Heat Wave [From "As Thousands Cheer"]3:01 
12200Cheek to Cheek [From "Top Hat"]3:06 
12201I Got the Sun in the Morning [From "Annie Get Your Gun"]3:04 
12202Be a Clown [From "The Pirate"]2:39 
12203Baby It's Cold Outside [From "Neptune's Daughter"]4:46 
12204Ol' Man River [From "Showboat"]2:37 
12205For Me and My Gal [From "For Me and My Gal"]2:29 
12206Nice Work If You Can Get It [From "A Damsel in Distress"]2:39 
12207Forty Second Street [From "42nd Street"]5:46 
12208You'll Never Know [From "Just How Much I Love You"]2:43 
12209Buttons and Bows [From "The Pale Face"]2:05 
12210Over the Rainbow [From "Wizard of Oz"]2:48 
12211Two Sleepy People [From "Thanks for the Memory"]3:02 

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