30 Trips Around the Sun [80-CD Set] Album

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About 30 Trips Around the Sun [80-CD Set]

30 Trips Around the Sun is an 80-CD live album, packaged as a box set, by the rock band the Grateful Dead. Announced for the celebration of their 50th anniversary, it consists of 30 complete, previously unreleased concerts—73 hours of music—with one show per year from 1966 through 1995. The box set is individually numbered and limited to 6,500 copies. It was released on October 7, 2015. The package also includes a gold-colored vinyl 7-inch single which bookends the band's career. The A-side is "Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)" from the band's earliest recording session in 1965, with a B-side of the last song the band ever performed together live, "Box of Rain" recorded during their final encore at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 9, 1995. Also contained in the box set is a 288-page book that includes an extensive essay about the history of the Grateful Dead by band archivist Nicholas Meriwether, and a scroll that has "a visual representation of how the band's live repertoire has evolved through the years". All of the concerts were essentially previously unreleased. However, two tracks from the July 3, 1966 performance ("Gangster of Love" & "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing") previously appeared on Rare Cuts and Oddities, and one track ("Candyman") from April 15, 1970 is a bonus track on American Beauty. The seven-inch B-side, "Box of Rain", was previously released on the CD accompanying early prints of Phil Lesh's book Searching for the Sound, while another track from that July 9, 1995 performance ("So Many Roads") was released on So Many Roads. 

11Grateful Dead1:09 
12Grateful Dead7:59 
14Grateful Dead4:16 
15Grateful Dead3:32 
18Grateful Dead2:21 
210Grateful Dead3:54 
212Grateful Dead6:37 
214Grateful Dead5:18 
215Grateful Dead3:14 
217Grateful Dead5:10 
218Grateful Dead4:32 
219Grateful Dead15:50 
36Grateful Dead7:39 
321Grateful Dead4:40 
426Grateful Dead11:28 
427Grateful Dead11:00 
428Grateful Dead24:28 
524Grateful Dead13:53 
532Grateful Dead6:37 
533Grateful Dead4:54 
636Grateful Dead4:12 
637Grateful Dead5:22 
642Grateful Dead7:19 
743Grateful Dead6:49 
744Grateful Dead9:07 
852Grateful Dead8:31 
854Grateful Dead4:05 
961Grateful Dead4:44 
963Grateful Dead12:10 
107Grateful Dead4:58 
1070Grateful Dead6:09 
1074Grateful Dead5:08 
1177Grateful Dead7:57 
1235Grateful Dead4:25 
1285Grateful Dead3:59 
1689Grateful Dead4:27 
16120Grateful Dead13:13 
1880Grateful Dead10:32 
18137Grateful Dead4:59 
19123Grateful Dead9:06 
19142Grateful Dead9:29 
19146Grateful Dead8:49 
21160Grateful Dead7:23 
26199Grateful Dead9:53 
2751Grateful Dead3:08 
27210Grateful Dead3:31 
27211Grateful Dead4:19 
29225Grateful Dead12:01 
30165Grateful Dead7:38 
30193Grateful Dead8:19 
3164Grateful Dead2:16 
32248Grateful Dead4:04 
3362Grateful Dead8:24 
33255Grateful Dead17:11 
3479Grateful Dead6:12 
34131Grateful Dead8:48 
34256Grateful Dead14:00 
35106Grateful Dead8:00 
35269Grateful Dead5:07 
36152Grateful Dead9:03 
36275Grateful Dead11:55 
37261Grateful Dead9:30 
38268Grateful Dead5:16 
39251Grateful Dead6:41 
39252Grateful Dead6:58 
4088Grateful Dead9:26 
40133Grateful Dead7:31 
40299Grateful Dead3:16 
40300Grateful Dead6:01 
4195Grateful Dead5:03 
41306Grateful Dead6:11 
42139Grateful Dead14:22 
43327Grateful Dead3:14 
44335Grateful Dead7:37 
45339Grateful Dead8:23 
4683Grateful Dead4:51 
4755Grateful Dead7:46 
It Must Have Been The Roses
Grateful Dead6:55 
47272Grateful Dead9:09 
47313Grateful Dead9:07 
47350Grateful Dead3:11 
4811Grateful Dead7:15 
48356Grateful Dead6:43 
49323Grateful Dead8:23 
5071Grateful Dead7:25 
5082Grateful Dead5:10 
50233Grateful Dead17:38 
50366Grateful Dead5:51 
51161Grateful Dead14:06 
51374Grateful Dead8:17 
51375Grateful Dead8:33 
51377Grateful Dead4:18 
5239Grateful Dead6:31 
52222Grateful Dead9:57 
5313Grateful Dead3:43 
53124Grateful Dead3:42 
53171Grateful Dead8:33 
53217Grateful Dead9:35 
53287Grateful Dead9:07 
5553Grateful Dead7:35 
55398Grateful Dead7:15 
5623Grateful Dead7:39 
56198Grateful Dead8:52 
56422Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead9:03 
58188Grateful Dead9:56 
58346Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead6:46 
58430Grateful Dead6:10 
58434Grateful Dead3:56 
59181Grateful Dead7:51 
59439Grateful Dead5:18 
59440Grateful Dead3:32 
6067Grateful Dead3:43 
60250Grateful Dead8:30 
60266Grateful Dead9:35 
60448Grateful Dead7:52 
6131Grateful Dead29:46 
61451Grateful Dead8:23 
62197Grateful Dead4:52 
62456Grateful Dead5:25 
62459Grateful Dead2:45 
Grateful Dead9:01 
63186Grateful Dead8:37 
63187Grateful Dead7:39 
63388Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead6:38 
63409Grateful Dead5:09 
63410Grateful Dead11:53 
643Grateful Dead7:06 
6448Grateful Dead8:56 
64220Grateful Dead9:22 
64472Grateful Dead9:25 
6575Grateful Dead9:44 
6584Grateful Dead9:13 
65477Grateful Dead9:14 
65478Grateful Dead10:14 
66150Grateful Dead9:29 
66290Grateful Dead8:07 
66481Grateful Dead14:04 
66482Grateful Dead5:45 
66484Grateful Dead6:19 
67236Grateful Dead13:55 
68345Grateful Dead4:15 
68499Grateful Dead6:48 
6990Grateful Dead4:40 
6998Grateful Dead9:28 
69100Grateful Dead6:05 
7038Grateful Dead4:16 
70293Grateful Dead16:40 
70509Grateful Dead10:04 
7130Grateful Dead7:50 
7140Grateful Dead9:26 
71167Grateful Dead6:08 
71497Grateful Dead9:53 
7266Grateful Dead5:46 
7269Grateful Dead6:54 
72155Grateful Dead7:05 
72157Grateful Dead9:17 
72226Grateful Dead7:29 
72405Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead7:10 
72427Grateful Dead6:33 
72502Grateful Dead8:33 
73159Grateful Dead8:14 
73213Grateful Dead8:15 
73381Grateful Dead7:37 
74417Grateful Dead5:50 
74532Grateful Dead4:22 
74534Grateful Dead9:49 
7599Grateful Dead7:15 
75104Grateful Dead4:51 
75168Grateful Dead5:47 
75169Grateful Dead8:35 
75173Grateful Dead8:18 
75230Grateful Dead3:02 
75286Grateful Dead8:54 
75407Grateful Dead6:50 
75545Grateful Dead7:23 
76219Grateful Dead9:36 
76337Grateful Dead13:29 
76357Grateful Dead7:51 
76548Grateful Dead16:32 
77115Grateful Dead5:23 
77302Grateful Dead9:52 
7892Grateful Dead7:12 
7896Grateful Dead8:59 
78105Grateful Dead9:21 
78170Grateful Dead9:33 
78560Grateful Dead6:30 
78564Grateful Dead8:10 
79135Grateful Dead8:56 
79442Grateful Dead9:07 
8081Grateful Dead9:59 
80557Grateful Dead7:58 
80573Grateful Dead10:11 
8134The Emergency Crew, Grateful Dead3:14 
81577Grateful Dead4:45 

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