The Honky Tonk Years (1950-1966)

Ray Price

Ray Price
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11Jealous Lies2:36 
12Your Wedding Corsage2:36 
13If You're Ever Lonely Darling2:34 
14I Saw My Castles Fall Today2:25 
15You've Got My Troubles Now2:42 
16I Get the Short End Every Time2:43 
17Hey La La3:04 
18The Answer to "The Last Letter"3:06 
19Till Death Do Us Part2:41 
110Beyond the Last Mile2:58 
111Heartaching Blues3:01 
112Weary Blues from Waitin'3:01 
113I Made a Mistake and I'm Sorry3:01 
114We Crossed Our Heart2:49 
115Your Heart Is Too Crowded3:04 
116I Lost the Only Love I Knew2:34 
117I've Got to Hurry, Hurry, Hurry2:23 
118Talk to Your Heart2:42 
119I Know I'll Never Win Your Love Again3:00 
120The Road of No Return2:38 
121You're Under Arrest (For Stealing My Heart)2:16 
122Move on in and Stay2:26 
123I Can't Escape from You2:32 
124Won't You Please Be Mine3:06 
125Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes2:46 
126My Old Scrapbook2:41 
227The Price for Loving You2:58 
228That's What I Get for Loving You2:12 
229Cold Shoulder2:20 
230You Weren't Ashamed to Kiss Me Last Night2:14 
231The Wrong Side of Town2:45 
233Start the Music2:19 
234Gone Again2:27 
235The Way You've Treated Me2:47 
237The Wrong Side of Town2:47 
238Who Stole That Train2:20 
239Let Your Heart Decide2:46 
240You Always Get By2:21 
241Leave Her Alone2:59 
242The Wall Around Your Heart2:26 
243Release Me2:43 
244I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)2:29 
245The Last Letter2:41 
246Much Too Young to Die2:09 
247I Love You So Much, I Let You Go3:00 
248I Could Love You More2:08 
249What If He Don't Love You (Like I Do)3:01 
250If You Don't, Somebody Else Will2:12 
251I'm Alone Because I Love You2:28 
252Oh Yes, Darling2:30 
253One Borken Heart (Don't Mean a Thing)2:24 
354Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes2:46 
355The Way She Got Away2:13 
356Let Me Talk to You3:03 
357Call the Lord and He'll Be There2:12 
358A Man Called Peter2:35 
359As Strange as It Seems (I Still Love You)2:24 
360I Can't Go Home Like This2:15 
361Don't You Know Me Any More2:21 
362I Don't Want It on My Conscience2:35 
363Run Boy2:45 
364You Will Never Be True2:57 
365Don't Tempt Me2:16 
366Slowly Dying3:10 
367Crazy Arms2:34 
368You Done Me Wrong2:26 
369Wild and Wicked World2:59 
371Are You Wasting My Time2:28 
372Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'2:24 
373Wasted Words2:32 
374Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'2:31 
375Wasted Words2:44 
376I've Got a New Heartache2:46 
377Don't Do This to Me2:13 
478Letters Have No Arms2:57 
479I'll Sail My Ship Alone2:46 
480A Mansion on the Hill2:30 
481I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)2:08 
482Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You)2:37 
483I Saw My Castles Fall Today2:41 
484Let Me Talk to You2:36 
485Please Don't Leave Me3:08 
486Blues Stay Away from Me2:30 
487Pins and Needles (In My Heart)2:11 
488I Love You Because2:35 
489Many Tears Ago3:25 
490I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)2:53 
491It's All Your Fault2:27 
492My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You2:20 
493Faded Love2:53 
495Bye Bye Love2:17 
496Four Walls3:25 
497A Fallen Star2:26 
498It's All Your Fault2:49 
499My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You2:37 
4100Don't Do This to Me2:14 
4101Wall of Tears2:34 
4102Curtain in the Window2:33 
4103Talk to Your Conscience2:21 
5104There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight2:47 
5105Driftwood on the River3:06 
5106Deep Water2:39 
5107I'll Keep on Loving You2:28 
5108I Love You So Much It Hurts3:06 
5109I Told You So2:36 
5110Ice Cold Heart2:09 
5111I've Got to Have My Baby Back2:30 
5112Please Don't Leave Me2:10 
5113Talk to Your Heart2:30 
5114I'm Tired1:55 
5116Walking the Floor over You2:25 
5117Invitation to the Blues2:51 
5118I've Got to Know2:08 
5119Heartaches Must Be Your Name2:18 
5120City Lights [Take 3]3:01 
5121Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)2:44 
5122That's What It's Like to Be Lonesome2:49 
5123Punish Me Tomorrow3:02 
5124Heartaches by the Number3:01 
5125Wild and Wicked World2:23 
5126Beyond the Last Mile2:52 
5127The Same Old Me2:46 
5128Under Your Spell Again3:04 
5129Broken Hearts Will Haunt Your Soul2:22 
5130One More Time2:50 
5131Who'll Be the First2:56 
5132City Lights [Alternate Version][Alternate Take]2:54 
6133The Old Rugged Cross3:00 
6134In the Garden3:12 
6135How Big Is God?3:56 
6136Until Then4:04 
6137Help Though My Unbelief4:00 
6138When I Take My Vacation in Heaven2:40 
6140Rock of Ages2:41 
6141Softly and Tenderly3:20 
6142When the Roll Is Called up Yonder3:02 
6143Just as I Am2:36 
6144Where He Leads Me (I Will Follow)3:26 
6145Now the Day Is Over2:51 
6146I Can't Run Away from Myself2:42 
6147I Wish I Could Fall in Love Today2:42 
6148Heart Over Mind2:47 
6149The Twenty-Fourth Hour2:55 
6150I'm Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)2:45 
6151Soft Rain2:53 
6152Here We Are Again2:47 
6153You're Stronger Than Me2:26 
6154This Cold War With You3:01 
6155Soft Rain2:49 
6156Imagination's a Wonderful Thing2:43 
6157I'm Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)2:53 
6158Soft Rain [Harmony Vocal Overdub]2:47 
7159Intro/San Antonio Rose4:22 
7160A Maiden's Prayer2:58 
7161My Confession2:41 
7162Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now?2:37 
7163Roly Poly2:14 
7164Bubbles in My Beer2:38 
7165Home in San Antone2:43 
7166You Don't Love Me (But I'll Always Care)2:48 
7167You Don't Care What Happens to Me2:40 
7168Time Changes Everything2:50 
7169The Kind of Love I Can't Forget2:19 
7170Hang Your Head in Shame/Outro3:21 
7171Intro/Night Life6:54 
7172Lonely Street3:05 
7173The Wild Side of Life3:01 
7174Sittin' and Thinkin'2:49 
7175A Girl in the Night2:52 
7176There's No Fool Like a Young Fool3:00 
7177If She Could See Me Now2:44 
7178Bright Lights and Blonde Haired Women2:28 
7179Are You Sure?2:26 
7180Let Me Talk to You3:06 
7181This Cold War With You3:40 
7182I've Just Destroyed the World (I'm Living In)2:25 
7183I'm Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)2:42 
8185Big Shoes2:45 
8186Walk Me to the Door3:09 
8187You Took Her Off My Hands (Now Take Her Off My Mind)3:09 
8188Be a Good Girl2:38 
8189Make the World Go Away2:25 
8190I'll Find a Way (To Free Myself from You)2:32 
8191Make the World Go Away2:35 
8192Let Me Talk to You3:07 
8193I'll Find a Way (To Free Myself from You)2:23 
8194I've Still Got Room (For One More Heartache)2:41 
8195That's All That Matters2:25 
8196Burning Memories2:32 
8197Each Time3:01 
8198A Way to Free Myself2:15 
8199How Long Is Forever2:36 
8200This Cold War With You3:00 
8201Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)2:01 
8202All Right (I'll Sign the Papers)2:33 
8203I Fall to Pieces2:52 
8204Please Talk to My Heart2:58 
8205Cold, Cold Heart3:46 
8207I Don't Know Why I Just Do3:04 
8208Same Old Memories2:31 
8209Here Comes My Baby Back Again2:45 
8210Together Again2:21 
8211A Thing Called Sadness2:51 
8212Soft Rain2:56 
8213Release Me2:44 
9214Devil's Dream2:16 
9215Linda Lou2:38 
9216Crazy Arms2:34 
9217Lil' Liza Jane2:31 
9218Rubber Dolly3:05 
9219Burnt Fingers2:59 
9220Twinkle Twinkle Little Star2:44 
9221Maiden's Prayer3:15 
9222Your Old Love Letters2:49 
9223Spanish Two Step2:38 
9224Liberty Bells2:25 
9225Sing a Sad Song2:26 
9226The Other Woman (In My Life)3:00 
9227Tearful Earful2:49 
9228The Last Letter3:19 
9229Born to Lose3:32 
9230Just Call Me Lonesome2:31 
9231Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)2:48 
9232Funny How Time Slips Away3:38 
9233Rose Colored Glasses2:21 
9234Unloved, Unwanted3:24 
9235An Eye for an Eye3:16 
9236Too Much Love Is Spoiling You2:49 
9237After Effects (From Loving You)2:33 
9238Let Me Talk to You [Alternate Version][Alternate Take]3:10 
9239I'm Not Crazy Yet2:47 
9240A Way to Survive3:01 
10241Another Bridge to Burn2:56 
10242A Legend in My Time2:34 
10243Take These Chains from My Heart2:30 
10244Don't Touch Me3:25 
10245Go Away2:15 
10246I'd Fight the World2:52 
10247I Want to Hear It from You2:24 
10248It Should Be Easier Now3:02 
10249Don't You Believe Her2:40 
10250Healing Hands of Time2:28 
10251Too Late3:17 
10252Each Time3:23 
10253Touch My Heart3:38 
10254There Goes My Everything3:04 
10255It's Only Love3:17 
10256You Took My Happy Away2:50 
10257I Lie a Lot2:50 
10258Enough to Lie2:47 
10259Swinging Doors3:05 
10260Am I That Easy to Forget2:24 
10261The Same Two Lips3:16 
10262Just for the Record2:56 
10263Touch My Heart [Alternate Version][Alternate Take]3:09 
10264I'm Still Not over You4:03 
10265I Let My Mind Wander2:36 
10266Danny Boy4:58 

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