The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books Album

Various Artists

About The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books

This The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books album was released in 1993 and featured titles like All Through the Night, Anything Goes and Miss Otis Regrets from Ella Fitzgerald.
11Ella Fitzgerald3:17 
12Ella Fitzgerald3:23 
13Ella Fitzgerald3:00 
13Ella Fitzgerald  
13Ella Fitzgerald3:02 
14Ella Fitzgerald3:50 
15Ella Fitzgerald2:40 
16Ella Fitzgerald4:02 
17Ella Fitzgerald3:52 
18Ella Fitzgerald2:50 
18Ella Fitzgerald2:48 
18Ella Fitzgerald  
110Ella Fitzgerald3:33 
111Ella Fitzgerald3:34 
112Ella Fitzgerald1:46 
113Ella Fitzgerald3:39 
114Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
115Ella Fitzgerald4:08 
116Ella Fitzgerald3:17 
29Ella Fitzgerald8:51 
217Ella Fitzgerald4:59 
218Ella Fitzgerald2:23 
219Ella Fitzgerald3:23 
220Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
221Ella Fitzgerald3:09 
222Ella Fitzgerald5:07 
223Ella Fitzgerald  
223Ella Fitzgerald2:06 
224Ella Fitzgerald3:36 
225Ella Fitzgerald5:55 
226Ella Fitzgerald2:42 
226Ella Fitzgerald2:44 
227Ella Fitzgerald3:06 
228Ella Fitzgerald2:00 
229Ella Fitzgerald3:53 
230Ella Fitzgerald2:44 
231Ella Fitzgerald3:14 
232Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
336Ella Fitzgerald  
336Ella Fitzgerald3:45 
337Ella Fitzgerald3:31 
338Ella Fitzgerald4:11 
339Ella Fitzgerald3:38 
340Ella Fitzgerald4:10 
340Ella Fitzgerald  
341Ella Fitzgerald3:25 
342Ella Fitzgerald2:48 
343Buddy Bregman & Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:52 
344Ella Fitzgerald2:16 
345Ella Fitzgerald2:40 
346Ella Fitzgerald3:42 
347Ella Fitzgerald4:10 
348Ella Fitzgerald2:58 
349Ella Fitzgerald2:07 
350Ella Fitzgerald3:46 
351Ella Fitzgerald2:51 
352Ella Fitzgerald3:53 
453Ella Fitzgerald3:15 
454Ella Fitzgerald4:10 
455Ella Fitzgerald2:52 
456Ella Fitzgerald3:51 
457Ella Fitzgerald3:25 
458Ella Fitzgerald3:42 
459Ella Fitzgerald2:33 
459Ella Fitzgerald2:29 
460Ella Fitzgerald3:56 
461Ella Fitzgerald7:05 
461Ella Fitzgerald7:01 
462Ella Fitzgerald2:17 
463Ella Fitzgerald  
463Ella Fitzgerald1:34 
464Ella Fitzgerald3:21 
465Ella Fitzgerald  
465Ella Fitzgerald3:04 
466Ella Fitzgerald1:56 
467Ella Fitzgerald3:15 
468Ella Fitzgerald3:07 
469Ella Fitzgerald2:42 
Rockin' in Rhythm
Ella Fitzgerald5:18 
572Ella Fitzgerald3:51 
573Ella Fitzgerald4:01 
574Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington3:55 
575Ella Fitzgerald6:41 
576Ella Fitzgerald4:44 
576Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Pass4:43 
578Ella Fitzgerald4:13 
579Ella Fitzgerald3:28 
580Ella Fitzgerald3:28 
581Ella Fitzgerald6:14 
582Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
583Ella Fitzgerald7:40 
583Ella Fitzgerald7:40 
684Ella Fitzgerald  
684Ella Fitzgerald3:32 
685Ella Fitzgerald2:09 
686Ella Fitzgerald3:59 
687Ella Fitzgerald3:29 
688Ella Fitzgerald5:22 
689Ella Fitzgerald  
689Ella Fitzgerald4:17 
690Ella Fitzgerald4:15 
691Ella Fitzgerald2:23 
692Ella Fitzgerald4:12 
693Ella Fitzgerald2:48 
694Ella Fitzgerald  
694Ella Fitzgerald5:02 
695Ella Fitzgerald5:30 
696Ella Fitzgerald3:28 
697Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson5:12 
698Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson4:42 
699Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson3:41 
6100Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson3:39 
7101Ella Fitzgerald4:15 
7102Ella Fitzgerald4:24 
7103Ella Fitzgerald2:58 
7104Ella Fitzgerald6:15 
7105Ella Fitzgerald3:05 
7106Ella Fitzgerald3:38 
Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald16:18 
7110Ella Fitzgerald3:38 
8111Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:58 
8112Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:18 
8113Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:20 
8114Ella Fitzgerald3:47 
8115Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald1:55 
8116Ella Fitzgerald2:19 
8117Ella Fitzgerald3:49 
8118Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:44 
8119Ella Fitzgerald2:36 
8119Ella Fitzgerald2:36 
8120Ella Fitzgerald3:18 
8121Ella Fitzgerald3:49 
8122Ella Fitzgerald2:34 
8123Ella Fitzgerald2:40 
8124Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
8124Ella Fitzgerald3:12 
8125Ella Fitzgerald2:29 
8126Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
9127Ella Fitzgerald3:15 
9127Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:19 
9128Ella Fitzgerald2:48 
9128Ella Fitzgerald2:49 
9129Ella Fitzgerald2:26 
9130Ella Fitzgerald3:30 
9130Ella Fitzgerald3:25 
9131Ella Fitzgerald3:36 
9132Ella Fitzgerald2:18 
9133Paul Weston & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:24 
9134Ella Fitzgerald2:26 
9134Ella Fitzgerald2:30 
9135Ella Fitzgerald3:01 
9136Ella Fitzgerald3:12 
9137Ella Fitzgerald3:09 
9138Ella Fitzgerald2:29 
9139Ella Fitzgerald3:19 
9140Ella Fitzgerald3:04 
9141Ella Fitzgerald3:00 
9142Harry "Sweets" Edison, Ella Fitzgerald3:44 
The Preludes: Prelude 1/Prelude 2/Prelude 3 [Instrumental]
Ella Fitzgerald6:30 
10145Ella Fitzgerald3:18 
10147Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:39 
10148Ella Fitzgerald4:30 
10149Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
10149Ella Fitzgerald  
10150Nelson Riddle, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Haggart & His Orchestra4:02 
10151Ella Fitzgerald3:35 
10152Ella Fitzgerald3:06 
10153Ella Fitzgerald5:38 
10154Ella Fitzgerald3:48 
10155Ella Fitzgerald3:31 
10156Ella Fitzgerald3:54 
10157Ella Fitzgerald3:06 
10158Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:33 
10159Ella Fitzgerald4:35 
10160Ella Fitzgerald3:46 
10160Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:43 
10161Ella Fitzgerald3:06 
11162Ella Fitzgerald3:07 
11163Louis Armstrong, Ray Brown, Louie Bellson, Herb Ellis, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson3:06 
11164Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
11165Ella Fitzgerald3:09 
11166Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:34 
11167Ella Fitzgerald  
11167Ella Fitzgerald2:32 
11168Ella Fitzgerald3:26 
11168Ella Fitzgerald3:23 
11169Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:54 
11170Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:36 
11171Ella Fitzgerald2:37 
11172Ella Fitzgerald2:24 
11173Ella Fitzgerald3:31 
11174Ella Fitzgerald2:43 
11175Ella Fitzgerald3:31 
11176Ella Fitzgerald3:10 
11176Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:07 
11177Ella Fitzgerald3:49 
11177Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:46 
11178Ella Fitzgerald3:29 
11179Ella Fitzgerald2:46 
12146Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:35 
12180Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
12181Ella Fitzgerald3:54 
12182Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:53 
12182Ella Fitzgerald3:57 
12183Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
12184Ella Fitzgerald3:27 
12184Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
12185Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald  
12185Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:10 
12186Ella Fitzgerald3:55 
12187Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald2:16 
12188Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
12189Ella Fitzgerald4:54 
12190Ella Fitzgerald2:51 
12191Ella Fitzgerald3:50 
12191Ella Fitzgerald  
12191Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:47 
12192Ella Fitzgerald3:26 
12193Ella Fitzgerald3:25 
12194Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
12195Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald3:42 
12195Ella Fitzgerald3:40 
12196Ella Fitzgerald3:53 
12197Ella Fitzgerald3:11 
12198Ella Fitzgerald2:37 
12199Ella Fitzgerald2:09 
12200Ella Fitzgerald  
12200Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Haggart & His Orchestra4:08 
12200Ella Fitzgerald4:11 
13202Ella Fitzgerald7:14 
13202Ella Fitzgerald7:11 
13203Ella Fitzgerald4:05 
13204Ella Fitzgerald5:13 
13204Ella Fitzgerald5:17 
13205Ella Fitzgerald2:26 
13206Ella Fitzgerald4:02 
13207Ella Fitzgerald2:45 
13209Ella Fitzgerald4:13 
13210Ella Fitzgerald4:54 
13212Ella Fitzgerald3:51 
13212Ella Fitzgerald3:55 
13213Ella Fitzgerald3:38 
14211Ella Fitzgerald4:07 
14214Ella Fitzgerald5:09 
14215Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
14216Ella Fitzgerald3:48 
14217Ella Fitzgerald3:50 
14218Ella Fitzgerald3:37 
14219Ella Fitzgerald5:21 
14220Ella Fitzgerald3:58 
14221Ella Fitzgerald5:12 
14222Ella Fitzgerald3:34 
14223Ella Fitzgerald5:13 
14224Ella Fitzgerald3:33 
14225Ella Fitzgerald4:21 
14226Ella Fitzgerald3:39 
14227Ella Fitzgerald5:38 
14228Ella Fitzgerald3:58 
14228Ella Fitzgerald4:08 
14229Ella Fitzgerald3:16 
14229Ella Fitzgerald2:32 
15230Ella Fitzgerald3:00 
15231Ella Fitzgerald3:40 
15232Ella Fitzgerald3:20 
15233Ella Fitzgerald3:52 
15234Ella Fitzgerald3:17 
15235Ella Fitzgerald3:23 
15235Ella Fitzgerald3:24 
15236Ella Fitzgerald3:31 
15237Ella Fitzgerald3:53 
15238Ella Fitzgerald4:30 
15239Ella Fitzgerald2:52 
15240Ella Fitzgerald3:56 
15241Ella Fitzgerald3:44 
15241Ella Fitzgerald3:45 
16208Ella Fitzgerald4:39 
16242Ella Fitzgerald2:34 
16243Ella Fitzgerald3:52 
16244Ella Fitzgerald2:49 
16244Ella Fitzgerald2:50 
16245Ella Fitzgerald3:46 
16247Ella Fitzgerald3:13 
Ella Fitzgerald3:23 
16249Ella Fitzgerald2:37 
16250Ella Fitzgerald3:51 
16250Ella Fitzgerald3:47 
16251Ella Fitzgerald  
16251Ella Fitzgerald4:58 
16252Ella Fitzgerald2:58 
16252Ella Fitzgerald3:01 
16252Ella Fitzgerald3:41 
16253Ella Fitzgerald3:51 

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