30th Anniversary Anthology Album

Various Artists

About 30th Anniversary Anthology

This 30th Anniversary Anthology album was released in 1994 and featured titles like J'M'en Fous Pas Mal, Le Petit Homme (One Little Man) and Un Refrain Courait Dans la Rue from Edith Piaf.
11Edith Piaf4:19 
13Edith Piaf3:36 
14Edith Piaf3:03 
15Edith Piaf3:15 
16Edith Piaf2:42 
17Edith Piaf2:30 
19Edith Piaf3:05 
110Edith Piaf2:10 
111Edith Piaf3:06 
112Edith Piaf4:26 
113Edith Piaf3:50 
114Edith Piaf2:18 
115Edith Piaf4:18 
116Edith Piaf3:20 
Monsieur Lenoble
Edith Piaf3:30 
118Edith Piaf3:11 
119Edith Piaf4:32 
120Edith Piaf2:42 
Pour Moi Tout' Seule
Edith Piaf3:20 
28Edith Piaf4:10 
Bal Dans Ma Rue
Edith Piaf2:58 
222Edith Piaf3:06 
224Edith Piaf3:15 
224Edith Piaf2:42 
226Edith Piaf3:25 
226Edith Piaf2:50 
227Edith Piaf3:22 
228Edith Piaf3:25 
231Edith Piaf3:21 
232Edith Piaf3:20 
232Edith Piaf3:03 
233Edith Piaf3:20 
234Edith Piaf3:19 
238Edith Piaf3:24 
240Edith Piaf3:09 
241Edith Piaf3:22 
242Edith Piaf3:50 
243Edith Piaf3:19 
330Edith Piaf3:06 
339Edith Piaf2:55 
341Edith Piaf2:48 
343Edith Piaf3:12 
344Edith Piaf, Les Choeurs de Rene Saint-Paul3:22 
348Edith Piaf3:21 
349Edith Piaf3:22 
351Edith Piaf3:15 
352Edith Piaf2:57 
353Edith Piaf, Eddy Constantine4:18 
355Edith Piaf2:55 
356Edith Piaf2:19 
357Edith Piaf4:17 
357Edith Piaf2:19 
358Edith Piaf3:16 
360Edith Piaf3:26 
361Edith Piaf2:37 
363Edith Piaf3:00 
364Edith Piaf3:25 
447Edith Piaf3:25 
465Edith Piaf2:55 
466Edith Piaf3:04 
467Edith Piaf3:49 
468Edith Piaf3:19 
469Edith Piaf3:12 
470Edith Piaf3:18 
470Edith Piaf3:33 
472Edith Piaf2:11 
473Edith Piaf3:18 
475Edith Piaf3:19 
476Edith Piaf3:04 
477Edith Piaf3:14 
479Edith Piaf3:12 
555Edith Piaf3:24 
580Edith Piaf2:03 
582Edith Piaf2:23 
583Edith Piaf3:06 
591Edith Piaf3:40 
595Edith Piaf2:04 
595Edith Piaf2:05 
597Edith Piaf3:00 
63Edith Piaf4:12 
645Edith Piaf3:20 
692Edith Piaf3:40 
6103Edith Piaf3:27 
6103Jacques Prévert, Edith Piaf3:29 
6106Edith Piaf4:40 
6106Edith Piaf4:42 
6107Edith Piaf2:30 
6107Edith Piaf2:32 
6108Edith Piaf2:45 
6108Edith Piaf2:47 
6109Edith Piaf3:15 
6110Edith Piaf2:50 
6110Edith Piaf2:52 
6114Edith Piaf3:13 
6115Edith Piaf4:00 
6116Edith Piaf3:00 
6119Edith Piaf2:18 
6123Edith Piaf2:27 
6124Edith Piaf3:16 
7125Edith Piaf3:21 
7127Edith Piaf2:42 
7128Edith Piaf2:47 
7130Edith Piaf3:54 
7131Edith Piaf4:03 
7133Edith Piaf3:00 
7134Edith Piaf2:17 
7135Edith Piaf2:38 
7136Edith Piaf1:40 
7139Edith Piaf2:28 
7141Edith Piaf3:27 
7141Edith Piaf3:51 
7142Edith Piaf3:44 
7143Edith Piaf3:22 
7144Edith Piaf3:01 
7145Edith Piaf3:24 
7146Edith Piaf4:05 
8147Edith Piaf3:25 
8148Edith Piaf2:43 
8149Edith Piaf3:12 
8150Edith Piaf3:03 
8152Edith Piaf2:42 
8153Edith Piaf1:48 
8154Edith Piaf2:53 
8156Edith Piaf3:13 
8157Edith Piaf2:59 
8158Edith Piaf2:50 
8160Edith Piaf3:31 
8160Edith Piaf2:28 
8161Edith Piaf3:29 
8161Edith Piaf3:31 
8162Edith Piaf3:31 
8165Edith Piaf2:22 
8166Edith Piaf, Charles Dumont3:53 
8167Edith Piaf4:14 
8168Edith Piaf2:48 
9171Edith Piaf3:05 
9172Edith Piaf2:10 
9173Théo Sarapo, Edith Piaf2:28 
9173Edith Piaf2:10 
9174Edith Piaf3:20 
9175Edith Piaf2:45 
9176Edith Piaf3:14 
9178Edith Piaf3:28 
9179Edith Piaf2:30 
9181Edith Piaf1:56 
9183Edith Piaf2:58 
9184Edith Piaf3:22 
9184Edith Piaf2:57 
9187Edith Piaf3:32 
9189Edith Piaf2:39 
9190Edith Piaf2:45 
9191Edith Piaf2:47 
9192Edith Piaf3:28 
9195Edith Piaf3:02 
9196Edith Piaf3:02 
101Edith Piaf4:46 
1029Edith Piaf3:48 
1058Edith Piaf6:01 
1071Edith Piaf4:41 
1087Edith Piaf4:07 
1088Edith Piaf3:48 
1090Edith Piaf3:12 
1094Edith Piaf5:24 
10102Edith Piaf4:42 
10111Edith Piaf3:58 
10117Edith Piaf3:17 
10132Edith Piaf4:30 
10138Edith Piaf5:21 
10198Edith Piaf1:17 
10199Edith Piaf1:19 
10200Edith Piaf5:45 
10201Edith Piaf5:36 
10202Edith Piaf4:03 
10203Edith Piaf5:28 
10206Edith Piaf4:43 
10209Edith Piaf3:14 
10211Edith Piaf, Les Choeurs de Rene Saint-Paul3:56 

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