by New Boyz

Like damn, I don't really like to argue,
Think it's pointless, but you like to start to,
Like I heard this, she said that,
And then my friends told me they must be facts,
Here we go with this stuff again,
You just met these girls, and you trustin' them?
And she put it on me, screamin' so loud,
That I'm left with no choice but to tune her out,
(Stupid mother) I love you too, you workin' out girl? I love them shoes!
Yeah I love you want to, if that's what you do,
Cause I like when your mad, I think its so cute,
I shut her up by the compliments,
That's really the only way I can stop the fits,
So every time she start yellin' in here,
I close my eyes and put my hands on my ear like

Na na na, say what? Na na na I cant hear you!
Na na na what's that? I cant hear you!
I swear it's like you talkin' to a wall,
Cause I ain't listen to you at all,
But you keep tryna talk talk talk, but wah wah wah,
But talk all the shit you want cause I be zonin' you out.
Same old brand new station,
I aint listenin', I be zonin' you out,
You talking like it's the end of the world,
When you aint got shit to say, I be zonin',
Out my ear, out my ear, out my ear, I be zonin' you out
Out my ear, out my ear, out my ear, I be zonin' you out

Damn get out my ear though,
Got these old folks lookin' at us like weirdo's,
Can we just sit and talk about it?
Instead of you tryna tell ya pops about it,
You don't needa go that far, it's just me and you,
Your daddy too old what that nigga gon do?
Oops my bad, you know I aint mean it,
What I'm tryna say is we needa quit beefin',
She smiled at me and said
"Your right, but who was that girl you was with last night?"
She started going off like burnt lights,
At this rate we gon' never work right,
That's when I planned somethin' different,
The only way to deal with her is to not listen,
So I put my hands on my ear till she stopped trippin' like


Seem like all you want is for me to hear ya voice,
Even if all the things you say is true, there's still no point,
For you to be trippin' like you are, it ain't that bad,
I even left my ex girl for you,
And she ain't that mad, here we go again,
Here we go again with same damn argument
I don't know the chick I don't know the chick,
Will you please get off my ear,
Think about all the times
You find out a lie just to bring you down,
You're way too loud, if you gon' try and shout,
Then I'll be zonin' you out like

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