You're Where I Belong [*]
by Trisha Yearwood

I am home now, home now
I've beenwaiting for forever to find you ( to find you )
I'm not alone now, alone now
cause you've taken in my heart from the cold
All I know is everytime I look into your eyes
I know I'm home

You're where I belong
I belong with you
You're where i belong
And I know it's the truth
You're part of my heart
There's nothing I can do
O you're the one who keeps me warm
My baby you're where i belong.

You're my first taste, my first taste
Of the sweetest feeling I've ever known ( that I've known )
You're my safe place, my safe place
From a world that can be so cruel and cold
You're my harbour, you're my shelter, you're that welcome smile
That lets me know I'm home


You're the one I come to yeah
To keep me from the cold

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