Your Smile
by Lil Wayne

girl why do you blow my mind
i think about you all the time
like an addivt i'm so addicted to you, to you

when i see your smile (when i see your smile)
ooh it drives me wild (ooh it drives me wild)
and i can't explain it (i can't explain it)
ooh it's killin me baby, killin me baby


i keep desertin through the rain
my existence feels so in vain
i shake and shiver when i hear your name girl (name girl, name girl)
wish i could run away (run away)
could touch the stars and float away
it was meant to be you and me
baby lets kiss the sky


(lil wayne)
hi darlin um excuse me pardon
i'm just hard to say
i mean i just had to say
i'm the carter shall i mean no i aint valentino
and yeah we hot left behind reno
why did she go where ever we go
how many people cuz it's just the two of us
if the girls say so there's a few of us
and they get on the tour bus
and they know what to do with us

girl your smile making me mingle like vowels
got me going wow got me thinking wow
throw away the lifestyles
got me thinking white child
far from a smile a smile you can seefor a make he house so loud
and she don't even make a sound wow
and every time she smiles i go wow i'll be here for a while


it's killin me
your smile
lets float away
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