Your Cries Have Awoken the Master
by Mike Bowling

Crossing the calm sea with Jesus
The disciples were getting concerned
The winds started violently blowing
But He was asleep in the stern
Does He not care that we perish?
We're helpless and we're so afraid
Jesus arose when they called Him
And said to them, "Where is your faith?"

Because you've prayed all night
'Cause you've held on with all of your might
Child your cries have awoken the Master
Oh He knows your voice
Lift your hands it's time to rejoice
Child your cries have awoken the master

It hit you without any warning
The storm of your life had begun
Seeing no hope in the distance
Your frightened and nowhere to run
By now your vessel is filling
You're thinking that you'll surely drown
You've cried out for help from the Savior
And you know you can't give up now


You're out there worrying
But He's fast asleep
The winds are so deadly
The waters so deep
But try to be patient
'Cause soon He'll bring peace
Just one word from His voice and it all must cease


Child you're cries have awoken the Master
Lyrics submitted by Ray LaBrie.