Young People's Cry
by Jekalyn Carr

Oh God!
This next generation need you
God you said in the last days you shall pride the spirit of all things.
You said that the young people shall prophesy.
And God the young people need you like never before.
For the enemy is going to attack.
So now God,
i pray against all types of gun violence, i pray against the shootings thats in our school, i pray against suicidal thought, i pray against drugs, i pray against bullies.
And i speak over the lives of the young people, that they will not fall into the hands of temptation, that the younng people will give God their place with you.
They will hunger the holyness, and the hunger will will be so great, tha it will be unexplainable. In the name of Jesus!
God i declare right now that we as young people present ourselves as living sacrafices.Our loves are in your hands.
We make the choice, we need the power right now. That God we will not, We will not give in to peer pressure, we will not give in, God to suicidal thoughts, that we will not give in to see what the enemy has to offer.
We will not give in to the flesh of the enermy, God we will stand.
And we say we say, we will be holy.
We will keep our bodies pure 3x
In the name of Jesus!
We will not give in to drugs, we will not give in to drinking, we will not give in to smoking.
We will shout for holyness, we will stand for whats right.
Oh God we cry out today, we give ourselves to you.
Our lives are in your hands 2x
Oh God but we believe we're raising up some planet shakers, we're raising up some demon slayers, we're raising up some satan defeaters.
And God we stand rihgt now, and we say we will be the one, that will show the enermy that he is a lier.
He will not have our young people, he will not have our minds, we will be the ones.
We will be the examples, we will be chosen.
In the name of Jesus 3x
Young people right where you are, lift up your hands and begin to tell god,
i will be the one, God i will be the one.
He justs wants to know if he can have a living vesal 2x
That will stand up and declare to this nation, that will stand up and declare to this world,
That God is real 2x
I will be the one 2x
yessss Jesus!
Lyrics submitted by Moriah Taylor.