Young and Naïve
by Heather Rigdon

I love how you hate the way I always say that you’ll learn someday
I love how you keep trying to hold on to me when I turn away
You’re painting me pictures of Mrs and misters
And they’re pictures I’d love to believe
And that’s the beautiful thing about princes and queens
And you’re being so young and naive

You say you’re a man, and you swear that you can be the world to me
But I’ve seen the world, and I can’t be the girl that I think you need
You beg me to listen to see what I’m missing
You’re talking all Adam and Eve
And I’m tempted to try, but the problem is
I am no longer so young and naïve

You look like a face in the movies
Your kiss is straight out of a dream
You treat me like I was a princess
What in the world is the matter with me?

It’s not that I’m jaded, but love's complicated
It’s hard to see that at 19
I hear what you’re saying, about having faith in
You promise me you’ll never leave

And I wish I didn’t know better
But I’m not so young and naïve
Lyrics submitted by Nina Xu.