You Think You've Got It Bad
by Lyfe Jennings

No guts no glory
No pain, no story
Mama mama don worry
Heaven on my mind, forever on my grind
Tell god, sorry
If this ain't heaven where the hell are we
This kind of plane is so unusual
I'm beautiful, dammit, I'm beautiful

See everything happens for a reason
And the season (the reason and the season)
Everything, happens some place and time
So before the mirror shines
Some people never see the light

You, you think you've got it bad
You think the world owe you something but it don't owe you nothing
You, you think that you've got it bad
Some people have never had a chance at life

I live, I die, I laugh I cry
The more I stay, the more the earth expends, and lends itself to sin
For Benjamin, I seen him crack his head with the Heineken
Then snatched his chain
The same place the sun fall, that's where it rains
And the same place the eagle fly, down comes the pain
And the same girl that bring me joy, she bring me pain

See everything happens for a reason (reason)
And the season (seasons)
Everything, every single place and time
Some people never shine
Some people never see the sky


You should everybody shine put your hands in the air let me see touch ya the sky light

This time I'll give my energy and patience, success is waiting

You grind, everybody grind, if I ever used to grind I will never touch the skyline

Will I ever see the sky light, will I ever see the skylight (skylight)

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