You Should Know Better
by Andy Grammer

(Verse 1)
I'm on the phone; you turn your back on me
We're all alone, why is this happening
I never thought I would be questioning the one I, one I love
But here we are wrapped up in silence
Can we sound the alarm both so defiant and

Don't know where to start
I keep colliding with the one I, one I love

You should know better than that
Before you go on breaking my heart
And I fall even deeper in love
And my lungs screaming out can you hear me
You should know better than that
And here we are, here we are

(Verse 2)
If I could leave, I would be leaving
Cause I cannot believe what I am hearing
Tell me, how can it be
I'm second guessing on the one I, one I love

Don't make it so hard for me to stay


Some forgive just to forget
I have not forgotten yet, I still believe in you
But there is a crack in our cement
This time its permanent, permanent

Lyrics submitted by Angela.