You Know What It Is
by Gucci Mane

( 3x )
I'm infactuated wit trees
Da need of weed
My need for speed
Got me buyin lambriginis
My taste in fashion
Got my covered in G's
My taste in trappin
Got me selling kilos & p's

( Verse 1 )
I'm in miami wit a white beader feelin da breeze
A wife beater but i'm unmarried lookin for skees
You say you classy and saditty I say bitch you a tease
And aint no teasin gucci mane I need a girl thats a freak
I pour my rose out bottle aint no glasses for me
I give my girl a class of champagne she say thank you Gucci
I take her to the Gucci shop & she say thank you daddy
I tell her baby girl you welcome but its really nothing

( Chorus )
I think she want me & i'm feelin the same way
Shawty bring ya A game
When you see a playa rollin
Money can be foldin

I'm pretty sure you know what it is girl
( & ya know & ya know )
You know what it is girl
( & ya know & ya know )
You know what it is girl
& you know & you know & you know
You know what it is girl

( Verse 2 )
You know I know i'm yo uno
You think i'm the shit girl
40 thousand dollar pilot first class flight to pittsburg
The way I direct shit man they think that i'm Steven Speilberg
200 thousand dollar car so you know what it is girl
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