You Don't Know Me
by T.I.

you might have seen me in the streets but nigga you don't know me
when you holla with this beef, remember you don't know me
say balla, hatin on a partna, nigga you don't know me
quit tellin niggas you my partna, nigga you don't know me
don't be a groupie, keep it movin, nigga you don't know me
hey i aint trippin cuz the truth is really you don't know me
yeah, you know they call me T.I., but you don't know me
you be hatin and i see why, cuz you don't know me

(verse 1)
i think its time i made a song for niggas who know me
i graduated at the streets, im a real o.g.
i been trappin, shootin pistols since i stood 4 feet
so all you niggas actin bad, you gon have to show me
you gon make me bring a chevy to a real slow creep
my niggas hangin out the window, mouth full of gold teeth
when the guns start poppin, wonder when its gon cease
cap will hit you in the side and create a slow leak
we cant end in speculation, cuz today we gon see
whats the future of a pussy nigga hatin on me
i give a fuck about the fed's investigation on me
i don't care they at my shows and they waitin on me
imma keep on flossin poppin, long as Toomp is on the beat
tell polices i aint stoppin, imma keep it the streets
contrary to your beliefs, im as real as you can be
fuck your thoughts and your feelings nigga, you don't know me


(verse 2)
hey once again let me remind you nigga, you don't know me
so don't be walkin up and askin whats the deal on a ki?
i don't know if you wearin wires, you could be the police
if i was slangin blow, you couldn't get a o.z.
see me and the psc fallin through at show deep
homies holdin up the door cuz they know we toke heat
i just wanna rap with c, blowin dro in the fleet
roll with clan by the dozen different bitches every week
i just wanna chill with Kuntry and his daddy and his daddy, Freddie G
ballin out at anytime, at any store and spend a g
i wanna ball in the bahamas, courtesy of k.t.
Macboney got a mill as well as Dolla DP
AK house on the hill right next to j.g.
every week meet at Fallat restaurant, and eat free
get N Day paid, lil craig and b
thats the only shot we got at gettin cap back on the streets


nigga hatin on a g, ask him what its gon be
what you lookin at? pussy nigga you don't know me
at the club or in the streets, or wherever we should meet
its choppas choppin, pistols poppin nigga you don't know me

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