You Can Be Mean to Me
by Bob & Tom

You can be mean to mean, mean as you want to be;
Just say anything that you like,
You can be nasty and catty and cruel and unusual
Twist my nose with your fingers; Trip me while I carry liquids
But as you pin me down; My arms down on the ground
As your spit drips into my face; Deep in the back of your mind,
Remember at some point you’ll have to fall asleep

And when you fall asleep into your room I’ll creep
Did something move in the dark neath your bed?
And then a voice you hear, calling out loud and clear
A voice that is your own

There’s things one can do with, BenGay, Nair, and Super Glue
A package of indelible die, Why would a guy such as I ever buy indelible dye,
Blue as the sky; don’t ask me why
This catalog I found, sells roaches by the pound; Millipedes, centipedes too;
They say the meek will inherit; because they stay up late and change the will.

Lyrics submitted by Rita Carroll.