You Are the Only Song
by Harry Chapin

Oh I’ve sung it all tonight,
Almost every story that I know,
And now when they turn out those spotlights,
You know I’m never sure, where I’m supposed to go.

And I get so horse that I can’t hit the high notes,
Just a whisper, when I’m low.
But when you sing from the inside,
Ya’ know you hope that somethin’ shows.

And THAT is why,
Yes, you are the only song,
The only song, I need.
You’re my laughter and you’re my lonely song,
You’re the harvest, yes, you’re the seed.
And you’re my first and my final song,
You, only, indeed.
Oh yes! Oh yes!
Yes, after all is said and done,
You’re the one song that I need.

I have sung my songs to silence,
Empty clubs and crowded bars.
I’ve even sung my songs, to standing room,
And I’ll sing them, I’ll sing them to the stars.

And all the faces, they will fade together,
Any flaws, it’s all gone so fast.
And the story of every darkened stage,
Is the glory, the glory will not last.

And THAT is why,
Yes, after all is said and done,
You’re the ONE song that, I need.
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