I just wanna walk and talk with (you)
Every minute of my time with (you)
All I wanna be about is you)
'cause I can't live without you
Wherever I go I wanna see you
No matter who is watchin' me you
Everyday that I wake up you
'cause I can't get enough of you

Thought of people callin' me, tryin' to get my attention
Do some things I ain't suppose to, lead me in the wrong direction
But the only road for me, is to where ere you are
I will follow you wherever, no matter how near or far

Same old movie, same show, and I don't wanna see it
Same old song on the radio, and I don't wanna hear it
Same old people goin' left, and I wanna be right
I'm leavin' them for good now
What I need in my life is

Oh you, oh you, oh oh oh

You're not the ordinary, you're so far above
I'm sort of a fanatic, it's way more than love
It's more than just a feelin', it's not just a touch
I wish that I could tell you, but words ain't enough, uh
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written by Sheard, J. Drew / Sheard, Kierra / Chisholm, Angel
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing