Worthy is He, help me say (worthy is he)
Worthy (worthy is thy name)
Worthy (worthy is he)

Oh, I know He is (worthy is He), yes He is, (worthy is thy name)

Let me say one thing, listen.

I will bless the Lord, at all, at all times.
His grace, shall continually, be in my mouth.
I will, bless His name, because of His, saving grace
And that's why; I'll give Him, all the praise
I don't mind saying.

Worthy is He, somebody help me say (worthy is He)
Worthy, (worthy is Thy name) yessuh, Thy name -
All over the world (worthy is He), worthy Hmm Hmm so worthy
I'll tell it everywhere I go, He is worthy, (worthy is Thy name) Is, Is Thy Name

Let me say one more thing

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life
And whom shall I be afraid
And that's why; I praise Him, for His amazing grace

I take time out every day and sing
Worthy is He, Hallelujah, (worthy is He)
Worthy (worthy is Thy Name) Is, Is Thy Name
All over the world, Worthy, (worthy is He) yessuh,
Hmm, He's so, (worthy is He) Worthy, (worthy is Thy name) Thy Name

Let's Go (Hmm)
He's worthy, somebody know He is (worthy)
You ought to just think about it sometimes
He's worthy; He's so, (worthy)

Every now and then,
You ought to let your mind go back
To just how good God has been to you (He is so worthy)
Sometime when I couldn't see my way (worthy)
He made a way, and He's so worthy

I tell Him sometimes
You been my mother when mother was gone and you are so worthy (worthy),

I think about it, just one lifetime of loving you Jesus (He is so worthy)
Wouldn't be long enough
He's been good to me
He brought me
He taught me (worthy)
He kept me
God ain’t ever left me
He just been good to me
Somebody know what I'm singing about here (worthy)
Has he been good to you?
I lift up my hands and I praise your name Jesus,
I'll praise your name Jesus (He is so worthy)
Hey, it's at that name, that every knee shall bow (fade out)
Lyrics submitted by Izell Davis.