World of Difference
by Babbie Mason

Somewhere in the world a child is wanting
An aching heart is lonely
A voice is waiting to be heard

Somewhere in the night a soul is seeking
A dreamer is believing
The future will get brighter

Only God can make a dream come true
So let Him reach the world with me and you

We can make a world of difference
With the love of God we can change the world
We can shine that light
That overcomes the darkness

Spreading hope across the land
Heart to heart and hand in hand
We can make a world of difference
With the love of God

In God's eyes there is no color
Then we can love each other
And learn to give ourselves away

Because we have a faith in common
There's hope for each tomorrow
Forgetting all our yesterdays

We've come too far just to see through each other
Now we must see each other through
I wanna help to see you through


Love can tear down the walls that separate us
Love can set every prisoner free
God's love can settle any confrontation
Heal all nations
Heal all nations

(chorus x2)
Lyrics submitted by Mark Flippo.