Work on Me
by Brown Singers

Anybody here ever known you done wrong
Sat in your bed and you cried all night long
Tossed and turned from life ups and down
You look for your friends and they couldn't be found
You told Jesus

Work on me
I need you right now lord
Work on me

Anybody here ever got on your knees crying to Lord
Have a little mercy on me
You know I'm your child and I'm in your care
And I know you'll never put more on me that I can bare
Please Jesus

If you a sinner and living in shamed
Lost and defiled with no merit to claim
God will forgive you in spite of your sins
And he will save you and cleansed with in
Just tell him

Early in the morning (Lead)
Work on me Jesus
Late at night (Lead)
work on me lord
Work on me
work on me

Now why don't u stay right there

Work on me (repeat until lead goes back into work on me Jesus)
Lyrics submitted by dominic jackson.