Won't Even Start
by David Choi

1st stanza:
What happened, after last summer?
When we broke up, in September.
I haven’t seen you, feels like a long time.
Sometimes it still hurts.
But I always get by.
Still got a piece of you, under my skin.
It’s always there no matter where I’ve been.
So if I ever see you on the street.
I’ll pretend that I didn’t see.
And turn my face, no use in small talk anyways.
Coz if I look into your eyes, then I’ll have to say goodbye.
And that’ll break my heart.
So I won’t even start.
No, I won’t even start.

2nd stanza:
I wish you love, and I wish it true.
That s the best I can, do for you.
Coz you’ll probably find love, in someone new.
I have to let go, yeah it’s hard to do.
So if I run into you, and you’re on by his side.
Just know it’ll cut me like a knife.
Repeat Chorus…
I’ll be ok
I’ll be ok
Oh that’s what I’ll say
Repeat Chorus…
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