Wishing It Away
by Jesus Jones

Live fast die young, the words of a fool it seems.
Hell bent getting there, seeing nothing on the way.
Where are you, now, when all eyes would be on you?
Dumbstruck, disappeared, leaving everything to do.

You were wishing it away.
Sail up the stream; travel so far,
But always get out of the boat.
Sail up the stream; travel far,
But always leave the boat.

Here in my hands; all that I could wish for.
Timebombed; stick around; see it all go up in smoke.
With these very hands I'll pull it all apart.
I know in the end it'll sound like some sad joke.

'Cause I'll be wishing it away.
Wishing it away.
Wishing it away.

Nothing is sacred, not life nor hapiness.
Least of all is the world that we live in unless we make it pay.

We're wishing it away.
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written by Edwards, Michael James
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