Winds of This World (AKA Jesus Is With Me)
by Charles Johnson

Jesus is with me when the storm clouds gather
He’s standing by my side when I hear the thunder roll
He holds my hand when I begin to tremble
When the winds of this world are blowing strong

Jesus is a fence around His children
His grace is sufficient to stand the storm
His word is a promise we can stand on
When the winds of this world are blowing strong

Satan is moving to and fro throughout the land
Seeking out who he may devour
But he was defeated at Golgotha
That day when Jesus made him out a liar

Satan is always sneaking around the gate
Trying to lead a sheep astray
But He that is in us is so much greater than him
So then rebuke him and chase him away

If you are caught up in the winds of the world
With no joy in your life at all
Just give your heart to Jesus
He’ll always understand and He will never never let you fall

submitted by derek kennedy