Will of the Wind
by Kenny Loggins

I spent half my life
Looking for the reasons things must change
And half my life trying to make them stay the same
But love would fade like summer into fall
All that I could see was a mystery
It made no sense at all

The will of the wind
you feel it and then
It will pass you blowing steady
It comes and it goes,and God only knows
You must keep your sails on ready
So when it begins get all that you can
You must befriend the will of the wind

I spent so many hours
Thinking 'bout the way things might have been
And so many hours trying to bring the good times back again
And so it goes for lonely-hearted fools
They let their days slip away
Until they give into

(Repeat Chorus)

So when it begins,
Get all that you can
You must befriend
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