Why Did You Leave Me
by Snoop Dogg

[Verse 1]
Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom
What a dog gotta do?
Let me holla at ya boo
Damn I miss you
I just wanna kiss you
And all that good stuff
Was I really all that bad?
Or was I good enough?
I'm under pressure
I cant run plays like this
My momma always said
That there'd be days like this
I'm all alone
By the phone
In the zone
Face the storm
Wonderin', if you ever comin' home
I try to run the streets and play
But that feelin' just wont go away
My whole life I'll throw away
To get you back on my team
Damn, why'd you have to go away?

I miss ya breakfast in the morning
Miss ya in the evening
Tell me why ya leave me
Please give me a reason
Nothin' could ever change me
I'm missin' my baby
Please, I'm going crazy
(Why did you leave me?)
You cant leave me by myself like this (oh, oh))
You cant leave me by myself like this
(Why did you leave me?)
You cant leave me by myself like this (oh, oh)
Mama told me there'd be days like this

[Verse 2]
I get up early in the mornin'
Miss ya rudeness and kissin'
I also miss that smell of that good breakfast
In the kitchen
Listen, I'm a star but I'm wishin'
To follow u wherever u are
You the wheels to my car
And I cant roll without you
My heart is a icebox
Its cold without you
Why'd you have to leave me this way?
I'm doing bad
You don't wanna see me this way
I'm at the pad
Tryin' to do my best
I'm so stressed
And yes, I'm still the king of the west
Tryin' to manage, and I'mma handle it
I need you back in my life
Cause I'm tired of livin' scandalously


[Verse 3]
Hold my lord
I'm sittin' at the board with my head down
I cant write my next line I need to lay it down (hmm)
I'm stuck like a dump-truck
Lookin' stupid, cupid, down on my luck
I touch, a four leaf clover
Hopin' for somethin' good, like I should
If not, I guess its over
Baby be real with it
Do you love me?
Do you miss me?
Shit I cant deal with it

[Chorus x2]
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