Whosoever Will
by The Perrys

She ran away at 17
from what no child should have to call a home
Living life out on the streets it taught her to be able, and so alone
But one day off in the distance
She could hear the strangest words
And she ran toward the sound
Of what her broken heart had heard

Whosoever will, let him come to me,
I will grant you grace, I will give you peace
Lay your burden down, no matter where you've been
I will love you still, till ever wound has healed
Whosoever will

He lived a life of luxury, he lived a life of selfishness and greed
But 80 years has come and gone
And life had left him with a much greater need
Oh, how do you start over after all this time is past
Then from somewhere in his childhood
These words came rolling back

You are never God- forsaken
Though you might feel that you are
Jesus is still there waiting
For you with open arms

Key Change

Lyrics submitted by Emily Raynes.