Whole Lotta Rosie
by AC/DC

gonna tell you a story
'bout a woman I now
when it comes to loven
O, she steels the show
she aint exactly pretty
she aint exactly small
42 39 56 you could say she got it all

never had a woman, never had a woman like you
doing all the things, doing all the things that you do
aint no fairy story, ain't not skin and bone
but you give it all you got, weighing in at 19 stone

you're a whole lotta woman, a whole lotta woman
you're a whole lotta rosie, a wole lotta rosie, a whole lotta rosie you're a whole lotta woman

hunny you could do it, do it to me all night long
hunny wanna turn, hunny oh you really turn me on
all through the night time, all round the clock
Lord have mercy don't you ever stop

She's a whole lotta women, a whole lotta women
She's a whole lotta rosie, a whole lotta rosie, a whole lotta rosie
She's a whole lotta women
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