Whoa to Wow!
by Renee Spearman

Leads: Renee Spearman & D.J. Rogers

I can’t believe this is happening
Things took a turn for the worse
Where is my God in all of this ya’ll?
Things seemed much better in times past
Then I received a revelation
He won’t put on what I can’t bear
It’s up to me to believe God
Now things have turned around

God took my whoa, turned it around
All I can say now is wow!
Things looked real bad
Thought I would lose
God worked it out ya’ll
For my good

How in the world did I get here?
I moved from faith to fear
My heart is hurt
My mind is puzzled
I’m distressed
And right now your boy D.J. is troubled
I know there’s nothing new under the sun
And everything happens for a reason
Lord maybe You wanted my attention
Now things are better
Oh I’m happy to mention

It’s turning around oh
It’s turning around

Turning from whoa to wow!
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