Who I Am
by Wiz Khalifa

i be rollin riden flow so fly i be so so high she said im that guy you wana ride with like my car get inside it u excited i don't blame u everywhere i go all the malls i can sing to i don't wanna gage u i just wana take u home into some old grown folks can relate to i don't wana play u i would hate to rather just stay cool u shuld be straight boo u can be straight fool no i cant lie don't let a day go by where i aint high with the brake lights let me snort down u know how it is when i is bout to go down u wana roll now we'll just ride out right now ill show u watt im bout

u try to front when u see me in the club betch u know who i am x4
getting weeded with a pocket full of dub betchu know who i am x4
they be runnin up and showin all this love cuz they know who i am x4
getting noticing but now your goin nuts cuz u know who i am x4

i be cakin makin all this money look honey i aint bakin i see that our taken thats cool with me cuz u n your bf aint got shit to do with me trupaly rims r i pinp hard she tell them rims get lost bottles of patron good green in my cigar i see u n your girl watching me my nigga nothing with us if not whiz a fuckin rap star i just get it how i live u say the first time but u weren't bout whiz is that how u feelin me u front n act like it is know how it is but u want that type of juice better than one pound u letme come around now she a bus down doin the convo then mami lets ride out right now and show u what im bout

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