Who Cares [Acoustic Version]
by Anouk

aha aha
did you ever wake up in the morning
with a greight-train running through your head
an empty whiskey bottle by your pillow
and a burned out unfinished cigarette
the night went up in smoke
life is but a joke man
but I see nobody laughing, nobody laughing

did you ever live a day
like the next day would never come
blood's dripping on the floor, but who cares
who needs you anyway you're a stranger to yourself
and this ain't no joke, man
but I can't stop laughing yeah

greedy, angry people make me
run around in circles backwards
down the lonely road that keeps me
run around in circles

how I want to try again
excuse me can you lead me
I just want to try again
excuse me can you lead the way
just take me by the hand
how I want to yeah

I wanna try again yeah

did you ever find yourself drowning
in a dark and crowded bar
the barman keeps on pouring and you're kissing everyone
the night will never end
'cause my horse is still saddled up
that's why I am still laughing

[chorus] 2x

Try, how I want to 3x How I want to, how enz.
Lyrics submitted by Cheryl.