Whistlin' Dixie
by Randy Houser

Yeah i like to run with the old dogs
learn bad habits from my pa paw
i got it in with the outlaws
and i can only sing like i talk ya'll

I like to smoke from my left hand
crankin' out stomp in a bar band
firin up another when the song ends
and hangin out here with my new friends

Cause im the son of the son of the south
daddy redneck momma half hippie
taught how to talk straight not back
or my little white butt get a whippin
i like catfish cookin on a creek bank
kind you can't find in the city ya'll
I aint just whistlin dixie

Well i aint scared of a shotgun
folks round here we all got one
dont give a damn or a dagun
if you dont like where i come from
i like a girl from a downhome
even better without a thang on
jump in you better hang on
fire it up and we're long gone

Chorus x2

whistlin dixie...
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